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Thus and only
Thus, there is freshness not only in the individual movements of the dance but in the shape of their continuity as well.
Thus science is the savior of mankind, and in this respect Childhood's End only blueprints in greater detail the vision of the future which, though not always so directly stated, has nevertheless been present in the minds of most science-fiction writers.
Thus Af if and only if Af.
Thus F satisfies Af if and only if F has the form Af.
Thus if E is sufficiently small, there can be only one intersection of C and Af near Q, for if there were more than one intersection for every E then the difference between C and Af near Q would not be a monotone function.
Thus, for non-negative changes in the basic wage rate, the industry becomes the active wage-setter, since any increase in the basic wage rate can occur only by reason of industry acquiescence.
Thus far, the cases which have come before the courts have involved only the issue of referral where the job is vacant due to a strike -- condition ( 1 ) in the Regulation of the Secretary.
Thus, giving grades and promotions based only on an individual's performance relative to a small local group, as is common, may reduce cooperative behaviors in the group.
Thus the only member churches of the present Anglican Communion existing by the mid-18th century were the Church of England, its closely linked sister church, the Church of Ireland ( which also separated from Roman Catholicism under Henry VIII ) and the Scottish Episcopal Church which for parts of the 17th and 18th centuries was partially underground ( it was suspected of Jacobite sympathies ).
Thus far the only people who have been attested with a high level of genetic, historical, linguistic and cultural research to be the descendants of the ancient Mesopotamians are the Assyrian Christians of Iraq and its surrounding areas in north west Iran, north east Syria and south eastern Turkey.
Thus, intuitionists are ready to accept a statement of the form " P or Q " as true only if we can prove P or if we can prove Q:
Thus they add two equivalents of bromine whereas an alkene adds only one equivalent.
Thus, negotiation generally features only in games for three or more people.
Thus, if the score was 3 – 2 with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, and the batter smacked an " over the fence home run ", the game would end at 4 – 3, with the batter only allowed a double, and the runners officially stopped on 2nd and 3rd ( since they were not needed to win the game ).
Thus, a PICMG backplane can provide any number and any mix of ISA, PCI, PCI-X, and PCI-e slots, limited only by the ability of the SBC to interface to and drive those slots.
Thus only the target might be affected adversely.
Thus, a player should use Blackwood only when he can ascertain that the partnership holds at least second-round controls in all suits ( kings or, if a suit fit is found, singletons ).
Thus, only the immediate purchaser could recover for a product defect, and if a part was built up out of parts from parts manufacturers, the ultimate buyer could not recover for injury caused by a defect in the part.
Thus the castrati came to supplant both boys ( whose voices broke after only a few years ) and falsettists ( whose voices were weaker and less reliable ) from the top line in such choirs.
Thus, covalent bonding does not necessarily require the two atoms be of the same elements, only that they be of comparable electronegativity.
Thus, only Division I wins ( whether FBS, FCS, or FCS non scholarship ) are considered for playoff selection.
Thus, it would be biochemically possible to sustain life in environments that are only periodically consistent with life as we know it.
Thus the era was indeed a golden age but only for a small but powerful and highly visible elite.
Thus, only the Logos incarnate suffered and died on the Cross and therefore the Son was able to suffer without suffering.
Thus e. g. an O atom with only one Si bond ( a dangling bond ) can be considered a defect in silica.

Thus and those
Before them stalked the beadle, proclaiming as he went, `` Thus the Council deals with those who break its laws -- adulterers, thieves, murderers, and lewd persons.
Thus, the emperor could draw on sources not available to those with less puissant ancestors.
Thus, over the past 1, 500 years, some Christians have used the term Arian to refer to those groups that see themselves as worshiping Jesus Christ or respecting his teachings, but do not hold to the Nicene creed.
Thus, he believed real charity supplied the means for those who wish to help themselves, achieve their goals.
Thus linguists must resort to indirect methods to determine what those rules might be, if indeed rules as such exist.
The city will be taken, the houses looted, and the women raped … Then the Lord will go forth and fight against those nations … Thus the Lord my God will come, and all the saints with you .” 14: 2-5 In Matthew, Jesus says, " The sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
Thus if one chooses an infinite number of points in the closed unit interval, some of those points must get arbitrarily close to some real number in that space.
Thus the conception of Claudius as the weak fool, controlled by those he supposedly ruled, was preserved for the ages.
Thus literary criticism became highly theoretical and some of those practicing it began referring to the theoretical dimension of their work as " critical theory "-a philosophically inspired theory of literary criticism.
Thus the dragoon regiments of the Imperial German Army wore the pickelhaube ( spiked helmet ) of the same design as those of the infantry and the British dragoons wore scarlet tunics, In other respects however dragoons had adopted the same tactics, roles and equipment as other branches of the cavalry and the distinction had become simply one of traditional titles.
Thus, it has been argued that a voucher system would lead students who do not belong to a preferred religious or ethnic group, or those with disabilities, to become concentrated within the public school system.
Thus, during the 1960s and early 1970s, Portuguese development plans promoting strong economic growth and effective socioeconomic policies, like those applied by the Portuguese in the other two theaters of war ( Portuguese Angola and Portuguese Mozambique ), were not possible.
Thus, the gamma function must be undefined at those points ; it is a meromorphic function with simple poles at the nonpositive integers.
Thus, Holden abandoned those vehicle classes altogether in 1984.
Hence, those with less pigmented skin survived and had children at higher rates because their skin allowed more UV light for the production of vitamin D. Thus, the skin of those in the group that left the African continent and went far north gradually developed adaptations for relatively greater translucence compared to equatorial hues.
Thus, he cautiously states: " But knowing the sure number declared by Scripture, that is six hundred sixty and six, let them await, in the first place, the division of the kingdom into ten ; then, in the next place, when these kings are reigning, and beginning to set their affairs in order, and advance their kingdom, them learn to acknowledge that he who shall come claiming the kingdom for himself, and shall terrify those men of whom we have been speaking, have a name containing the aforesaid number, is truly the abomination of desolation.
Thus such a gain medium must have a gain bandwidth sufficiently broad to amplify those frequencies.
Thus, Luxembourg returned to the heirs of the old Luxembourg dynasty – at least those of the line of Elisabeth.
Thus, many organizations are rediscovering the value of both their legacy systems themselves and those systems ' philosophical underpinnings.
Thus, competing browsers began to emulate (" cloak " or " spoof ") this string in order to also work with those sites.
Thus, parents may receive inspiration from God in raising their families, individuals can receive divine inspiration to help them meet personal challenges, church officers may receive revelation for those whom they serve.
Thus, concentrated solutions of polymers are far rarer than those of small molecules.

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