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Some Related Sentences

Norwegians and they
Goebbels expressed annoyance in his diary about what he called Terboven's " bullying tactics " against the Norwegians, as they alienated the population against the Germans.
The Norwegians were closely connected to the greater European trade routes, along which the plague traveled ; consequently, they were infected and died at a far higher rate than Sami in the interior.
According to one website, the paper clip was chosen " after they learned ( that ) Norwegians wore them on their clothes to show support for Jews during World War II ".
It is the hereditary delicacy of Swedes and Norwegians who serve it around the holidays, in memory of their ancestors, who ate it because they were poor.
In that same broadcast, the government announced that they would resist the German attack as long as possible, and expressed their confidence that Norwegians would lend their support to the cause.
He had dreamed of his father the night before, and the Norwegians swore that before the battle they could hear the bell that Saint Olaf had given to the church at Kaupang-a sign that the saint was watching over his son and the army.
The Norwegians failed to qualify in 2003, losing out to Deportivo La Coruña, but managed to qualify again in 2004 after beating Maccabi Haifa, and in 2005 – despite the disappointing season – they qualified for the tenth time after winning 4 – 3 against Steaua București.
Gobineau's basic concept, as further refined and developed in Nazism, places the black Aboriginal Australians and " African savages " at the bottom of the hierarchy, while the white Northern and Western European Aryans ( consisting of Germans, Finnish, Swedish, Icelanders, Norwegians, Danish, British, French, Northern Italians, Irish and Dutch ) were at the top ; white olive-skinned Southern Europeans ( consisting of the Spanish, Southern Italians, Greeks and Portuguese, i. e. those of what is called the Mediterranean race, which was regarded as another subrace of the Caucasian race ) in the upper middle ranks ; Slavs ( Even though the Slavs are white and of Indo-European ancestry, the Nazis placed them lower on the scale because they were regarded as primarily of the Alpine race rather than the Nordic race, and thus fit only to be peasants.
The London-based newspaper The Independent, published an article on Kragerø stating that " When Norwegians want to get away from it all they head for Kragero.
Among her other more known ladies-in-waiting were the Norwegians Kathinka Falbe and Jana Falbe ; because of Desiree's eccentric habits, they were known as " Strapatsfröknarna " ( approximately " Mlles.
The Norwegians began exporting them to the rest of Europe, where they were taken up by visiting Americans, and championed by the American Esquire magazine.
The New Zealand Resident, the administrator of the island, gave them enough supplies to reach another island in the group, Aitutaki, where they posed as Norwegians.
Some Norwegians claimed the stone was a Swedish hoax and there were similar Swedish accusations because the stone references a joint expedition of Norwegians and Swedes at a time when they were both ruled by the same king, after the Union of Kalmar.
As the battle starts Olaf is shown dismissing the Danish and Swedish fleets with ethnic insults and bravado while admitting that Eirik Hákonarson and his men are dangerous because " they are Norwegians like us ".
The Swedish king demanded that the Norwegians surrender and they subsequently returned to Norway.
Norwegians also use the term about people who frequently show up in the same places, be they pubs, parties or first nights or other places or occasions.
The ijiraq plays at hide-and-seek, which is what these small moons of Saturn do: they are hard to find, and cold like the Canadian arctic ( the team of discoverers includes Canadians, Norwegians and Icelanders — Nordicity is their common trait ).
They were free to trade with whom they wanted, and entertained trade links with Norwegians and Russians alike.
The Norwegians and Swedes did not attend, as they favored participation in the Paris conference.
The Norwegians were angered that their neutrality had been infringed, but they did not want to be dragged into a European war.
Later in 1942 the unsuccessful Operation Freshman was mounted by British paratroopers ; they were to rendezvous with the Norwegians of Operation Grouse and proceed to Vemork.
Combined Operations initially suggested the men should fight their way to the Swedish border, but MI9 believed their chances of survival were better if they attempted to disguise themselves at Norwegians and travel in pairs.
German reprisals started instantly and 200 armed Gestapo agents swept into Rjukan where they arrested 21 Norwegians for questioning, but the members of Operation Grouse slipped away into the wilderness of Hardangervidda.

Norwegians and said
Compared to the high income level of most Norwegians, the country can be said to be one of the cheapest in the world ( i. e. the number of hours one has to work to buy goods ).
In early 1365, Haakon and Magnus assembled a large army in Västergötland, consisting mainly of Norwegians, but also a large number of Swedes from the said province, and marched on the German-held city of Stockholm.
said that the Norwegians ' ( Norðmanna ) land was very long and very narrow ... and to the east are wild mountains, parallel to the cultivated land.
If the list is corrected with that in mind, the Norwegians are said to be to the north west of Sweden, and the Sami people to the north.
Ancient Norwegians said that Hálogaland was named after a royal named Hölgi.

Norwegians and You
You will be surprised to hear me talk of liberty ; yet the Norwegians appear to me to be the most free community I have ever observed.

Norwegians and can
Many Norwegians own their own skates, but if, by chance, you have none with, you can hire skates at the site.
The Swedish side is extremely popular with Norwegians who flock to buy relatively cheap goods in Sweden, where a large shopping area can be found immediately after crossing the sound.
In other words, Norwegians have a higher wage, but they can buy less for their money.
As in the case of the Danes the Norwegians ' earliest standards of measure can be derived from their ship burials.

Norwegians and stay
The king had previously resided in Jelling, where he built a church and raised the Jelling stones, but after uniting the Danes and Norwegians, a move was necessary to enable the monarch to stay close to the centre of power in the new kingdom.

Norwegians and place
This is especially prominent in school, which is the place most Bokmål-using Norwegians first and most extensively need to relate to the language.
The flag contains three flames also because Kárásjoga-Karasjok is a place where three peoples live: the Sami, Norwegians, and Kvens.
The Norwegians had arrived from obscurity and had taken the group by storm with a series of early victories which had left England, Poland, and The Netherlands scrapping for second place.
On 11 April, after receiving reinforcements in Oslo, General Falkenhorst's offensive began ; its goal was to link up Germany's scattered forces before the Norwegians could effectively mobilize or any major Allied intervention could take place.
But although further Allied landings took place between 18 and 23 April, it was all too little too late and the Norwegians surrendered on 9 June 1940.
Ngaoundéré once held one of the largest Norwegian contingencies any place in the world, with over 100 Norwegians living there in the 1980s.

Norwegians and if
In Norway, Haakon is regarded as one of the greatest Norwegians of the twentieth century and is particularly revered for his courage during the German invasion — he threatened abdication if the government cooperated with the invading Germans — and for his leadership and preservation of Norwegian unity during the Nazi occupation.
Failing to convince the Whittakers that his group are Norwegians ( all of the Russians are conspicuously dressed in sinister all-black clothing ), Rozanov draws a gun and promises no harm if the family provides information about military on the island ( none ) and police force ( small ), and gives them keys to their car.
The Norwegian scorched earth policy and guerrilla raid interdiction of supply chains by the residents of Bohuslen deprived Charles of supplies, while the fortresses still held by the Norwegians behind his lines threatened his supply chain and his retreat if seriously weakened in combat.
The loch also hosted, if that is the word, the battle fleet of King Hakkon of Norway on his way south to the disastrous ( for the Norwegians ) battle of Largs in 1266 ; the small harbour of Portnacon has variously been translated as " Port na coin " " the port of the dogs " or a corruption of " Port Hakkon ", " Hakkon's Port ".
This occurred after certain additional statements of a threatening nature were linked to him, suggesting that others might take retaliatory actions against Norwegians if his civil prison sentence were implemented.
Even if other countries have a rich folk literature, Norwegians will normally claim that theirs, through the work of Asbjørnsen and Moe, is one of the most original and rich.
Many, if not most, Norwegians started growing their own crops and keeping their own livestock.
The Swedish general in the occupied border regions of Norway, Magnus Fredrik Ferdinand Björnstjerna, threatened to resume hostilities if the Norwegians would not abide by the armistice agreement and willingly accept the union with Sweden.
Though the Norwegian constitution stipulated that the Storting could choose a new king if the throne were vacant, Carl was aware that many Norwegians — including leading politicians and high-ranking military officers — favored a republican form of government.

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