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Two and miles
Two miles northeast, then five miles southwest that sort of thing.
Two miles northwest is Loch Chon, at 90m above the sea, long, and about half a mile broad.
Two traditional non-standard distance shell races are the annual Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge and the Harvard-Yale Boat Race which cover courses of approximately four miles ( roughly 6. 5 km ).
* August 11 – Battle of Oteiza ( Third Carlist War ): Two months after Government forces were repulsed from Carlist-held Estella, in Navarre, Republican General Domingo Moriones made a fresh diversionary attack a few miles to the southeast at Oteiza.
Two miles ( 3 km ) behind the front lines, out of sight of the Confederates, the men of the USCT division were trained for two weeks on the plan.
Two miles below Spinney Mountain Reservoir, the river enters Eleven Mile Reservoir, with a capacity of.
There is no school however and pupils travel to Two Boats village, 3 miles inland.
Two miles east, Rochford Tower is another medieval tower house.
The approach controller on duty ( a trainee ) replied ; " Prinair Two Seven Seven, San Juan Approach Control, radar contact three miles east of Isla Verde ... maintain four thousand.
Two miles away at Denham, Upper Paleolithic remains have been found.
Two of the oldest settlements in the county were at Belmont and Panola, a few miles apart, and on opposite sides of the Tallahatchie River.
Two ancient fords were in use a few miles upstream, beyond the river's upper tidal reach.
Two established alpine ski areas, Brundage Mountain and the Little Ski Hill are less than ten miles ( 16 km ) to the east, both on the west side of the Valley / Adams county line.
Two miles ( 3 km ) north of Ferdinand, the old highway passed underneath an impressive timber railroad trestle ( photos ) of the Camas Prairie Railroad, then descended into the canyon to cross the creek into Lewis County.
Two miles ( 3 km ) west of Marsing, Highway 55 connects with U. S. Route 95, the primary north-south route for the state.
Two golf courses have Hartford City addresses, three more are located within ten miles ( 16 km ) from the center of Hartford City, and ten more are within.
Two coal-fired power-plants, Hoosier Energy's Frank E. Ratts Generating Station and Indianapolis Power & Light ( IPL )' s Petersburg Generating Station are within 2 miles of Petersburg.
Two Level II Trauma Centers, St. John's Regional Medical Center and Freeman Health System, are located approximately thirty-five miles away in the regional hub of Joplin, Missouri, while the closest Level I Trauma Centers are in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Two miles ( 3 km ) eastward from the shore lies a chain of deep and narrow ponds, eight miles ( 13 km ) long ( 13 km ), with an average width of three-quarters of a mile, and covering an area of.
I-395: Two miles of Interstate 395 are in Auburn which becomes I-290 where they pass I-90.
The community of Lutsen is located 18 miles southwest of the city of Grand Marais ; and 65 miles northeast of the city of Two Harbors.

Two and 3
Two airports, Sofia Airport and Burgas Airport, had a runway longer than 3, 000 meters, and there were four heliports.
Two are found in chapter 3 of the Gospel of John, verses 3 and 7.
Two airports are more than 3, 047 meters in length, nine are 2, 438 – 3, 047 meters, 39 are 1, 524 – 2, 437 meters, 38 are 914 – 1, 523 meters, 12 are shorter than 914 meters, and 880 have unpaved runways.
Two days later, the Rockies took a 4 – 3 lead into the bottom of the 9th.
The state was 68. 9 % White ( 65. 3 % Non-Hispanic White Alone ), 21. 4 % Black or African American, 0. 5 % American Indian and Alaska Native, 3. 2 % Asian, 0. 0 % Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 3. 4 % from Some Other Race, and 2. 7 % from Two or More Races.
A Discussion of the Two qi 其 Graphs in the First Chapter of the Daodejing .” PEW 60. 3 ( 2010 ): 391-421
The show also aired on RTÉ Two in Ireland, and in Australia on Nine Network ( season 1 ) and ABC Television ( seasons 2 and 3 ).
Two Foreign Legion companies led the defence at the celebrated Siege of Tuyên Quang ( 24 November 1884 to 3 March 1885 ).
Formula 3000 replaced Formula Two, and was so named because the engines used initially were 3. 0 L ( 183ci ) Cosworth DFV engines made obsolete by popularization of 1. 5 L turbocharged engines in Formula One.
* Two years later, on 27 September 1966, Category 3 Hurricane Inez caused very extensive damage mostly in Grande-Terre and north Basse-Terre Island and killed 33 people.
Sega also made video games based on Garfield for the Genesis ( Garfield Caught in the Act ) and Windows 3. 1 computers, as well as other companies made games, such as A Tale of Two Kitties for the DS, published by Game Factory, Garfield's Nightmare for DS, Garfield's Funfest for DS, and Garfield Labyrinth for Game Boy.
System and power management and built in peripheral and support functions: Two 82C59A interrupt controllers ; Timer, Counter ( 3 channels ); Asynchronous SIO ( 2 channels ); Synchronous SIO ( 1 channel ); Watchdog timer ( Hardware / Software ); PIO.
She is a playable character in X-Men Legends ( 2004 ), X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse ( 2005 ), Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 ( 2009 ), and Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds ( 2011 ), and appeared as an enemy in the first Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( Mormons ), 8. 3 percent ; Also represented are Bukot Nan Jesus ( also known as Assembly of God Part Two ), 2. 2 percent ; Baptist, 1. 0 percent ; Seventh-day Adventists, 0. 9 percent ; Full Gospel, 0. 7 percent ; and the Baha ' i Faith, 0. 6 percent.
Two milestones were reached by Brewers players in 1983, however, when Don Sutton got his 3, 000th career strikeout and Ted Simmons got his 2, 000th career hit.
Two sizes were made, one 3 meters high, the other just over 2 meters.
* Two primers that are complementary to the 3 ' ( three prime ) ends of each of the sense and anti-sense strand of the DNA target.
Two combined receptor / ion channel proteins control the transport of calcium: the InsP < sub > 3 </ sub >- receptor that transports calcium upon interaction with inositol triphosphate on its cytosolic side and the ryanodine receptor named after the alkaloid ryanodine, similar to the InsP < sub > 3 </ sub > receptor but having a feedback mechanism that releases more calcium upon binding with it.
Two plays later, Montana fooled defensive back Steve Atwater with a pump fake in Rice's direction, and then threw a 35-yard touchdown pass to Taylor, making the score 41 – 3.

Two and km
Two hours later the Duke, accompanied by the Dutch field commander Field Marshal Overkirk, General Daniel Dopff, and the Allied staff, rode up to Cadogan where on the horizon to the westward he could discern the massed ranks of the French army deploying for battle along the four mile ( 6. 4 km ) front.
Two towns are connected by a 4. 5 km road, Ivittuut and Kangilinnguit ; the rest are isolated.
** Two million indigenous people of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, then still occupied by the Soviet Union, join hands to demand freedom and independence, forming an uninterrupted 600 km human chain called the Baltic Way.
* October 3 – In the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, a railway between Naples and Portici ( 7. 4 km length ) is inaugurated by H. M. King Ferdinand II of Bourbon ( the first railway in the Italian peninsula ).
* Two km outside the city in the direction of Bisceglie, is the basilica-sanctuary of the Madonna dei Martiri.
Two 250 km races are held on each of Saturday and Sunday, and this has proven to be a very successful format.
Two coralline islands, at 90 km to the north, make up the remainder of the Inner Islands:
Two 600 kV HVDC lines, each approximately 800 km long, carry both Brazilian and Paraguayan energy to São Paulo where the terminal equipment converts the power to 60 Hz.
Two more Earth flybys were scheduled in February 2007 and 2008, and a flyby of comet d ' Arrest might have occurred on 16 August 2008 at a relative velocity of 11. 8 km / s, 1. 35 AU from the Sun and 0. 36 AU from Earth.
Two Islands is a national park in Far North Queensland, Australia, 1, 590 km northwest of Brisbane and 20 km South East of Cape Flattery in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and within the Three Islands National Park.
Two years after the new township's formation, the Borough of Coplay was incorporated, removing from the township a square section of 0. 6 square miles ( 1. 6 km < sup > 2 </ sup >).
Two million years ago this cluster may have been the home of the runaway stars AE Aurigae, 53 Arietis, and Mu Columbae, which are currently moving away from the nebula at velocities greater than 100 km / s.
He was originally slated to drive in the BOAC 1000 km sportscar race at Brands Hatch, but instead chose to drive in the Deutschland Trophäe, a Formula Two race, for Lotus at the Hockenheimring, primarily due to contractual obligations with Firestone.
Two candidate sites for the Battle of Watling Street, fought in 61AD, are located close to the town, these are Church Stowe which is located 7 km to the north and Paulerspury which is 5 km to the south.

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