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Undercurrent and Katharine
In the 1946 film noir Undercurrent, starring Katharine Hepburn, the same theme appears both in the opening credits and in multiple scenes.

Undercurrent and ).
* The Undercurrent ( 2005 – ).
Thus, he was responsible for the discovery of the Equatorial Undercurrent the fourth member of the equatorial current system ( the North Equatorial Current, Equatorial Countercurrent, and South Equatorial Current having been known for a century ).
We can hear the influence from Africa in his later albums like De onderstroom ( The Undercurrent ).

another and early
One of the early humorists already mentioned, Thomas Bangs Thorpe, can be used to illustrate another point where Faulkner touches authentic Southern materials and also earlier literary treatment of those materials.
Willingness to take the risk of early and direct interpretation ( with the proviso that if the interpretation is too threatening, the worker can withdraw ) is another prominent feature in these efforts.
In fact, we had one birth before the end of the course, and another student had to take the final examiantion a week early, just to be on the safe side.
In early childhood the choice of a companion is likely to be for another child of his own age or a year or two older, who can do the things he likes to do ; ;
While women had always attended ball games in small numbers ( it was the part of a `` dead game sport '' in the early years of the twentieth century to be taken out to the ball park and to root, root, root for the home team ), they had often sat in patient martyrdom, unable even to read the scoreboard, which sometimes seemed to indicate that one team led another by a score of three hundred and eighty to one hundred and fifty-one.
Karpov took an early lead, winning the second game against the Sicilian Dragon, then scoring another victory in the sixth game.
In another study, ancient DNA recovered from 16 Jomon skeletons excavated from Funadomari site, Hokkaido, Japan was analyzed to elucidate the genealogy of the early settlers of the Japanese archipelago.
Inscriptions as early as Mycenaean times, and continuing into the Classical period, attest to Enyalios, another name for the god of war.
In early 1492 Dürer travelled to Basel to stay with another brother of Martin Schongauer, the goldsmith Georg.
The early Christians practised the abbreviated mode, no doubt as an easy and safe way of communicating with one another and safeguarding their secrets from enemies and false brethren.
This bodyguard function was often executed by the leader's most loyal warriors, and was extremely effective throughout most of early human history, leading assassins to attempt stealthy means, such as poison ( which risk was answered by having another person taste the leader's food first ).
Some early Americans used trees or bamboo poles to cross small caverns or wells to get from one place to another.
With fellow investors both frustrated with his domination of the franchise's business operations and dissatisfied with yet another seventh-place finish, Clarence Miles resigned in early November 1955.
The Sautrāntikas, another early school, and the Theravādins, now the only modern survivor of the early Buddhist schools, criticized the realist standpoint of the Sarvāstivādins.
Soon after this he decided, as all successful people must decide at some time or another, to be his own boss again-and he has been that ever since .’ these notes fail to account for his early band, known as the Four Aces of Western Swing.
Singin ' in the Rain is another film adopted by American gay culture which used to regularly be shown during the 1980s and early 1990s for extended runs.
The Cardinal's brother, Alfonso II d ' Este, Duke of Ferrara, was another early enthusiast, enquiring about castrati in 1556.
Chinese historians living in later periods were accustomed to the notion of one dynasty succeeding another, but the actual political situation in early China is known to have been much more complicated.
Evidence that curling existed in Scotland in the early 16th century includes a curling stone inscribed with the date 1511 ( uncovered along with another bearing the date 1551 ) when an old pond was drained at Dunblane, Scotland.
Other key executives responsible for the company's meteoric growth in the late 80s and early 90s were Ross A. Cooley, another former IBM associate, who served for many years as SVP of GM North America ; Michael Swavely, who was the company's chief marketing officer in the early years, and eventually ran the North America organization, later passing along that responsibility to Mr. Cooley, when Swavely retired.
Of the handful of groups not taken down by disco's fall from favor, The Jacksons — and Michael Jackson in particular — stand out: In spite of having helped define the disco sound early on, they continued to make popular and danceable, if more refined, songs for yet another generation of music fans in the 1980s and beyond.
In the first few months of 1953 his sister died from liver cancer, one of his patrons took an overdose of sleeping pills, three friends died at an early age and Caitlin had another abortion.
These later dates for Bertha and Æthelberht also solve another possible problem: Æthelberht's daughter, Æthelburh, seems likely to have been Bertha's child, but the earlier dates would have Bertha aged sixty or so at Æthelburh's likely birthdate using the early dates.

another and noirs
Attacks on pieds noirs ( French settlers ) in the neighbouring countryside then resulted in the deaths of 103 Europeans, mostly civilians, plus another hundred wounded.

another and featured
In 1981, Korner joined another " supergroup ", Rocket 88, a project led by Ian Stewart based on boogie-woogie keyboard players, which featured a rhythm section comprising Jack Bruce and Charlie Watts, among others, as well as a horn section.
The duo had another UK Top 30 hit in September with " Stop This Crazy Thing " which featured reggae vocalist Junior Reid.
Coldcut's second album, Some Like It Cold released in 1990, featured another collaboration with Queen Latifah on the single " Find a Way ".
He featured in a Lyons Maid ice cream commercial, but was rejected for another by Kit Kat.
Often featured are South Asian, East Asian, and South-East Asian dishes alongside one another and offering dishes that are inspired combinations of such cuisines.
Before General Motors invited Bel Geddes to submit a proposal for the exhibit, they had planned to put in another production line as was featured at their exhibit in the Century of Progress Exposition of 1933 in Chicago.
Further hardware developments, including a planned Program Expander that would have added another 16K of RAM and a more intricate, fully featured Extended-BASIC to the system, were halted, and in the end less than a dozen software titles were released for the ECS.
Iceman has been featured in two self-titled limited comic book miniseries, one in the 1980s by J. M. DeMatteis and another in the 2000s by Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett, art by Karl Kerschl.
The Master OC was also the producer of another crew named The Fantasy 3 which featured another Puerto Rican MC named Charlie Rock.
The album's success allowed Linkin Park to form another Projekt Revolution, which featured other bands and artists including Mudvayne, Blindside, and Xzibit.
" It noted, in addition to merchants selling radio sets, " others display mostly accessories ... one shopkeeper last week featured a crystal set small enough to fit into a pocket, and another gave prominent position to a bucket of condensers about an inch in side.
These manga featured sweet, innocent pre-teen heroines, torn from the safety of family and tossed from one perilous circumstance to another, until finally rescued ( usually by a kind, handsome young man ) and re-united with their families.
In later series this is confirmed with another all-Vulcan crew, from the USS T ' Kumbra, featured on the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode " Take Me Out to the Holosuite ".
The stark record featured a great deal of percussion and guitar ( with little piano or sax ), marking another change in Waits ' sound.
This was the only game which featured both Williams and Lou Gehrig playing against one another.
The abbreviated show was a featured segment of Nashville Sings Woody, yet another tribute concert to commemorate the music of Woody Guthrie held during the Folk Alliance Conference.
: VH1's 2001 show Bands on the Run was a notable early hybrid, in that the show featured four unsigned bands touring and making music as a professional activity, but also pitted the bands against one another in game show fashion to see which band could make the most money.
" Tork recorded a second set of demos in New York City, but little is known about these ( other than the fact that one track was a yet another version of " Pleasant Valley Sunday " with an unknown rock band, and featured a violin solo ).
Many ancient shield designs featured incuts of one sort of another.
Numan's next album, The Fury ( 1985 ), charted slightly higher than Berserker, produced four hit singles and featured another new image of white suit and red bow tie.
The following year, on 18 September, another Radio 4 documentary was broadcast ; called Thoroughly Modest Mollie, this one focused on Horne's frequent ghost-writer, Mollie Millest, and featured Jonathan Rigby as Horne.
The first was released in 1983, Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island ; the second came in 1988, Daffy Duck's Quackbusters, which is considered one of the Looney Tunes best compilation films and featured another new theatrical short, " The Night of the Living Duck ".
Also in that year, another documentary on BBC2 ( edge of life ) featured a neurofibromatosis case.
YaST ( Yet another Setup Tool ) is a Linux operating system setup and configuration tool that is featured in the openSUSE Linux distribution, as well as SUSE's derived commercial distributions.

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