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Unlike and Nintendo
Unlike most trademark Nintendo villans ( Bowser, Ganondorf, etc.
Unlike the standard controller, the Max has a small button-shaped item called a cycloid, which can be moved in directions to control on-screen movement, somewhat like the newer Nintendo 3DS's Circle Pad.
Unlike some Nintendo GameCube accessories, including the Advance Game Port, Game Boy Player is not compatible with the Wii directly.
Unlike previous Nintendo consoles, which used game cartridges, the GameCube used optical discs similar to MiniDVDs.
Unlike the Nintendo machines of the time, the Sega machines used a common D-subminiature connector and standard protocol, enabling their pads to be used on different systems.
Unlike the Famicom, the Nintendo Game Boy multicarts have a variety of different, innovative multicart designs.
Unlike the arcade version, several of these versions inspired a sequel, Paperboy 2 for several home systems ( Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, DOS, Game Boy, Game Gear, Sega Genesis, NES, SNES, ZX Spectrum ), and a 3D version for the Nintendo 64 called Paperboy 64.
Unlike most other video game trade events, Nintendo World is not held annually or at any other set interval ; Nintendo usually makes a decision to hold the show or not by mid-July.
Unlike the arcade version, however, this home port had most of its FMV scenes and several frames of character animation removed, due to the memory limitations of the Nintendo 64 cartridge.
Unlike some later Nintendo tennis titles, such as Mario Tennis ( 2000 ) for the Nintendo 64 and Mario Power Tennis ( 2004 ) for the Nintendo GameCube, Tennis allows players to hit the ball out of the court.
* TimeSplitters 2 ( 2002 ): Unlike its predecessor, this game was also released for the Xbox and Nintendo GameCube in addition to the PlayStation 2.
Unlike Nintendo, Sega's initial system of censorship was more liberal.
" Unlike the Game Boy version, battles in the Nintendo DS version no longer occur randomly, and were adjusted to be more like later games in the SaGa series where enemies appear on the field screen along with the player and are encountered when touched.
Unlike the other LCD games, this was made by Nintendo and appeared on a Nintendo platform.
Unlike the console, PC, or Nintendo DS games, this version features a limited supply of Spider-Man's web fluid, it can be refilled only by picking up special markers scattered throughout levels, or dropped by enemies.
Unlike its predecessor, the game was cancelled for the Nintendo GameCube.
Unlike the first game which was published by Namco in Japan, North America and Europe, the prequel was published in these regions by Nintendo except for Europe, where the game was never released.

Unlike and Sega
Unlike the NES or Sega Master System, there were few add-on peripherals for the 7800, though its backwards compatibility feature allowed it to be compatible with most Atari 2600 peripherals.
Unlike the first three versions of the game, Initial D: Arcade Stage 4 runs on the Sega Lindbergh hardware, uses a new card system, and features a new physics system.
Unlike the original arcade game, most of the home ports ( such as the NES, Sega, and Atari Lynx versions ) actually end, rather than repeating levels endlessly.
Unlike its predecessor, this game was released internationally, and Sega Europe renamed it to Sonic Drift Racing ; however, the title screen itself still used the name Sonic Drift 2.
Unlike most of the other old AM departments, it remains a separate division within Sega.
Unlike other racing titles released by Sega, this particular game does not rely on powersliding and drifting and attempts to actually be very simulator oriented.

Unlike and Sony
Unlike the version used for the DVD, Sony Pictures cropped out the top and bottom parts of the frame, while restoring previously cropped images on the sides, from the 35 mm film source, to use the entire 16: 9 frame.
Unlike the Panasonic, the Sony HDR-TD10 has the 3D lens built in but it can still shoot a normal 2D video.
Unlike the original game Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory did not become a Sony Greatest Hit.
Unlike a few alternative PlayStation emulators that are able to use high level emulation to mimic the effect of the PlayStation's BIOS, ePSXe functions with an image of an official Sony PlayStation BIOS.
Unlike Ico, Shadow received far more exposure, due in part to Sony putting its weight behind a massive advertising campaign.
Unlike Aibo ( a contemporary robotic dog made by Sony ), I-Cybie does not possess simulated maturing or long term memory, instead the robot is advertised as developing or evolving according to the environment and user treatment.

Unlike and Microsoft
Unlike Microsoft Multiplan, it stayed very close to the model of VisiCalc, including the " A1 " letter and number cell notation, and slash-menu structure.
Unlike the Mac OS ( Apple Macintosh ) and Microsoft Windows platforms ( excepting Microsoft Windows explorer. exe shell replacements ) which have historically provided a vendor-controlled, fixed set of ways to control how windows and panes display on a screen, and how the user may interact with them, window management for the X Window System was deliberately kept separate from the software providing the graphical display.
Unlike OpenGL, Microsoft insisted on providing strict one-to-one support of hardware.
Unlike the core Office 2007 applications, Microsoft Visio 2007 did not feature the Ribbon user interface, but Microsoft Visio 2010 does.
Unlike WYSIWYG HTML editors such as Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe Dreamweaver, HomeSite was designed for direct editing, or " hand coding ," of HTML and other website languages.
Unlike competing commercial DVR products, Microsoft does not charge a monthly subscription fee for its Media Center TV guide service.
Unlike most presentation programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, where a GUI is used to create slides, MagicPoint slides are created by writing text files using a simple markup language.
Unlike versions of Microsoft BASIC-80 that were customized by home computer manufacturers to use the particular hardware features of the computer, MBASIC relied only on the CP / M operating system calls for all input and output.
Unlike other Microsoft BASIC interpreters of the time, the default for floating point numbers is double-precision.
Unlike its predecessor, Star Trek: Klingon, the PC version of Star Trek: Borg was intended exclusively for use with Windows 95 ( the most common Microsoft operating system of its day ).
Unlike the original two titles, Deadly Shadows was developed simultaneously for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox.
Unlike Microsoft Dynamics or Microsoft Office product lines, most of the products sold under this brand are not intended to be line-of-business services in and of themselves.
Unlike the ISO compliant Microsoft Pascal product, QuickPascal went after the ultimate compatibility with Turbo Pascal.
Unlike later versions, early IE version numbers were numerically out of sync with the. dll numbers because they were based on the Windows version numbers ( due to its beginnings in the Microsoft Plus!
Unlike MUI packs which are available only to Microsoft volume license customers and for select SKUs of Windows Vista, a Language Interface Pack is available freely and can be installed on a licensed copy of Microsoft Windows or Office and a fixed base language.

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