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Unlike and previous
Unlike other prophets, Obadiah does not present a “ turn or burn ” message, simply a message of inevitable doom as a consequence of previous actions.
Unlike previous wars, which were often fought mainly from fixed lines and trenches, World War II was a highly mobile war, often fought in cities, forests, or other areas where mobility and visibility were restricted.
Unlike all previous forays by the military into Ecuadorian politics, the coup of 1925 was made in the name of a collective grouping rather than a particular caudillo.
Unlike the previous generation of British film makers who had broken into directing and production after careers in the theatre or on television, the Art Cinema Directors were mostly the products of Art Schools.
Unlike previous games, which had relied purely on General MIDI for music, Hexen is also able to play tracks from CDs.
Unlike many previous first ladies, when Hoover's wife, Lou Henry Hoover, came to the White House, she had already carved out her own reputation, having graduated from Stanford as the only woman in her class with a degree in geology.
* Irish martingale: Unlike the previous designs, this very simple " martingale " does not control the height of the horse's head, but merely keeps the reins from going over the horse's head in the result of a fall.
Unlike previous recovery trends, domestic consumption has been the dominant factor of growth.
Unlike most civil law systems, common law systems follow the doctrine of stare decisis, by which most courts are bound by their own previous decisions in similar cases, and all lower courts should make decisions consistent with previous decisions of higher courts.
Unlike previous recordings, the band had little time to practice beforehand, and Black Francis wrote much of the album in the studio.
Unlike most previous definitions of Reptilia, however, Modesto and Anderson's definition includes birds.
Unlike the previous invaders, he looted, ransacked, and destroyed everything in the ancient Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa Kingdoms beyond recovery.
Unlike the previous governments, the administration decided to take a long-term view and execute market-based reforms at a gradual pace.
Unlike in previous years, passengers are generally prohibited from entering the cockpit during flight.
Unlike the much more successful joint reign of Marcus Aurelius and his brother Lucius Verus in the previous century, relations were hostile between the two Severid brothers from the very start.
Unlike many previous years, he was the only performer in the entire halftime show.
( Unlike the " chessboard " opening of the previous series, this new prologue was also included in UK broadcasts of the series.
Unlike previous emperors, he openly used the army to back his authority, and paid them well to do so.
Unlike previous collections, this does not come with any printed documentation ( instead including PDF files containing the original manuals for copy protection purposes ), and the " Runs on Windows XP " blurb on the box is justified by an included copy of freeware application DOSBox, leaving many to see this edition ( and the simultaneous releases of the Police Quest, King's Quest and Space Quest collections ) as a cash-in to measure the viability of future games in the series.
Unlike the previous election, where the outcome was a foregone conclusion, Democratic-Republicans campaigned heavily for Jefferson, and Federalists campaigned heavily for Adams.
Unlike the previous beam width definitions, the D86 width is not derived from marginal distributions.
Unlike previous campaign settings, in which the calendar was frozen at a point chosen by the author, the Living Greyhawk calendar did advance one year in game time for every calendar year in real time: the campaign started in 591 CY ( 2001 ) and ended in 598 CY ( 2008 ), at which point over a thousand adventures had been produced for an audience of over ten thousand players.
Unlike previous superheroes who acquire their powers suddenly and accidentally, Paul's are the result of " painful and slow personal progress.

Unlike and detectors
Unlike beta decay, the observation of neutral current interactions that involve particles other than neutrinos, requires huge investments in particle accelerators and detectors, such as are available in only a few high-energy physics laboratories in the world ( and then only after 1983 ).
' Unlike radar detectors, GPS-based speed trap warnings are currently legal in many countries.

Unlike and using
Unlike its relatives, the aardwolf does not hunt large animals ; instead it eats insects, mainly termites-one aardwolf can eat about 200, 000 termites during a single night by using its long, sticky tongue to capture them.
Unlike most of the early LAN systems, AppleTalk was not built using the archetypal Xerox XNS system.
Unlike binary-addressed computer main memory, there is nothing in a disk drive that influences it to have a total capacity easily expressed using a power of 1024.
Unlike structs, arrays are not first-class objects ; they cannot be assigned or compared using single built-in operators.
Unlike the earlier usurper, Albinus, he succeeded in using his base in Britannia as the starting point of his march to the imperial throne.
Unlike common serial ASCII terminals, the 3270 minimizes the number of I / O interrupts required by transferring large blocks of data known as data streams, and uses a high speed proprietary communications interface, using coaxial cable.
Unlike other instant messaging software or web applications, on ICQ the only permanent user info is the UIN, although it is possible to search for other users using their associated e-mail address or any other detail they have made public ( by updating it in the public profile ).
Unlike the DSM and ICD, some approaches are not based on identifying distinct categories of disorder using dichotomous symptom profiles intended to separate the abnormal from the normal.
Unlike the other SS antagonists, Deathshead does not believe in the occult and would prefer to arm the Nazi war machine using advanced technology, but has been ordered to provide his creations to Operation Resurrection by Himmler himself.
Unlike daytime serials which are shot on video in a studio using the multicamera setup, these evening series were shot on film using a single camera setup, and featured much location-shot footage, often in picturesque locales.
Unlike the sonic screwdriver, it is used as a weapon that can kill as well as artificially age its target, using technology developed by Lazarus Laboratories originally seen in " The Lazarus Experiment ".
Unlike WordNet or other lexical or browsing networks, semantic networks using these representations can be used for reliable automated logical deduction.
Unlike the Ante-Nicene Fathers which was produced by using earlier translations of the Ante-Nicene Christian Library ( ANCL ), the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers was printed simultaneously in Europe and in America, by T. & T. Clark, by Christian Literature Company and other American editors.
Unlike ordinary computers, servers usually can be configured, powered up and down or rebooted remotely, using out-of-band management.
Unlike Tarski's approach, however, Kripke's lets " truth " be the union of all of these definition-stages ; after a denumerable infinity of steps the language reaches a " fixed point " such that using Kripke's method to expand the truth-predicate does not change the language any further.
Unlike spelling reforms, we can actually keep a word's original spelling intact but add pronunciation information to it, e. g. using diacritics.
Unlike most aqueous inks, prints made using solvent-based inks are generally waterproof and ultraviolet-resistant ( for outdoor use ) without special over-coatings.
Unlike previous episodes in the series, the anniversary special was animated using Adobe Flash at Cartoon Network Studios.
Unlike the 8600's " four computers in one box " solution to the speed problem, the STAR was a new design using a unit that we know today as the vector processor.
Unlike cèilidh dancing dancing or English country dancing, which are usually done using walking or running steps, Scottish country dancing uses different steps according to a dance's choreography ( although most people in Scotland use the terms ' cèilidh dancing ' or ' country dancing ' interchangeably, with ' county dancing ' often being taught in schools and later used at ' cèilidh ' events ).
Unlike the Anointing of the Sick, Viaticum may be administered by a priest, deacon or extraordinarily ( and only in special circumstances ) by a lay minister, using the reserved Blessed Sacrament.
Unlike folk metal bands drawing from other mythologies, bands using Norse mythology as text have no musical-historical examples to augment their illusion.
Unlike in cellular phones, where the location of an E911 call can be traced using Assisted GPS or other methods, the VoIP E911 information is only accurate so long as subscribers are diligent in keeping their emergency address information up-to-date.

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