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Up and 66
8-3 Sep 18 66 Gumming Up the Works ( a. k. a. A Sticky Business )
8-7 Oct 16 66 Blowing Themselves Up ( a. k. a. The Army Lark )
Up until this year, Wallace owned and operated Rusty Wallace Racing, which fielded the # 62 Pilot Flying J Toyota Camry driven by Michael Annett and the # 66 5 Hour Energy Toyota Camry driven by his son Steven Wallace.
Amongst his early roles, he was the tallyman in Ken Loach's TV play Up The Junction ( 1965 ), a criminal who runs off with a teenage girl in Softly, Softly ( 1966 ), a hard-nosed building engineer in The Power Game ( 1965 – 66 ), a cowardly informer in Man in a Suitcase ( 1967 ), and a seedy private eye in Spindoe ( 1968 ).
Television series in which he appeared included Hopalong Cassidy, Judge Roy Bean ( in which he played the lead, Texas Justice of the Peace Judge Roy Bean ), Cimarron City, the episode " Duel at Sundown " of Maverick with James Garner and Clint Eastwood, Leave It To Beaver ( as both " Uncle Billy " and " Captain Jack "), The Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, Route 66, Bringing Up Buddy, The Californians, Bus Stop, The Lloyd Bridges Show, Cade's County and The Rifleman.
Up to 2006, it is estimated that Walker has been recorded on more than 200, 000 songs ( including repeats for different services and classes ), outside of his professional recording with the Jordanaires, and it is possible that he is the most recorded voice in the history of music over his 66 years of performing and teaching.
The same company shot a cartoon series Music Up in 2001, and although 66 % of its profits came from selling related merchandise, it lagged far behind foreign animations.

Up and genera
Up to some decades ago the genera now included in family Smilacaceae were often assigned to a more broadly defined family Liliaceae, but for the past twenty to thirty years most botanists have accepted Smilacaceae as a distinct family.
Up to 2002 there were known 15 species of fishes from 7 genera of the family Cyprinidae, that serves as second intermediate host.

Up and have
Up until now, the networks have grudgingly run half-hour tapes at 5 P.M. or sometimes 7 or 10:30 P.M..
Up to 90 % of West Africa's coastal rainforests have disappeared since 1900.
This in itself introduces a fairly strong visual discontinuity across the cut, but as well as that, the cut-in shot might often have a circular vignette mask if it were a Close Up of a person, so reinforcing the effect.
Up to now but little has been done here because only a few people have got down to it seriously.
Up until the mid-3rd century, the Roman state ’ s payments appear to have been unbalanced, with far more products sent to Britain, to support its large military force ( which had reached c. 53, 000 by the mid-2nd century ), than were extracted from the island.
Marrow was also interviewed in the Brent Owens documentary Pimps Up, Ho's Down, in which he claims to have had an extensive pimping background before getting into rap.
Up to 12 % of women may have early symptoms of IC / BPS.
(* Orton's original title, conceived some time before Lahr's book, was to have been Prick Up Your Erse, erse being a pronunciation of arse.
Up to now, no experimental or observational signs of extra dimensions have been officially reported.
A variety of music genres can be heard and have originated in Kansas City metro area, including: Rock groups Puddle of Mudd, Isaac James, Shooting Star, The Get Up Kids, Shiner, Flee The Seen, The Life and Times, Reggie and the Full Effect, Coalesce, The Casket Lottery, The Gadjits, The Rainmakers, Vedera, The Elders, Blackpool Lights and The Republic Tigers and Rappers Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Skatterman & Snug Brim, Mac Lethal, and Solè.
Up to 75 % of patients have an abnormality of the thymus ; 10 % have a thymoma, a tumor ( either benign or malignant ) of the thymus, and other abnormalities are frequently found.
The band have been chosen by Animal Collective to perform the album ' Up on the Sun ' live in its entirety at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival that they will curate in May 2011.
Penguins have been the subject of many books and films such as Happy Feet, Surf's Up and The Penguins of Madagascar, all CGI films ; March of the Penguins, a documentary based on the migration process of the Emperor Penguin ; and a parody titled Farce of the Penguins.
Up and down quarks have the lowest masses of all quarks.
Up to 90 % of adults with depression are found to have sleep difficulties.
Up until the emergence of Pop Art, Surrealism can be seen to have been the single most important influence on the sudden growth in American arts, and even in Pop, some of the humor manifested in Surrealism can be found, often turned to a cultural criticism.
A number of other films have been made on or about Shetland including A Crofter's Life in Shetland ( 1932 ) A Shetland Lyric ( 1934 ), Devil's Gate ( 2003 ) and It's Nice Up North ( 2006 ), a comedy documentary by Graham Fellows.
" Up to now, all amendments have been proposed and implemented as codicils, appended to the main body of the Constitution.
In recent years, there have been non-bracelet events at the WSOP ; two of the most notable are the " World Series of Rock Paper Scissors " and " Ante Up for Africa.
* In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode " Up the Long Ladder ", the DY-500 class S. S. Mariposa was said to have launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on November 27, 2123.
Up to five annihilation gamma rays have been observed in laboratory experiments, confirming the predictions of quantum electrodynamics to very high order.
Up to two million people may have visited Tiananmen Square on April 4.
Up to 1, 999, over 1, 056 cities and settlements have been found, out of which 96 have been excavated, mainly in the general region of the Indus and Ghaggar-Hakra river and its tributaries.

Up and been
Up to now, Gorton had been looking for trouble, and now that he was trying to get away from it, trouble started looking for him.
Up until that time it had been possible to make cutters for making gear teeth, but they were good for only one sharpening.
Up to this point stress has been placed on roleplaying in terms of individuals.
Up until this time, although he had been defacto monarch, he had retained the title of Crown Prince.
Up to 1913, most American film production was still carried out around New York, but because of the monopoly of Thomas Edison's film patents, many filmmakers had moved to Southern California, hoping to escape the litany of lawsuits that the Edison Company had been bringing to protect its monopoly.
Up to this point artificial lighting in studio scenes had always been put on from the front or side-front, but in 1912 there began to be a few cases where light was put onto the actors from arc floodlights out of shot behind them and to one side, to give a kind of backlighting.
Up to that point, Cleveland's political career had been honorable but unremarkable.
Up to 2012 just over £ 1, 275, 000 has been collected for more than 500 good causes.
Up until the Colts ' back-to-back titles, the Giants had been the premier club in the NFL, and would continue to be post-season stalwarts the next decade losing three straight finals.
Up to this time Jacob Grimm had been actuated only by a general thirst for knowledge and his energies had not found any aim beyond the practical one of making himself a position in life.
Up to his death he refused to comment on the incident and in other opportunities he denied explicitly that he had been opportunistic by joining the NSDAP in 1933 ( albeit he conceded joining the Nazi Foreign Ministry to dodge his 1940 draft by the Wehrmacht ).
Up to this point in time, Christian asceticism had been solitary or eremitic.
Up to this time, he had scarcely been engaged in active service, and this was due mainly to his disapproval of the policy of the government, and especially to his sympathies with the American colonists in their struggles for independence.
Up to this time Shinto had been largely a clan (' uji ') based religious practice, exclusive to each clan.
Up front, 3 of the 49ers ' 5 starting offensive linemen, Randy Cross, Fred Quillan, and Keith Fahnhorst, had been selected to play in the Pro Bowl.

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