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from Brown Corpus
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Up and point
Up until that point the official Christian presence in the region was Greek Orthodox.
Up to this point artificial lighting in studio scenes had always been put on from the front or side-front, but in 1912 there began to be a few cases where light was put onto the actors from arc floodlights out of shot behind them and to one side, to give a kind of backlighting.
Up until this point facsimile machines were very expensive and hard to operate.
Up to that point, Cleveland's political career had been honorable but unremarkable.
Up until this point, Highland tartans held regional associations rather than being identified with any particular clan.
Other than the images at Dura of the two ‘ magi ’ with scrolls, there is no direct and explicit evidence for the carriers of such doctrines .... Up to a point, Cumont ’ s Iranian paradigm, especially in Turcan ’ s modified form, is certainly plausible.
Up to the point where the novel begins, New York City-based Perky Pat ( or P. P.
Up to this point in time, Christian asceticism had been solitary or eremitic.
Thus republicanism entered our Romanic / Germanic world .... Up to this point, the conviction had prevailed in Europe that monarchy best served the interests of the nation.
Up until this point there was little interest in exactly when Robin's adventures took place.
Up to this point, in seven matches for the season, the young all-rounder had only scored 307 runs at 27. 90 and taken ten wickets at 64. 80.
Up to this point, his first-class batting average was below 30 and his bowling average close to 40, and he had never taken more than four wickets in an innings or six in a match.
Up to conjugacy the discrete point groups in 2 dimensional space are the following classes:
Up to conjugacy the set of 3D point groups consists of 7 infinite series, and 7 separate ones.
Up to this point Wordsworth was known publicly only for Lyrical Ballads, and he hoped this collection would cement his reputation.
Up to this point, the primary way to calculate the electronic structure of molecules was based on a calculation by Walter Heitler and Fritz London on the hydrogen molecule ( H < sub > 2 </ sub >) in 1927.
Up to this point, losses had been appalling on both sides.
Up to this point, the Allies had been on the defensive in the Pacific but these strategic victories provided them an opportunity to seize the initiative from Japan.
Up to this point, his story is told in a flashback.
" Up to this point Mussorgsky had known nothing but piano music ; his knowledge of more radical recent music was virtually non-existent.
Up until that point, Lindros was having an MVP-type season with 40 goals and 53 assists in 71 games.
Up to this point, the boundary in the Aksai Chin sector, based on the Johnson Line, had been described as " undemarcated.
Up to a point, it is autobiographical: The author was born in Germany in 1946 and came to Melbourne, Australia with her parents in 1948.
Up to this point, FrameMaker had been targeting a professional market for highly technical publications, such as the maintenance manuals for the Boeing 777 project, and licensed each copy for $ 2, 500.

Up and stress
His wife Debbie was carrying their third child in 28 Up and she reveals in 35 Up that she lost that baby but has since had another ; she admits that losing their third child placed a tremendous stress on their relationship.

Up and has
As a curiosity, the famous work Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up has a complex – and disputed – story of copyright expiry.
Up until this time Elijah has only the word of God to guide him, but now he is told to go outside the cave and " stand before the Lord.
Up to now but little has been done here because only a few people have got down to it seriously.
Up to 2012 just over £ 1, 275, 000 has been collected for more than 500 good causes.
Recently Florence Welch has begun to incorporate harps into her songs, notably on " Rabbit Heart ( Raise It Up )".
" Bring it Up " has an Afro-Cuban guajeo-like structure.
She also has helped with breast cancer awareness ; in September 2008 she participated in the Stand Up to Cancer telethon, to help raise funds to accelerate cancer research.
She has since built a successful career, appearing in films from a wide range of genres, including the comedy Waking Up in Reno ( 2002 ), the thriller Gothika ( 2003 ), the Christmas movie Noel ( 2004 ), and the action adventure Sahara ( 2005 ).
This layout has a separate numeric keypad for data entry at the right, 12 function keys across the top, and a cursor section to the right and center with keys for Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down with cursor arrows in an inverted-T shape.
The philosopher Stanley Cavell has noted that many classic screwball comedies turn on an interlude in the state of Connecticut ( Bringing Up Baby, The Lady Eve, The Awful Truth ).
Up until the 1990s, SLR was the most advanced photographic preview system available, but the recent development and refinement of digital imaging technology with an on-camera live LCD preview screen has overshadowed SLR's popularity.
Up until the 1990s, each of Gilliam's non-Python films was to feature at least one of his fellow Monty Python alumni ( particularly Palin, Cleese, and Idle ), and for his finished projects Gilliam has worked with the following actors more than once ( in order of first film appearance ):
Frito-Lay hired a Waits soundalike to sing a jingle similar to the song " Step Right Up " from the album Small Change, which is a song Waits has called " an indictment of advertising ".
This effectively means invalidating a good deal of working hours, which means increased cost, especially if a large amount of the project's resources has already been invested in Big Design Up Front.
The Jamaica Defence Force ( JDF ) has its headquarters at Up Park Camp near New Kingston and Cross Roads.
Up to now, it has been almost impossible to foresee the temperature distribution along the cable route, so that the maximum applicable current load was usually set as a compromise between understanding of operation conditions and risk minimization.
This geographic ' isolation ' from the rest of the Republic has led to Donegal people maintaining a distinct cultural identity and has been used to market the county with the slogan Up here it's different.
The US version of the 7 Up logo includes a red spot between the ' 7 ' and ' Up '; this red spot has been animated and used as a mascot for the brand as Cool Spot.
In the UK, 7 Up Free has been sold in a 600ml, rather than 500ml bottle since early 2010.
And while 7 Up has a fairly standard lemon-lime flavor, the " citrus " flavor of dnL is that of lime-lemon, ( primarily lime flavored with a hint of lemon ).
In 2008 Irving self-published Banged Up, an account of his recent imprisonment in Austria, in which he writes " Since January 1965 a close friendship has bonded me with ... Rolf Hochhuth " and describes a phone conversation between them in 2005.
Since its release, the popularity of Bringing Up Baby has grown considerably, beginning with it being shown on TV in the 1950s.

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