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Visitors and are
Visitors are welcome to come see what these dedicated mothers can do.
Visitors are, however, welcome to take pictures of objects outside the museum.
Visitors to Moheli are now required to take antimalarial drugs, a mix of artemisinin, primaquine and pyrimethamine that China provides for free.
Among Alexander's most notable built works are the Eishin Campus near Tokyo ( the building process of which is soon to be outlined in his forthcoming book Battle ); the West Dean Visitors Centre in West Sussex, England ; the Julian Street Inn ( a homeless shelter ) in San Jose, California ( both described in Nature of Order ); the Martinez House ( an experimental house in Martinez, California made of lightweight concrete ); the low-cost housing in Mexicali, Mexico ( described in The Production of Houses ); and several private houses ( described and illustrated in " The Nature of Order ").
Visitors are always welcome.
Visitors from other countries and regions not participting in waiver programme are required to apply for visas directly to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
Visitors wishing to drive must possess a Certificate of Insurance or an International Green Card, a valid Driving Licence or International Driving Permit ( UK International Driving Permits are not valid ).
Visitors starting on East Main Street, follow Jell-O Brick Road, whose stones are inscribed with the names of former factory employees.
Visitors have some two hours on the Island and all trips are subject to tides and weather / sea state.
Visitors are not allowed to bring a radio.
Visitors are required to fill in the information card truthfully before arriving in Australia, and declare what food and any products made of wood and other natural materials they have processed.
Visitors are no longer permitted to touch the stones, but are able to walk around the monument from a short distance away.
Visitors of any religious or socio-economic background are welcomed, where langar ( food for all ) is always served to people of all origins, the same ( vegetarian ) food, while sitting together on the same level of the floor.
Visitors to the site are still able to watch a short video of the paper being made from cotton.
Visitors to the website are able to look up a place name and see the index entry made for the manor, town, city or village.
Visitors can view rooms in the cellar and ground floor, but the second and third floors are not open to the general public due to fire code restrictions.
Visitors to the picturesque city of Khabarovsk are likely to enjoy walking the broad Amursky Boulevard with its many vibrant shops and perhaps visit the local market.
Visitors entering the massive, carved mesquite-wood doors of San Xavier are often struck by the coolness of the interior, and the dazzling colors of the paintings, carvings, frescoes and statues.
Visitors are often required to wear a visitor badge.
Visitors are attracted to the town by its warm climate, the Murray River, recreational attractions, and historical features, such as the Port of Echuca which has the world's largest fleet of operating paddle steamers.
Other regattas and rowing races are held on the same reach, including: Henley Women's Regatta, the Henley Boat Races for women's and lightweight teams between Oxford and Cambridge University, Henley Town and Visitors Regatta, Henley Veteran Regatta, Upper Thames Small Boats Head, Henley Fours and Eights Head, and Henley Sculls.
Visitors are subject to strict security screening, and items such as Jewish prayer books are prohibited.

Visitors and often
Visitors to the outback often drive their own or rented vehicles, or take organized tours.
Visitors to the abbey usually are not allowed inside the abbey itself, although during the school's summer holidays, access to the abbot's hall is often allowed.
Visitors often go to Champagne because of its history and its world-famous wine.
Visitors to Death Valley often stay at Beatty or Amargosa Valley.
Visitors to Merton are often told Mob Quad, built in the 14th century, is the oldest quadrangle of any Oxford or Cambridge college and set the pattern for future collegiate architecture, but Front Quad was certainly enclosed earlier ( albeit with a less unified design ) and other colleges, for example Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, can point to their own older examples.
Visitors are often fascinated by the houses with corrugated iron walls.
Visitors to the salon were exclusively males, and the tone of discussion highbrow, often extending to topics more extensive than those of other salons.
Visitors to the valley often included scientists, artists, and celebrities, many of whom made a point of meeting with Muir.
Visitors to the Mariana Islands often encounter the local variation, called balate, which litters the seafloor all around the island, including in water as shallow as.
Visitors often mistake it for a church or believe it to have been a church, but it never was ; its stained-glass windows depict not saints, but local patriot Aaron Guild.
Visitors to Twin Oaks are often assigned work not of their choosing, but a community rule forbids visitors being scheduled cleaning work that a member doesn't also participate in.
Visitors have always been welcome to attend these impromptu free concerts and often bring their own lawn chairs.
Visitors and new residents to the area are often surprised to learn the local pronunciation of the town's name.
Certain colleges and universities, particularly of an earlier, often colonial founding, are governed by boards of Visitors, often chaired by a Rector ( rather than regents or trustees, etc .).
Visitors to the museum are often seen mimicking Rocky's famous run up the front steps, now known widely as the " Rocky Steps ".
Visitors to Zamami often enjoy renting and riding motor scooters around the island's narrow, winding and picturesque mountain roads.
Visitors often spend time in the attached tea garden, the only tea garden in the territory.
Visitors to the Mull may also see the individual houses of the Antrim coast and the cars travelling along the coast road without the aid of binoculars, although this is dependent on having very good visibility ; the area is often being plagued with sea-mists.
Visitors can learn about the indigenous significance of the area from the Aboriginal people of the area, with boomerang-throwing demonstrations often held on weekends and Aboriginal guided tours operating from Yarra Bay House during the week.
Visitors to WREK's Coliseum studios were often startled by its walls, which were covered by thick layers of posters, set lists, and other music memorabilia, as well as the giant electromechanical broadcast automation machines and other large racks of monitoring and control equipment.
Visitors to Mount Emei will likely see dozens of Tibetan Macaques who can often be viewed taking food from tourists.

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