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Vormittagsspuk and Ghosts
Hindemith wrote the music for Hans Richter's 1928 avant-garde film Ghosts Before Breakfast ( Vormittagsspuk ), although the score was subsequently lost, and he also acted in the film.

(" and Ghosts
* Léa et les fantômes (" Léa and the Ghosts ", Seuil, 1992 )
This scene has been recreated many times ; for instance, in the Bugs Bunny cartoon Hare Tonic, the Mickey Mouse cartoon Lonesome Ghosts, in The Three Stooges short Idle Roomers ( 1944 ), in The Pink Panther ( 1963 ), in the TV series Gilligan's Island (" Gilligan vs. Gilligan ", 1966 ), in the film Big Business ( 1988 ), The X-Files (" Dreamland ") and Family Guy (" Road to Germany ").
Osborne wrote many of the celebrated Mickey Mouse daily strip adventures which were later adapted into the popular Big Little Books of the 30's and 40's (" Pirate Submarine ", " The Seven Ghosts ", " Oscar the Ostrich ", " Race For Riches ", " Mickey Mouse Runs His Own Newspaper ", and several others ).
Keble College Sports Ground is located on Woodstock Road, and as well as hosting intercollege (" Cuppers ") matches, also lays the stage for annual fixtures between current undergraduates and Old Members (" Ghosts "), particularly in football and cricket.
* Anonymous (" J. D .")-Hell's High Court of Justice, or the Trial of the Three Politic Ghosts, viz.
During the next 10 years, Li acted as editor to several important publishing firms and periodicals, as well as composing the works which he is best known for – The Family ( 1931 ), The Love Trilogy Fog ( 1931 ), Rain ( 1933 ) and Lightning ( 1935 ), the novellas Autumn in Spring and A Dream of the Sea, the short story collection Mengya (“ Germination ”) and prose writings in Fuchou (" Vengeance ") and Shen, Gui, Ren (" Gods, Ghosts and Men ").
The Ghosts Of London is a book written by Henry Vollam Morton (" H. V.
The theme song for the ride was " It's Fun to Be Free ", written by X Atencio (" Yo Ho ( A Pirate's Life for Me )" from Pirates of the Caribbean and " Grim Grinning Ghosts " from The Haunted Mansion ), and Buddy Baker, another legendary Disney composer.
Of The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo, Ruegger recalls not being fond of the Flim-Flam character (" Definitely the product of network focus groups ") or the other added characters in the cast.

(" and Before
Due to the Gregorian calendar's obvious connotations of Western Christianity, non-Christians and even some Christians sometimes replace the traditional era notations " AD " and " BC " (" Anno Domini " and " Before Christ ") with " CE " and " BCE " (" Common Era " and " Before Common Era ").
" (" Antes da Era Comum ", Before Common Era ) is generally used.
After 350, 000 BP ( Before Present ) the more refined so-called Levallois technique was developed, a series of consecutive strikes, by which scrapers, slicers (" racloirs "), needles, and flattened needles were made.
Before the Great Hunger (" Irish Potato Famine "), in which over a million died and more emigrated, there had been the Penal Laws which had already resulted in significant emigration from Ireland.
Before their nature was understood, galaxies (" spiral nebulae ") and globular clusters were also classified as nebulae, but no longer are.
Before that, the German question ruptured this " German unity " after the ' 48 Revolution before it was achieved, however ; Austria-Hungary as a multinational state could not become part of the new " German empire ", and nationality conflicts in Prussia with the Prussian Poles arose (" We can never be Germans-Prussians, every time!
Before 1929, the SS wore the same brown uniform as the SA, with the exception of a black tie and a black cap with a Totenkopf (" death's head ") skull and bones symbol on it.
* Van Diemen's Land is mentioned in Umberto Eco's novel " The Island of the Day Before " (" L ' isola del giorno prima ", 1994 ), a story about a 17th century Italian nobleman trapped at an island at the International Date Line.
Before taking the auspicia impetrativa (" requested " or " sought " auspices ; see below ) the templum, or sacred space within which the operation would take place had to be established and delimited ( it should be square and have only one entrance ) and purified ( effari, liberare ).
Before or during this civil war, Fritigern converted to (" Arian ") Christianity.
Before the Roman conquest of northern Gaul, Reims, founded circa 80 BC as * Durocorteron (" round fortress "; in Latin: Durocortōrum ), served as the capital of the tribe of the Remi — whose name the town would subsequently echo.
Before mystai could enter the Telesterion, they would recite, " I have fasted, I have drunk the kykeon, I have taken from the kiste (" box ") and after working it have put it back in the kalathos (" open basket ").
Before the Pacific War began, the Imperial Japanese Army formed Teishin Dan (" Raiding Brigades ") and Imperial Japanese Navy trained marine ( Rikusentai ) paratroopers.
Before the term " Art Nouveau " became common in France, le style moderne (" the modern style ") was the more frequent designation.
Before reaching Eastford, however, it takes a right onto Route 244 (" Brayman Hollow Road ") which headed directly to Pomfret.
Klein, " Ramsey Campbell: An Appreciation ", which had originally appeared in Nyctalops magazine ; two stories by Campbell (" Before the Storm " and The Gap "), " As Far as I Can Recall " by Campbell ( autobiographical essay ); and Mike Ashley's bibliography on Campbell which was not superseded until The Core of Ramsey Campbell ( 1995 ).
The word for Tabernacle, mishkan, is a derivative of the same root and is used in the sense of dwelling-place in the Bible, e. g. Psalm 132: 5 (" Before I find a place for God, mishkanot ( dwelling-places ) for the Strong One of Israel.
Before this date soviet aircraft were named according to their function: TB-1 for " Tyazholy Bombardirovschik " (" тяжелый бомбардировщик ", " heavy bomber "), the first.
Furthermore, the conflict between Niobe and Leto is mentioned in one of Sappho's poetic fragments (" Before they were mothers, Leto and Niobe had been the most devoted of friends.
Before leaving Prague he had begun a cycle of six symphonic poems, called Má vlast (" My Fatherland "), and had completed the first two, Vyšehrad and Vltava, which had both been performed in Prague during 1875.

(" and Breakfast
Stevenson is also referenced in Wayne's World 2 (" Waynestock " is held in an Aurora, Illinois park named for Stevenson ), Plain Clothes ( the high school is named for Stevenson ), Annie Hall ( Woody Allen's character tells a standup joke about the Stevenson-Eisenhower campaign ) and Breakfast at Tiffany's .< ref >
Frukost under stora björken (" Breakfast under the big birch "), 1896
One worker ( McDowell with black hair and moustache ) pockets a few beans (" Coffee for the Breakfast Table ") but is seen by a foreman.
There are, however, three inns or bed and breakfasts on the island of Hatteras (" The Inn on Pamlico Sound ", " Cape Hatteras Bed and Breakfast ", and the " Seaside Inn ".
She was introduced onto the channel's flagship show Good Morning Britain in response to the popularity of exercise teacher Diana Moran (" the Green Goddess ") on the rival BBC One show Breakfast Time.
" Due to the title and the explicit satirization of American culture in the cover and three of the songs (" Gone Hollywood ", " Breakfast in America ", and " Child of Vision "), many listeners interpreted the album as a satire of the U. S. Supertramp's members have all insisted that the repeated references to U. S. culture are purely coincidental and that no such thematic satire was intended.
He played an evil, scheming butler on one episode of The Avengers (" The £ 50, 000 Breakfast ").
The lyrics take a stance on topics such as discrimination of the developmentally delayed (" Broken Chromosomes "), heretical sects (" A Dog's Breakfast ") and parental carelessness (" Dysfunctional Domicile ").
The radio show Breakfast with Braden began on Saturday morning, 21 January 1950, initially putting Bernard Braden alongside his dumb girlfriend, Pearl Carr (" Sing, Pearl "), second singer stooge Benny Lee and naive third stooge, bandleader Nat Temple (" Play, Nat !").
Leading air personalities on WIOQ in this era included John Harvey (" Harvey in the Morning "), Helen Leicht who hosted a show called " Breakfast With The Beatles " on Sunday mornings, David Dye, Ed Sciaky and Michael Tozzi.
Despite the lineup changes, the original lineup recorded the comeback album Doručak kod Trulog ( Breakfast at Rotten's ), featuring nine cover versions of old Film songs, including " Zona sumraka " (" Twilight zone ") with Majke vocalist Goran Bare on lead vocals, and cover of Šarlo Akrobata single " Ona se budi " (" She is waking up "), recorded live in the Zagreb KSET on October 12, 2002.

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