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Waking and up
* Buddhists, Existentialists and Situationists: Waking up in Waking Life
* Buddhists, Existentialists and Situationists: Waking up in Waking Life
Waking up the following day in a seedy hotel with no identification, Taverner becomes worried, as failure to produce identification at one of the numerous police checkpoints would lead to imprisonment in a forced labor camp.
Waking up the next morning in a pile of clothes, he is arrested once more.
* Waking up mentally but not physically.
Films that year which were passed up included the acclaimed adult oriented film Waking Life and the photorealistic CGI film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
While recording their next album, Waking and Dreaming, in the spring of 1976, the group was joined by second drummer Jerry Marotta, freeing Wells Kelly up to sing more and play keyboards.
Waking up six weeks later, back in his hometown, Hfuhruhurr finally meets up with Anne in Dolores's body.
; Waking up.
Waking up and having missed her appointment, she leaves the hospital.
Waking up in the house at sunrise, he goes back to the park alone, but the body is gone.
Heggessey and the BBC's Controller of Drama Commissioning, Jane Tranter, took advantage of the weekday 9pm slot opened up by the moving of the news to commission new popular drama output, such as the successful Waking the Dead ( 2000 – 2011 ) and Spooks ( 2002 – 2011 ).
Waking up every morning at 4 scrupulously, he performed Yoga and Pranayama, which is said to be the reason behind Rajkumar's physical and mental fitness.
* Waking up Screaming: Haunting Tales of Terror ( mass market paperback ) published by Del Rey, 2003.
She set up her Waking Up Laughing Tour in 2007, which included country artists Rodney Atkins, Little Big Town, and Jason Michael Carroll.
Waking up to find himself one of the undead, King was horrified at what he had become and vowed never to consummate the curse by passing it to another.
Waking up groggy at sunrise after a nighttime car crash: " Where's my Egg McMuffin ?... I want my Egg McMuffin !... Oh, my head "
Waking up one day, Lobo finds himself back on Earth, and realizes the mask used him.
Waking up during surgery: a living nightmare.
Waking up and finding Joanne in bed with her, the shock and brandy from the night before makes her ill.
Waking up the next morning, however, he learns something even more startling: he has physically transformed into a woman overnight.

Waking and was
The following year, three diverse groups released songs: hard rock group LA Guns included " Ok, Let's Roll " in their album Waking the Dead, country music duo The Bellamy Brothers's song " Let's Roll, America " was on Redneck Girls Forever, and Christian rock group dc Talk reunited to record and release a single entitled " Let's Roll ".
* Waking Ashland, a piano rock band whose name was inspired by Ashland, Oregon
The album featured the hit " Waking the Dead ," which at 7 minutes was one of the most progressive tracks the band had released to date.
He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1954 for his book, The Waking, and he won the annual National Book Award for Poetry twice, in 1959 for Words for the Wind and posthumously in 1965 for The Far Field.
In 1624 he was a member of the King's Men, Shakespeare's famous company, and in August of that year played in their notorious production of A Game at Chess — yet in the same year he worked on the now-lost play Keep the Widow Waking with Dekker, Ford, and Webster, which was intended for the Red Bull Theatre.
This last criterion was added in 1991, to accommodate Bryan Adams ' album Waking Up the Neighbours.
In 2005, the Castle was the only venue outside the USA to host the ' Waking Dreams ' touring exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite art.
The best known poem in this volume is " Waking Early Sunday Morning ," which was written in eight-line tetrameter stanzas ( borrowed from Andrew Marvell's poem " Upon Appleton House ") and showed contemporary American politics overtly entering into Lowell's work.
The bridge was seen in the BBC crime drama Waking the Dead ( episode: Every Breath You Take, 2001 ).
Waking Up Is Hard to Do was Sedaka's next release with Razor and Tie, hitting the albums chart in May 2009.
This version also introduces an idea Twain was toying with at the end of his life involving a duality of the " self ", one being the " Waking Self " and the other being the " Dream Self ".
During the recording of the new album, which eventually came to be released as Waking Hours in 1989, the band's line-up was further augmented by the arrival of keyboard player Andy Alston, who outside of Currie and Harvie has proven to be the longest-serving member of the band's line-up.
They also gained some mainstream exposure abroad for the first time, as Waking Hours was a success in several territories with the single " Kiss This Thing Goodbye " flirting with the lower reaches of the US Billboard Hot 100's Top 40.
In 2006 she was featured in The Virgin Queen, before taking on her biggest role to date: Dr. Eve Lockhart, on the police procedural Waking The Dead.
Her poem ' Child Waking ' was included in the Penguin Book of Contemporary Verse ( Harmondsworth, UK, 1950 and later editions ).
After leaving the Clash, he was considered as drummer in Mick Jones ' post-Clash band Big Audio Dynamite Headon subsequently focused on recording a solo album Waking Up ( 1986 ).
Waking up, she was introduced to a man claiming to be her grandfather.
" Tired Of Waking Up Tired " was listed at No. 23 in the book, The Top 100 Canadian Singles, by Bob Mersereau, published by Goose Lane Editions, Oct. 2010.
While Waking Up with the House on Fire did reach platinum status in the US it was considered to be a disappointment compared to the 4X platinum status of the group's last album Colour by Numbers.
He appeared as a paramedic in the last series of Waking the Dead and was in the film adaptation of Stella Street.
* Adam Skirving ( 1719 – 1803 )-song writer, author of the famous Jacobite song Hey, Johnnie Cope, Are Ye Waking Yet ?, was born in Haddington, farmed at Garleton, and was buried at Athelstaneford.

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