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from Brown Corpus
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We and assume
We assume for this illustration that the size of the land plots is so great that the distance between dwellings is greater than the voice can carry and that most of the communication is between nearest neighbors only, as shown in Figure 2.
( We abstract here from technological progress and assume that prices of all other products change proportionately.
We assume that average total unit cost in the relevant region of operation is constant with respect to quantity produced ( the average cost curve is horizontal, and therefore is identical with the marginal cost curve ), and is the same for every firm ( and therefore for the industry ).
We assume that the $ 150, 000 is John's best estimate of the sale price that he will be able to achieve in 3 years time ( after deducting all expenses, of course ).
If this letter were to Ephesus, one would expect it to have more of the warmth evidenced in Philippians ... We may safely assume the letter was a general letter to Gentile believers in southwestern Asia Minor and that it became identified with Ephesus as the most important city between Rome and Antioch.
We first assume the following axiom:
We then assume that the following three conditions hold for all positive properties ( which can be summarized by saying " the positive properties form a principal ultrafilter "):
where ω is implicitly a function of k. We assume that the wave packet α is almost monochromatic, so that A ( k ) is nonzero only in the vicinity of a central wavenumber k < sub > 0 </ sub >.
* Binyan av, either by one or two Scriptures: We find a similar law in another case, why shouldn't we assume that the same law applies here?
We assume that for each k, the event A < sub > k </ sub > is similar to A < sub > k + 1 </ sub >, so that A < sub > k </ sub > has the same evaluation as A < sub > k + 1 </ sub >.
We can indeed enumerate algorithms to construct a function T, about which we initially assume that it is a function from the natural numbers onto the reals.
We will assume that Alice and Bob share the entangled state
We can assume without loss of generality that and are pure ensembles.
We assume that A is an m-by-n matrix over either the real numbers or the complex numbers, and we define the linear map f by f ( x ) = Ax as above.
We can assume without loss of generality that the support of each X < sub > i </ sub > is
We don't assume that the simpler theory is correct and the more complex one false.
We assume a “ linear ” device having a transfer function whose small signal form may be expressed in terms of a power series containing only odd terms, making the transfer function an odd function of input signal voltage, i. e., O = − O.
We assume that the type,, has been fixed.
We may assume there is no reason to believe Fred treats one bowl differently from another, likewise for the cookies.
We assume a plane wave:.
60, p. 44 ) states: " We assume that the old doctrine that a husband had the right to whip his wife, provided that he used a switch no larger than his thumb, is not the law in North Carolina.
We assume that the molecule is in a homogeneous
We will assume that the parametric dependence is continuous and differentiable, so that it is meaningful to consider
In Emperor Theodosius's edict De fide catholica of 27 February 380, enacted in Thessalonica and published in Constantinople for the whole empire, by which he established Catholic Christianity as the official religion of the empire, he referred to Damasus as a pontifex, while calling Peter an episcopus: "... the profession of that religion which was delivered to the Romans by the divine Apostle Peter, as it has been preserved by faithful tradition and which is now professed by the Pontiff Damasus and by Peter, Bishop of Alexandria ... We authorize the followers of this law to assume the title Catholic Christians ..." Some see in this an implied significant differentiation, but the title pontifex maximus is not used in the text ; pontifex is used instead: "... quamque pontificem damasum sequi claret et petrum alexandriae episcopum ..." ( Theodosian Code XVI. 1. 2 ; and Sozomen, " Ecclesiastical History ", VII, iv.

We and further
We may further grant to those of her ( Poetry's ) defenders who are lovers of poetry and yet not poets, the permission to speak in prose on her behalf: let them show not only that she is pleasant but also useful to States and to human life, and we will listen in a kindly spirit ; ;
We simply can't tolerate further Russian weapons, including the possibility of long-range nuclear missiles, being located in Cuba.
We are interested in further diversification into other fields of capital goods, or components for industrial products, and have recently intensified our efforts in that direction.
We may carry this sequence one step further and say that at seventy he was a poet at the height of his powers, wanting only the impetus of two tragedies, one personal, the other national, to loose those powers in poetry.
We further recognize that the number of bad films is so enormous and the competition for the very worst is so intense, that all decisions reached here are subject to considerable second-guessing.
In a fuller description, when angels came to Abraham to tell him of the future punishment to be imposed on Sodom and Gomorrah, his wife, Sarah, " laughed, and We gave her good tidings of Isaac, and after Isaac of ( a grandson ) Jacob " ( XI: 71-74 ); and it is further explained that this event will take place despite Abraham and Sarah's old age.
In March 2000 CCAR issued a new resolution stating that " We do hereby resolve that, that the relationship of a Jewish, same gender couple is worthy of affirmation through appropriate Jewish ritual, and further resolved, that we recognize the diversity of opinions within our ranks on this issue.
We believe also that if any government deprives a people of these rights and oppresses them the people have a further right to alter it or abolish it.
We went towards the centre of this small island where at the foot of a round hill a crystal-clear river rushes forth, dividing up further on into several arms.
We can make a further connection with the classic description of conic section with:
We ’ re going to be labeled as influenced by the Ramones ", when nothing could have been further from the truth.
We have already noted some of the musical developments that helped to usher in the Baroque, but for further explanation of this transition, see antiphon, concertato, monody, madrigal, and opera, as well as the works given under " Sources and further reading.
We may take this a step further to the continuum limit, where the wave function is an integral over all possible modes
We know that Ur was the most important port on the Persian Gulf, which extended much further inland than it does today.
We further learn that Estrid had a bridge constructed, which apparently was a tradition in her family.
Angela Santomero, one of its producers, said, " We wanted to learn from Sesame Street and take it one step further ".
During a Politburo meeting Eduard Shevardnadze said " We will leave the country in a deplorable situation ", and talked further about economic collapse, and the need to keep at least 10, 000 to 15, 000 troops in Afghanistan.
He further angered the crowd at Bart and Lisa's junior hockey final because he fell down the steps then shouted ' We paid for blood !'.
" When the Assets Recovery Agency won a High Court order to seize luxury homes belonging to ex-policeman Colin Robert Armstrong and his partner Geraldine Mallon in 2005, Alan McQuillan said " We have further alleged Armstrong has had links with the UVF and then the LVF following the split between those organisations.
The band would release two further albums, This Is Hardcore ( 1998 ) and We Love Life ( 2001 ), after which they entered an extended hiatus, having sold more than 10 million records.
We expect to make further progress on this matter in the next few months.
We possess a treatise On Stones, in which Theophrastus classified rocks based on their behavior when heated, further grouping minerals by common properties, such as amber and magnetite, which both have the power of attraction.
We were simply incapable of taking the project any further.

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