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Page "religion" ¶ 74
from Brown Corpus
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We and have
`` We know Penny spent some -- and Carmer must have dropped a few dollars getting that load on ''.
`` We have now a national character to establish '', Washington wrote in 1783.
We have ample light when the sun sets ; ;
We have staved off a war and, since our behavior has involved all these elements, we can only keep adding to our ritual without daring to abandon any part of it, since we have not the slightest notion which parts are effective.
We are forced, in our behavior towards others, to adopt empirically successful patterns in toto because we have such a minimal understanding of their essential elements.
We showed them to each other and said `` Would you have guessed ''??
A Yale historian, writing a few years ago in The Yale Review, said: `` We in New England have long since segregated our children ''.
We hear equally fervent concern over the belief that we have not enough generalists who can see the over-all picture and combine our national skills and knowledge for useful purposes.
We have proved so able to solve technological problems that to contend we cannot realize a universal goal in the immediate future is to be extremely shortsighted, if nothing else.
We must believe we have the ability to affect our own destinies: otherwise why try anything??
We have recourse to the scientifically-trained specialist in the laboratory.
We must not forget, to be sure, that free discussion and debate have produced beneficial results.
We have so completely entered the child's fantasy that his illness and his death are the plausible and the necessary conclusion.
We experience a vague uneasiness about events, a suspicion that our political and economic institutions, like the genie in the bottle, have escaped confinement and that we have lost the power to recall them.
We feel uncomfortable at being bossed by a corporation or a union or a television set, but until we have some knowledge about these phenomena and what they are doing to us, we can hardly learn to control them.
`` We have nothing to hide under a bushel.
We already have the only one of its kind ''.
We may also recognize cases in which the poets have influenced the philosophers and even indirectly the scientists.
We must, therefore, have a look at the new archaeological material and re-examine the literary and place-name evidence which bears upon the problem.
`` We have just returned from Roswell, N.M., where we were defeated, 34 to 9 '', the young man noted.
`` We have a tremendous amount of talent -- but we lack cohesion ''.
We in East Greenwich have the example of two neighboring communities, one currently utilizing double sessions in their schools, and the other facing this prospect next year.
We have far less to fear in the migrant family than we have in the migrant developer under these conditions.

We and tell
We can soon tell ''.
We expect him to be noble, and to make us so -- yet he knows, and tries to tell us, how very humble man must be.
We cannot tell at what date the book received its present form, since there are no clear historical allusions in it.
When I go to church, I am met by no upturned nose and scornful lip to tell me, ' We don't allow niggers in here!
He announced that he had reached an agreement with the Communist Czechoslovakian government that the refugees could leave: " We have come to you to tell you that today, your departure ..." ( German: " Wir sind zu Ihnen gekommen, um Ihnen mitzuteilen, dass heute Ihre Ausreise ...").
In a fuller description, when angels came to Abraham to tell him of the future punishment to be imposed on Sodom and Gomorrah, his wife, Sarah, " laughed, and We gave her good tidings of Isaac, and after Isaac of ( a grandson ) Jacob " ( XI: 71-74 ); and it is further explained that this event will take place despite Abraham and Sarah's old age.
Thus, in Surah 3: 52 of the Qur ' an, Jesus ’ disciples tell Jesus, " We believe in God ; and you be our witness that we are Muslims ( wa-shahad be anna muslimūn ).
Christians believe Jesus to be the Messiah that the Jews were expecting: The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, " We have found the Messiah " ( that is, the Christ ).
We would not be able to tell that these experiences were not real.
In the churches of the Germans his emissaries saw no beauty ; but at Constantinople, where the full festival ritual of the Byzantine Church was set in motion to impress them, they found their ideal: " We no longer knew whether we were in heaven or on earth ," they reported, describing a majestic Divine Liturgy in Hagia Sophia, " nor such beauty, and we know not how to tell of it.
" which appeared in the Washington City Paper on 3 July 1992 ( pp. 12 – 13 ), one of the seismologists, Jim Mori, noted: " We can't tell anything about the vehicle.
The kids have been doing it for a while … you can buy tapes of Turkish music from Turkish stores around the city and they ’ ve been experimenting with that music, sampling it, mixing it with other stuff and rapping to itWe ’ re just trying to build on the Turkish rap thing and build an outlet for it … If I ’ m going to tell you why we ’ re doing it, well, it ’ s pride really.
The history of the Canning Stock Route has been well documented from the colonial perspective – accounts of European explorers, drovers, prospectors and law enforcers – but increasingly the Aboriginal history of the track is also being recognised, and Aboriginal people are keen to have their story told: We wanna tell you fellas ' bout things been happening in the past that hasn't been recorded, what old people had in their head.
* We women talk too much, but even then we don't tell half what we know.
You tell him, " We need this, will you do it or not?
We must tell him that he has to govern with his mind, not with might.
: We intend to tell who it was that gave us those orders ; that created that policy ; that set that standard of war bordering on full and final genocide.
Samuel Pitt, who served as a private in B Company during the battle, told The Western Mail in 1914 that the official enemy death toll was too low: " We reckon we had accounted for 875, but the books will tell you 400 or 500 ".
Says Burton, " We are looking to tell stories everywhere there will be a screen, BWE will be there.
They thought, ' We can just tell Congress America doesn't want to see this '," Kami Cotler, who played Elizabeth Walton, said in a 2012 interview.
He called for the Porajmos to be taught in schools, stating that, " We must tell our children that six decades ago children like them were sent by the Romanian state to die of hunger and cold ".
Crosby said, " We have as our guest the master of swing and I'm going to get him to tell you what swing music is.
Writer Michael Markowitz noted ( in Sep 1998 ): " We never formally planned Part II ... and I'll never tell what I personally had in mind.
We are trying to tell them, no, questioning is never anti-science .” He further explained: “ If I ’ m right, we ’ ll have saved money.

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