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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 270
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

We and shall
President Kennedy was right when he said, `` We shall never negotiate out of fear and we never shall fear to negotiate ''.
`` We, the Subscribers, do agree, that as soon as a convenient Number of Persons have subscribed to this, or a similar Writing, We will present a petition to the Hon'ble General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, praying for an Act incorporating into a Body politic the subscribers to such Writing with Liberty to build such a Bridge, and a Right to demand a Toll equal to that received at Malden Bridge, and on like Terms, and if such an Act shall be obtained, then we severally agree each with the others, that we will hold in the said Bridge the several shares set against our respective Names, the whole into two hundred shares being divided, and that we will pay such sums of Money at such Times and in such Manners, as by the said proposed Corporation, shall be directed and required ''.
Another woman, addressing Christmas cards, said to her husband: `` We sent them one last year but they didn't send us one, so they probably won't send us one this year because they'll think we won't send them one because they didn't last year, don't you think, or shall we ''??
We shall find a polynomial Af such that Af is the identity on Af and is zero on the other Af, and so that Af, etc..
We shall show that the polynomials Af behave in the manner described in the first paragraph of the proof.
We shall prove that Af.
We shall find a formula for the probability of exactly X successes for given values of P and N.
We now shall show that any involution with these characteristics is necessarily of the type we have just described.
We shall consider these in the inverse order of their presentation.
We shall not be able entirely to pass over these connections to the East as we consider Ripe Geometric pottery, the epic and the myth, and the religious evolution of early Greece ; ;
We shall not make a decisive advance in the ecumenical movement until such a church begins to see itself not merely as a haven of comfort and peace but as a base of Christian witness and mission to the world.
in effect, he was practicing what he preached in his Berlin message two weeks ago when he declared: `` We shall always be prepared to discuss international problems with any and all nations that are willing to talk, and listen, with reason ''.
We shall recommend to them that they shorten your trial period by half.
He who gives in charity and fears Allah And in all sincerity testifies to the Truth ; We shall indeed make smooth for him the path of Bliss
Marlborough realised the great opportunity created by the early victory of Ramillies: " We now have the whole summer before us ," wrote the Duke from Brussels to Robert Harley, " and with the blessing of God I shall make the best use of it.
) According to the professional Jewish scribes, the Sopherim, the text of 1: 12 was changed from " You do not die " to " We shall not die.
On the day of the Berlin Blockade, a Soviet representative told the other occupying powers " We are warning both you and the population of Berlin that we shall apply economic and administrative sanctions that will lead to circulation in Berlin exclusively of the currency of the Soviet occupation zone.
Paul says, " We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.
: " We did not hesitate to shoot thousands of people, and we shall not hesitate, and we shall save the

We and return
We do not defeat the good ones with this cruelty, but we add to their burden, while expecting them to bestow saintliness upon us in return for ostentatious church attendance and a few bucks a week, American cash.
We will gladly entertain your young and give them proper living quarters, in return for their help in running our fusion reactors.
In the 1929 general election he made a final bid to return the Liberals to the political mainstream, with an ambitious programme of state stimulation of the economy called We Can Conquer Unemployment !, largely written for him by the Liberal economist John Maynard Keynes.
We ’ ll return to Arkansas for at least another field season ,” says Rohrbaugh.
At the time the two of us were in Heliopolis and we both witnessed the extraordinary phenomenon of the moon hiding the sun at the time that was out of season for their coming together ... We saw the moon begin to hide the sun from the east, travel across to the other side of the sun, and return on its path so that the hiding and the restoration of the light did not take place in the same direction but rather in diametrically opposite directions ..."
Saladin wrote in a letter to al-Adil: " this Yemen is a treasure house ... We conquered it, but up to this day we have had no return and no advantage from it.
He proclaimed his regime one of " positive neutralism ," defined as a return to African values and rejection of any imported ideology, including that of the Soviet Union: " We are not Communists, Catholics, Socialists.
" On April 23, the Sun-Times reported that, when asked about his decision to return to the limelight, Ebert remarked, " We spend too much time hiding illness.
She made a return to French cinema, shooting Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble (... And If We All Lived Together ) mid-2010.
In an article entitled, “ The Dangers We Face ,” written in the November 1957 issue of the Bulletin, Harrison Brown stated, “ I believe that we ( the United States ) are rapidly approaching the time when industrial society will reach a ‘ point of no return ’ – a point beyond which recovery from major disruption may literally be impossible ...” The dangers of full-scale nuclear war were a major concern of the Bulletin contributors, and the fear and “ Peril ” that they felt was expressed through their writing.
During the campaign for Vice President, Olivier advocated smaller government, “ We have to reduce the size of the federal government back to the size of its constitutional limits .” He said he would like the government to return U. S. troops from abroad and make the Department of Defense get back to defending us, and not be a Department of Offense that bombs little countries .” “ I don ’ t believe we should be the world ’ s policeman .” He believes that U. S. foreign policy should be governed by an avoidance of “ entangling alliances .” “ The conflicts this country has entered into cause others to look badly upon America.
We may never return to the square in the rest of the walk or we may visit a new part of it that was not explored initially.
Effects supervisor William George wanted to make it distinct from the earlier ships, since it was one of the few models that could be altered: " We did some research into military costuming, and came up with the concept that when these ships return victorious from battle, the Klingons build some sort of epaulet onto their wings or paint a new stripe on.
We later learn in what should have been the series finale ( titled " Circle ", which explains the time paradox ) that this portal is actually opened by Rick Marshall himself, while in Enik's cave, as a way for the current Marshalls to return to earth, resolving the paradox and allowing Enik to also return to his time.
Described as " European experimental meets West Coast American grunge ", The Humans recorded their debut album We Are the Humans in Seattle in 2008, released in Estonia in May 2009 to coincide with the band's return to play in front of the country's president.
* We believe in the Blessed Hope which is the rapture of the church of God, which is in Christ at his return.
" We have requested that Sega return our confidential information and technology and they have failed to honor that request for one month now ," said Ms. Onopchenko, a reporter for the online technology journal Pahkasika.
* We believe it is our duty to serve God to the best of our ability and to pray for a moral and spiritual revival that will return this nation to the traditional values upon which it was founded.
We now return to normal programming.
In accordance with Scientology beliefs, members are expected to return to the Sea Org when they are reborn ; the Sea Org's motto is " We Come Back.
We believe in the personal return of Jesus Christ, and in the bodily resurrection of the dead.
We wish them well on their mission, and we look forward to the safe return of their astronauts.
We return here to the case of zero technological progress,, because we want to show that per capita growth can now occur in the long-run even without exogenous technological change.

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