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Page "lore" ¶ 776
from Brown Corpus
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When and sailing
When sailing upwind the apparent wind is greater than the true wind and the direction of the apparent wind will be forward of the true wind.
When sailing close to the wind the force generated by the sail acts at 90 ° to the sail.
When sailing downwind, the sails no longer generate aerodynamic lift and airflow is stalled, with the wind push on the sails giving drag only.
When Turner was 26, he entered sailing competitions at the Savannah Yacht Club and competed in Olympic trials in 1964.
When the Canal was finished in 1825, Governor Clinton opened it, sailing in the packet boat Seneca Chief along the Canal into Buffalo.
When this order was completed the British fleet had formed a single line of battle, sailing in a southerly direction on a course to pass between the two Spanish columns.
When Belisarius eventually returned to Italy, Procopius relates that " during a space of five years he did not succeed once in setting foot on any part of the land ... except where some fortress was, but during this whole period he kept sailing about visiting one port after another.
When the Argonauts were sailing past the Sirens, he was the only one to not resist the charm of their singing and swim off to them.
When Wood died, he left a bequest to Tulane University on the condition that it preserve and display his sailing boat, the Nydia, for 99 years.
When he woke up on April 5 in Fort Jay Hospital on Governor's Island, he had missed his sailing for Europe and was under suspicion of deserting.
When racing, the above skills need to be refined and additional skills and techniques learned, such as the application of the " racing rules of sailing ", boat handling skills when starting and when rounding marks, and knowledge of tactics and strategy.
When running ( sailing nearly directly downwind ) in a sloop, one may ' jibe ' only the mainsail to the opposite side of the boat.
When the wind direction crosses the centerline of the boat, without jibing, the point of sail is referred to as " by the lee " When sailing " by the lee " the outer edge of the mainsail is facing slightly into the wind.
When sailing directly downwind, unintentional jibes can also occur ; diligent helmsmanship is required to prevent " by the lee " conditions and keeping clear of the boom sweep is advised.
When sailing in high winds, a small boat or dinghy can capsize shortly after a jibe due to helmsman error ( loss of direction control, or suddenly rounding into the wind too far ) or tripping over the centerboard.
When sailing ships arrived, what are now known as the Leeward Islands were down wind, or " in the lee of the wind " to them.
When steamships came into being, they could carry less cargo, size for size, than sailing ships.
When his children were young, Wharton enjoyed taking them rowing and sailing about the harbor.
When not traveling to research the exotic backgrounds for his novels, Bagley enjoyed sailing, loved classical music and films, military history, and played war games.
When used in sailing and various other applications they are called cringles.
Down East, The Magazine of Maine explains the origin of the term in New England: " When ships sailed from Boston to ports in Maine ( which were to the east of Boston ), the wind was at their backs, so they were sailing downwind, hence the term ' Down East.
" Ruhge concluded, " When Major Garnett laid out the seal, he included a number of sailing ships and on the middle left side of the seal he also drew in a steam bark.
When General Howe arrived in the outer harbor of New York, the ships began sailing up the undefended Narrows between Staten Island and Long island on July 2, and started landing troops on the undefended shores of Staten Island that day.

When and date
When I looked up the actual date of his birth and found it to be March 15th, I realized that Roy was born under the right zodiacal sign for a watercolorist: the water sign of Pisces ( February 18 thru March 20 ).
When the date would try to bid her good-night at the door, she would tell him, `` If you go home now, I'll scream ''.
When they reached Augusta last week, together they had won five of the 13 tournaments to date.
When the date and other obvious clues were removed no significant results were found to suggest there was any preferred chart.
When numbers are used to represent months, a significant amount of confusion can arise from the ambiguity of a date order ; especially when the numbers representing the day, month or year are low, it can be impossible to tell which order is being used.
When transitioning from one date notation to another, people often write both Old Style and New Style dates.
When it was added in 1597, it was put on the day of her death, April 29, as now, but because of a conflict with the feast of Saint Peter of Verona, which was also on April 29, it was moved in 1628 to the new date of April 30.
) When he does get a date, it usually goes awry ; Jon's dates have slashed his tires, been tranquilized, and called the police when he stuck carrots in his ears.
When Jon does take Liz on a date, Garfield always tags along, and he once ate all the bread, along with all the rest of the food in the place.
When the embassy returned on the agreed-upon date, he was strong enough to bluntly reject their offer.
When share warrants are issued, the company must strike out the name of the shareholder from its register of members and state the date of issue of the warrant and the number of shares to which it relates.
When talking about the album for an Australian interview in August 2012 Parkes said " It might well be my favorite album to date.
When Wilson re-entered government in 1974 Jenkins returned to the Home Office, but, increasingly disenchanted by the swing to the left of the Labour Party, he chose to leave British politics in 1976 and was appointed President of the European Commission in 1977, serving until 1981: he was the first and to date only British holder of this office.
When the Clydesdale Bank discontinued £ 1 banknotes, Robert The Bruce's portrait was moved onto the bank's £ 20 banknote in 1990 and it has remained there to date.
When his feast day was inserted into the General Roman Calendar in 1738, it was assigned at first to 24 November, since his date of death was impeded by the then existing octave of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
When archaeological finds are below the surface of the ground ( as is most commonly the case ), the identification of the context of each find is vital to enable the archaeologist to draw conclusions about the site and the nature and date of its occupation.
When the album Vapen & ammunition ( Weapon ( s ) & Ammunition ) came out, the next two singles " Kärleken väntar " (" Love Awaits ") and " FF " ( from the double A-side FF / VinterNoll2 ), plus the album track " Pärlor " (" Pearls ") became huge radio hits, resulting in album sales over 600, 000, more than twice as many as any other Kent album to date.
When Eric got sick on that date Berlin, and him being black and a jazz musician, they thought he was a junkie.
When the UK version ended in 1998, many of the performers, such as Stephen Frost and Mike McShane, began performing with The Comedy Store Players and remain performing to date.
When Sam invites her on a date to a baseball game, Tess inadvertently breaks the " men only " atmosphere of the press box, and is initially confused and unfamiliar with the rules of the sport, before enjoying herself and befriending other spectators.
When he finds that New Year's Eve has arrived and he has no date, David turns to Polly.
When the date of the Atlanta premiere approached, all the black actors were barred from attending and excluded from being in the souvenir program as well as southern advertising for the film.
When using Simpson's Diversity Index on 10 aggregated ethnic groups, the 2001 census identified Newham as the most ethnically diverse district in England and Wales, with 9 wards in the top 15 .< ref >< cite > Simpson's diversity indices by ward 1991 and 2001-GLA Data Management and Analysis Group ( page 11, Table 3 ) Greater London Authority, January 2006 ), accessed 13 December 2006 </ ref > However, when using the 16 ethnic categories in the Census so that White Irish and White Other ethnic minorities are also included in the analysis, Newham becomes the 2nd most ethnically diverse borough < ref >< cite > Focus on Newham 2006-local people and local conditions-London Borough of Newham, Corporate Research Unit ( chapter 2, page 24 ) ( 2006 ) date accessed 31 March 2007 </ ref > with 6 out of the top 15 wards, behind Brent with 7 out of the top 15 wards.
When they met, it was love at first sight, and as the story develops, they begin a beautiful romance that makes them begin to date and later get married.

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