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When and human
When we consider the electronic industry potential for human betterment, the prospect is staggering.
When they say that under no circumstances would it ever be right to `` permit '' the termination of the human race by human action, because there could not possibly be any proportionate grave reason to justify such a thing, they know exactly what they mean.
When the younger brother wanted to look away from the human corpses and animal carcasses scattered everywhere, Heigo forbade him to do so, instead encouraging Akira to face his fears by confronting them directly.
When taken up into the human body from the diet, the 22 standard amino acids either are used to synthesize proteins and other biomolecules or are oxidized to urea and carbon dioxide as a source of energy.
When a service started up on a machine, it registered a name for itself as chosen by a human administrator.
When he finally dies at the end of the novel, the situation report from the frontline states, " All is Quiet on the Western Front ," symbolizing the cheapness of human life in war.
When used for its medicinal purposes ayahuasca affects the human consciousness for less than six hours, beginning half an hour after consumption, and peaking after two hours.
When a flea bites a human and contaminates the wound with regurgitated blood, the plague carrying bacteria are passed into the tissue.
When machine translation ( also known as mechanical translation ) failed to yield accurate translations right away, automated processing of human languages was recognized as far more complex than had originally been assumed.
" When fighting broke out again, Hinde saw his Batetela allies drop human arms, legs and heads on the road.
When in solution, the calcium ion to the human taste varies remarkably, being reported as mildly salty, sour, " mineral like " or even " soothing.
When introduced into the human body, curium accumulates in the bones, lungs and liver, where it promotes cancer.
When instead we discuss human purpose and the meaning of life, Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes are on the same side.
When patched together, these phrases combined to create musical pieces which could be performed by human players.
When a device is designed to perform without the need of human inputs for correction it is called automatic control ( such as cruise control for regulating a car's speed ).
When this flag is turned on for a file ( which can be accomplished by a computer program or by a human user ), the file can be examined, but it cannot be modified.
When permission for marriage was granted by the upper strata of the society, the permission process required a human exchange ( mi-brjes, ).
When the human main character, Takeru, argues that humans also have the ability to reproduce and disperse, the higher existence says carbon too easily mingles with other elements and therefore it would be impossible for a carbon-based existence to have evolved on its own.
When attempting to draw a complicated shape such as a human figure, it is helpful at first to represent the form with a set of primitive shapes.
When considering an appropriate syntax, it is important to note that Dublin Core concepts and semantics are designed to be syntax independent, are equally applicable in a variety of contexts, as long as the metadata is in a form suitable for interpretation both by machines and by human beings.
When over 100 parliamentarians from the twelve member nations of the Council of Europe came together in Strasbourg in the summer of 1949 for the first ever meeting of the Council's Consultative Assembly, drafting a " charter of human rights " and creating a Court to enforce it was high on their agenda.
When a human played the game against the computer, the computer queried the Earl Weaver or Tony La Russa Expert System for a decision on what strategy to follow.
: When women in the movement use herstory, their purpose is to emphasize that women's lives, deeds, and participation in human affairs have been neglected or undervalued in standard histories.

When and beings
When dire threats threaten the universe it is not uncommon for these beings to gather together to discuss the threat, and even act.
When you know people, you have to behave towards them like human beings.
When the energy gradient created by unleashing this fraction of the stored fuel was exhausted, the beings would enter a state of zero-energy-consumption until the universe cooled.
When the eyes are closed, fantastically vivid images appear: first geometrical forms and then landscapes, buildings, animate beings, and symbolic objects.
When used, however, experiments typically follow the form of the clinical trial, where experimental units ( usually individual human beings ) are randomly assigned to a treatment or control condition and one or more outcomes are assessed.
When one looks into a palantír, one can communicate with other such stones and anyone who might be looking into them ; beings of great power can manipulate the Stones to see virtually any part of the world.
When they discover the haughty Earth-centric views of Earth philosophers, they are very much amused by how important Earth beings think they are compared to actual titans such as themselves.
When Mxyzptlk regains his powers, the imp allows Bizarro and several other beings to remain on the restored Earth.
When drafting up a list of rights that all human beings should have, it is both unnecessary and unimportant to say that all human beings ( particularly men ) should or should not have the right to give birth ( or the right to an abortion ).
" When He became incarnate and was made man, He commenced afresh the long line of human beings, and furnished us, in a brief, comprehensive manner, with salvation ; so that what we had lost in Adam-namely to be according to the image and likeness of God-that we might recover in Christ Jesus.
When his discussions turn to human beings he introduces an instinct of self-preservation to account for their motivations.
When implanted into regular human beings, the technology induces a transformation similar to that of Warren's.
" zoologist, David Barash ( Co-author of the book " The Myth of Monogamy ") and his wife, Dr. Judith Eve Lipton, comment on monogamy and evolution, " When it comes to human beings, there's absolutely no question about monogamy being natural.
When protests were organized by the National Democratic Front ( NDF ), Khomeini angrily denounced them saying, " we thought we were dealing with human beings.
) When activated, it splits the user's positive and negative halves ( Yin and Yang ) into two separate beings, each holding a half of the Talisman.
When the socialist state ( the dictatorship of the proletariat ) naturally withers away, what will remain is a society in which human beings no longer suffer from alienation and " all the springs of co-operative wealth flow more abundantly.
" When He became incarnate and was made man, He commenced afresh the long line of human beings, and furnished us, in a brief, comprehensive manner, with salvation ; so that what we had lost in Adam-namely to be according to the image and likeness of God-that we might recover in Christ Jesus.
When human beings become agents through reflexive self-awareness, they express their agency by having reasons for acting, to which they assign weights.
When Orin the First, ancestor of Aquaman and first king of Poseidons ( an underwater city born after the submerging of Atlantis ) perfected a serum to turn human beings into water-breathers ( the current humanoid water-breathers, ancestors of Aquaman himself and his people ), his sorcerous brother Shalako spitefully tampered with the serum, using dark magic to turn his fellow citizens of Tritons into mermen and mermaids.
When used about human beings it is a metaphor taken from the animal kingdom.
When the prince asked about this person, Channa replied that aging was something that happened to all beings alike.
When this fluid circulates, living beings are healthy.

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