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When and Communist
When the Communist Party of China took over power, previous schools of thought, excepting notably Legalism, were denounced as backward, and later even purged during the Cultural Revolution.
When he returned to Washington to give his report, Secretary of State Dean Acheson gave Capra his commendation for " virtually single-handedly forestalling a possible Communist take-over of Indian films.
# When the newly elected Reichstag first convened on March 23, 1933, ( not including the Communist delegates, since their party had already been banned by that time ) it passed the Enabling Act ( Ermächtigungsgesetz ), transferring all legislative powers to the Nazi government and, in effect, abolishing the remainder of the Weimar constitution as a whole.
When asked in 1949 whether he would outlaw the Communist Party in Canada, St-Laurent responded that the party posed little threat and that such measures would be drastic.
When Stalin's purge of the Communist Party and government began in 1934 after the assassination of Leningrad party boss Sergei Kirov, Beria ran the purges in Transcaucasia.
When anti-German demonstrations erupted in Prague, Czechoslovakia, the Comintern ordered the Czech Communist Party to employ all of its strength to paralyze " chauvinist elements.
When describing life in Communist countries, western propaganda sought to depict an image of a brainwashed citizenry which was then held captive by their government.
When the Communist Party of Great Britain applied to affiliate to the Labour Party in 1920 it was turned down.
" When he was in his mid 20s, during the " Depression " years 1934 to 1936, he had been a member of the American Communist Party in New York, for a year and a half.
When the Outer Mongolian Revolution of 1921 broke out, Mongolian revolutionaries expelled Russian White Guards ( during the Russian Civil War of 1917-1923 following the Communist October Revolution of 1917 ) from Mongolia, which became independent when the Qing Empire of China collapsed in 1911, with the assistance of the Soviet Red Army.
When Li returned to China, in 1955, the country was firmly under the control of the Communist Party.
When the United Opposition tried to organize independent demonstrations commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Bolshevik seizure of power in November 1927, the demonstrators were dispersed by force and Zinoviev and Trotsky were expelled from the Communist Party on November 12.
When other Communist regimes later seemed at risk – in Prague in 1968, in Kabul in 1979, in Warsaw in 1981, he was convinced that, as in Budapest in 1956, only armed force could ensure their survival ".
When Nationalists concerned with the increasing number of Communist members and organizations at Whampoa set up a " Society for Sun Yatsenism ," Zhou attempted to squelch it ; the conflict between these student groups set the background for Zhou's removal from the academy.
When the Fourth Red Army under Zhang Guotao was formed in the Sichuan-Shaanxi border area from several smaller units, no standard nomenclature of the armies of the Communist Party existed ; moreover, during the Chinese Civil War central control of separate Communist-controlled enclaves within China was limited.
When the fighting worsened in 1948 between the Communist and Nationalist armies, the Palace Museum and other five institutions made the decision to send some of the most prized items to Taiwan.
When the Republic of China government was relocated to Taipei in 1949 as a result of the Kuomintang's ( KMT ) defeat by the Chinese Communist Party forces in the Chinese Civil War, the provincial administration remained in place under the claim that the ROC was still the government of all of China even though the opposition argued that it overlapped inefficiently with the national government.
When the People's Republic of China was established by the Communist Party of China in 1949, he became active on several committees and he worked as the Secretary and then the Minister of Culture for Mao Zedong until 1964.
When the Second World War ended, a Communist government was installed in Poland.
When her husband returned to Moscow as a rising Soviet Communist Party official, Gorbachova took a post of a lecturer at her alma mater, Moscow State University.
When the Young Muslims became torn between supporting the SS Handschar ( a SS Mountain Division of Nazi Germany, composed of Muslim Bosniaks ) or the Partisans ( Communist resistance group led by Josip Broz Tito ), Mr. Izetbegovic supported the Handzars.
When Melby appeared before the department's Loyalty Security Board, he was not allowed to contest Hellman's Communist Party affiliation or learn who informed against her, but only to present his understanding of her politics and the nature of his relationship with her, including the occasional renewal of their physical relationship.
When the CPI split in 1964, EMS stood with the Communist Party of India ( Marxist ) ( CPI ( M )).

When and Party
When the Macdonald government fell due to the Pacific scandal in 1873, the Governor General, Lord Dufferin, called upon Mackenzie, who had been chosen as the leader of the Liberal Party a few months earlier, to form a new government.
When the House reconvened, the party schism caused by the Free Soil Party precluded the formation of a majority needed to elect a Speaker.
When Smith asks if Big Brother exists, O ' Brien describes him as " the embodiment of the Party " and that he will exist as long as the Party exists.
When the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan ( PDPA ) was formed, Karmal became one of its leading members, and eventually became the leader of the Parcham faction.
When the Soviets supported the 1979 coup, Rabbani helped lead Jamiat-e Islami in resistance to the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan regime.
When she returned east in 1913, she joined Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, and others in founding the militant Congressional Union, which became the National Woman's Party.
When elections were held to the newly created Scottish Parliament in 1999, as leader of the Scottish Labour Party and through a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, Dewar became the inaugural holder of the First Minister of Scotland post.
When Michael Heseltine challenged Margaret Thatcher's leadership of the Conservative Party in November 1990, Major and Douglas Hurd were her proposer and seconder on her nomination papers.
When the Nazi Party came to power in 1933, the situation became unbearable for Feininger and his wife.
When the Liberals were defeated at the 1972 election by the Labor Party under Gough Whitlam, he became a member of the opposition front bench under Billy Snedden's leadership.
When Menzies was forced to resign as Prime Minister, the UAP was so bereft of leadership that Fadden briefly succeeded him ( despite the Country Party being the junior partner in the governing coalition ).
When he tried to fill it with the Colorado Party, he split the party in two, and neither faction could establish itself in power without help from the military.
When Marcos was overthrown in the People Power Revolution, other parties appeared, such as Partido Nacionalista ng Pilipinas, Lakas ng Bansa, National Union of Christian Democrats, and Philippine Democratic Socialist Party.
* When Joseph Lyons, prime minister and leader of the United Australia Party ( UAP ), died suddenly in April 1939, the governor-general, Lord Gowrie, called on Sir Earle Page to become caretaker prime minister.
When the Republican Party won control of Congress in the 1994 midterm elections, the freshman Republican class awarded Limbaugh an honorary membership in their caucus.
When Page was deposed as Country Party leader a few months later, Menzies reformed the Coalition with Page's successor, Archie Cameron.
When Wilson re-entered government in 1974 Jenkins returned to the Home Office, but, increasingly disenchanted by the swing to the left of the Labour Party, he chose to leave British politics in 1976 and was appointed President of the European Commission in 1977, serving until 1981: he was the first and to date only British holder of this office.

When and Czechoslovakia
When Alexander Dubček was three, the family moved to the Soviet Union, in part to help build socialism and in part because jobs were scarce in Czechoslovakia.
When it became apparent that Western countries would not supply Egypt under financial and military terms acceptable to it, Nasser turned to the Soviet bloc and concluded a satisfactory armaments agreement with Czechoslovakia in September 1955.
When Czechoslovakia won its independence after World War I, Mucha designed the new postage stamps, banknotes, and other government documents for the new state.
When German troops moved into Czechoslovakia during the spring of 1939, Mucha was among the first persons to be arrested by the Gestapo.
When Bondra was three years old, his father moved with the family back to Czechoslovakia from Lutsk, Ukraine, where he had moved in 1947 in order to seek better work.
When the United States held up military sales in reaction to Egyptian neutrality regarding the Soviet Union, Nasser concluded an arms deal with Czechoslovakia in September 1955.
When Western banks tightened credit to Eastern Europe in 1982 ( largely in reaction to Polish insolvency ), Czechoslovakia redoubled its efforts to curb imports and pay off its debt.
When the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia took over all power in February 1948, many ČSL officials were imprisoned.
When the Soviet Union prepared to occupy Czechoslovakia, the GDR government originally planned to use the 7th Panzer Division and the 11th Motorized Infantry Division to support the intervention, but fear of international reaction to the deployment of German troops outside Germany for the first time since the Second World War caused second thoughts.
When Germany invaded the whole of Czechoslovakia in March 1939, an editorial called for " a Government of national concentration " which would have to include " the trusted leaders of the trade unions and the Opposition parties ".
When the Soviet Army crossed the pre-1938 borders of Czechoslovakia in the fall 1944, the delegation of the Czechoslovak government-in-exile, led by minister František Němec, arrived to Khust to establish the provisional Czechoslovak administration, according to the treaties between the Soviet and Czechoslovak government from the same year.
When Nazi Germany entered Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union's agreement with Czechoslovakia failed to amount to anything because of Poland and Romania's refusals to permit a Soviet intervention.
When the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968, Hammer's studies at the Academy were cut short, and he moved to the United States and resolved to become a citizen after receiving a scholarship at Berklee College of Music in Boston.
When the Nazis came to power, they had to flee, first into Switzerland, then to Austria, France, Czechoslovakia, and finally the USA.
When it appeared quite likely in mid-September 1938 that war could break out at any moment in Central Europe following Hitler's violent speech blasting Czechoslovakia on 12 September and a failed revolt in the Sudetenland, Bonnet become quite frantic in his efforts to save the peace.
When the state of Israel was founded in 1948, Shlomo Kalo joined the MAHAL (" Foreigner Volunteers ": individuals outside Israel who volunteered to fight together with the Israeli forces during its war of independence ) and trained as a pilot in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia.
When the startling news broke in 1980 that Czechoslovakia player of the year, Peter Šťastný, and his brother Anton, had defected to Canada to play with the Quebec Nordiques, it represented a watershed moment in professional hockey as one of the first major stars of Eastern bloc hockey to join the NHL.
When the Czech Republic was part of Czechoslovakia, the national team had runner-up finishes in World Cups ( 1934, 1962 ) and a European Championship win in 1976.
When Czechoslovakia split and reformed into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Czech Republic national team was formed, and they played their first friendly match away to, winning 4 – 1, on 23 February 1994.
When the national socialists redacted their 25-point Programme, Czechoslovakia and Austria were sub-ordinate states integral to the Austro-Hungarian Empire ( 1867 – 1918 ), not sovereign nations.
When Czechoslovakia became a Communist nation in 1948, the party was again renamed the Czechoslovak Socialist Party, and supporters of genuine democracy were expelled for alleged fascist sympathies.
When the Sudetenland, the predominantly German settled regions along the fringes of Czechoslovakia, was annexed to Nazi Germany in 1938, he became a German subject and received an honorary promotion to Generalfeldmarschall of the German army.

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