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Page "adventure" ¶ 333
from Brown Corpus
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When and station
When he was bent over behind the wheel of the station wagon, feeling in his trouser cuffs for the ignition key which he had dropped a moment before, she came out of the house with an enormous Rumanian shawl over her head, which she had bought in that country during one of their trips abroad, and handed him a clean handkerchief through the window.
When he returned home, the station wagon loaded with tools, Jinny had gone with a friend to some meeting in the village, using the recently purchased second car.
When the two cars were equidistant from him, the station wagon started up again and the Ford gathered speed.
When one station is finished with a car, it passes it on to the next.
When the third car ’ s engine has been mounted, it then can be moved to the hood station ; meanwhile, subsequent cars ( if any ) can be moved to the engine installation station.
When the railway opened to Fort William on 7 August 1894, the station was given prime position at the south end of the town.
When they arrive at the isolated Inner station, they discover that Kurtz has gone to heinous extremes which are far beyond the accepted norm.
When the d ' Orsay train station was converted into the Musée d ' Orsay in 1986, the collection was split, and pieces completed after the 1848 Revolution were moved to the new museum.
When Volkswagen introduced a sliding side door on their van in 1968, it then had all the features that would later come to define a minivan: compact length, three rows of forward-facing seats, station wagon-style top-hinged tailgate / liftgate, sliding side door, passenger car base.
When Sisko eventually returned with a fleet of Federation ships to retake the station, Worf and Martok lobbied Gowron to send Klingon ships to join the battle.
When they reached the nearest train station at North Creek, at 5: 22 am on September 14, he received another telegram informing him that McKinley had died a few hours earlier.
When UPN launched in 1995, the station aired cartoons on weekends ; the lineup was known as UPN Kids.
When a train approaches the Gare d ' Ascq railyway station the railway line is blown apart.
When the energy is available, arcjets are well suited to station keeping in orbit and can replace monopropellant rockets.
When the concept of the U. S. space station evolved into that of the International Space Station, which suffered from long delays and design changes before it could be completed, the service life of the Space Shuttle was extended several times until 2011 when it was finally retired — serving at least 15 years longer than it was originally designed to do.
When you reach a station that is busy or does not answer, press CAMP.
When a station is available, pick up the handset.
When the busy station becomes available, you will be signaled.
When not actively in contact with another station, the HF SSB transceiver constantly scans through a list of HF frequencies called channels, listening for any ALE signals transmitted by other radio stations.
When the distant scanning station detects ALE activity, it stops scanning and stays on that channel until it can confirm whether or not the call is for it.
When a call is initiated, the LQA lookup table is searched for matches involving the target ALE address and the best historic channel is used to call the target station.
When a station or device or node wants to send some information, it uses the following algorithm:
When the Nazis gained power over the town his name was on a list of local gay men ordered to the police station.

When and wagon
When the hay wagon had gone, and an interval passed, a huckster's cart might turn the corner.
When pairs of horses are used in drawing a wagon or coach it is usual for the outer side of each pair to be connected to reins and the inside of the bits connected by a short bridging strap or rope.
When Midas grew up to be a handsome and valiant man, the Phrygians were harassed by civil discord, and consulting the oracle, they were told that a wagon would bring them a king, who would put an end to their discord.
When the first patrol wagon arrived, Inspector Pine recalled that the crowd — most of whom were homosexual — had grown to at least ten times the number of people who were arrested, and they all became very quiet.
When they were eight or from home near the crossing of the Terre Bleu, they were met by the Native Americans and all, save Rebecca and Abraham Baker, were stripped of their clothing and left to find their way home in this plight ; the wagon loaded with venison, intended for the wedding feast, was also robbed.
When Sunday comes, Mother Maria informs Smith that he will be driving the sisters to Mass in his station wagon.
When the Los Angeles Fire Department was formed in 1886, it had 4 fire stations, two steam fire engines, two hose reels, a hose wagon, a 65 ' aerial ladder truck, 31 paid firefighters, 24 reserve firefighters and 11 horses to protect 30 square miles ( 77 km² ) and a population of 50, 000.
When the Dallas area was being settled by American pioneers, many of the settlers traveled by wagon trains along the old Shawnee Trail.
When a model range includes multiple body styles, such as sedan, hatchback and station wagon, the models typically share their platform, drivetrain and bodywork forward of the A-pillar.
When a new body style was added, Packard introduced a station wagon instead of a 2-door hardtop as buyers requested.
When not toiling for the witch-woman, she is kept in the form of a multicoloured bird chained by a silver thread to a Gypsy wagon.
When a stray log upsets the wagon, the coffin is knocked out, Cash ’ s broken leg is reinjured, and the team of mules drowns.
When the leader of one small wagon train heading for Oregon Territory died, he assumed leadership and thus ended up on Puget Sound.
When the redesigned KF Laser was introduced in March 1990, the wagon continued in a sole GL specification, with minor upgrades until 1994, when Australian production of the Laser ceased.
When the plant closed in 1997, Ford dropped the Laser and introduced the Ford Escort hatchback and sedan, having already introduced the Escort wagon.
When the train came in at 9: 45 p. m., they backed a wagon up to the express car and unloaded all the contents.
When mowing rye, the villagers let some stalks stand, tie flowers among them, and when finished with their work gather around them and shout three times: “ Fru Gaue, you keep some fodder, this year on the wagon .” In Prignitz, they call her fru Gode and leave a bunch of grain standing in each field which they call “ Fru Gode ’ s portion .” In the district of Hameln, it was custom, if a reaper while binding sheaves passed over one, to jeer and call out: “ Is that for fru Gauen?
I was drunk and making an ass out of myself and they were concerned about it .... I'd clean up for a little while then I'd fall off the wagon, like addicts do .... When everything blew up, everybody kind of lost their minds .... I was clean for about a month ... well, semi-clean ; I can't bullshit about that ... but I fell off the wagon after the Kurt Cobain thing.
In the 1940 film " His Girl Friday ", McCue, one of the press room reporters, jokes that " Mrs. Phoebe DeWolfe " gave birth to a pickaninny in a patrol wagon, concluding, " When the pickaninny was born the Rifle Squad examined him carefully to see if it was Earl Williams.
When Chevrolet proposed a simulated woodgrain option for the Chevy Vega Kammback wagon for the 1973 model year, after a gap of four years of applying woodgrain film on the Caprice, the Vega's production schedule made smooth application of the applique difficult without wrinkles and heavy scrappage — and requiring retraining by the film supplier.

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