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Page "fiction" ¶ 903
from Brown Corpus
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When and was
When they were closer and he saw that one was a woman, he was more puzzled than ever.
When the meal was ready, he told Jones to wash up, and going into the front room, woke the girl.
When they reached their neighbor's house, Pamela said a few polite words to Grace and kissed Melissa lightly on the forehead, the impulse prompted by a stray thought -- of the type to which she was frequently subject these days -- that they might never see one another again.
When he regained consciousness he was in Lord's house, in the office of Doctor Lord, the deputy's deceased father.
When it was followed by a second, whining even closer, Cobb swerved sharply aside into a depression.
When the sea was visible ahead of them, the relief was as great as if the sun had come out.
When she appeared at the store to help out for a few hours even my looking at her was surreptitious lest my Uncle notice it.
When our eyes met the air was filled with an unuttered message of `` Me, too ''.
`` When I was in college '', I grinned, `` I remember a poem I had to read in my lit class.
When they got to Shillong, in Assam, he was happy.
`` When I came up, damnit, I thought I was going down.
When he awoke in the mornings, she was in his mind and he could hardly wait to get to school to be near her in the flesh.
When he came back to the schoolhouse, his mind was made up.
When he finally left the sinister mansion on Perdido Street, he was carried out in a coroner's basket.
When he was eight he began violin lessons.
When the possibility that he had not given reconsideration to so weighty a decision seemed to disconcert his questioners, Mr. Eisenhower was known to make his characteristic statement to the press that he was not going to talk about the matter any more.
When he was stripped, deloused and numbered by his guards, his much-thumbed sketchbook was seized and thrown on a pile of prisoners' goods to be confiscated.
When her right hand was incapacitated by the rheumatism, Sadie learned to write with her left hand.
When Harold Arlen returned to California in the winter of 1944, it was to take up again a collaboration with Johnny Mercer, begun some years before.
When he was fifteen John H. Mercer turned out his first song, a jazzy little thing he called `` Sister Susie, Strut Your Stuff ''.
When he heard that Paul Whiteman was looking for singers to replace the Rhythm Boys, Mercer applied and got the job, `` not for my voice, I'm sure, but because I could write songs and material generally ''.

When and bent
When it is bent, indium emits a high-pitched " cry ".
* When the leg is not bent, it is stretched completely or put behind in a semi-classical position where the leg is slightly bent, but not completely.
When the Colonies were first settled, " the lawyer was synonymous with the cringing Attorneys-General and Solicitors-General of the Crown and the arbitrary Justices of the King's Court, all bent on the conviction of those who opposed the King's prerogatives, and twisting the law to secure convictions.
When near full draw is reached, the cam has turned to its full extent, the archer has gained mechanical advantage, and the least amount of force needs to be applied to the string to keep the limbs bent.
When excavated and placed upright on its flat base, it was found to lean obliquely to the left from the vertical, perhaps explaining the name Crom, " bent, crooked ".
When Symonds refused to help Shorting gain admission to Magdalen, the younger man wrote to school officials alleging " that I had supported him in his pursuit of the chorister Walter Thomas Goolden ( 1848-1901 ), that I shared his habits and was bent on the same path.
When the princess is fifteen or sixteen and her parents are away on pleasure bent, she wanders through the palace rooms going up and down and then chances upon an old woman who is spinning with her distaff in the garret of a tower and had not heard of the king's decree against spinning wheels.
When he appeared again, his hair had turned white, his back was bent, and his face worn.
When Julian, Blaze, and another physicist submit their paper to a journal's review board, they find themselves the target of " The Hammer of God " a Christian cult bent on hastening an anticipated end of the universe.
When Otaru attempts to free her, he is confronted by a power-mad Faust once again bent on conquest, accompanied by the Saber Dolls, who seem disturbed by Faust ’ s return to his dark past.
When the stream of high speed projectiles reaches the bottom of the tower it is then bent through 90 degrees by a magnet at the tower's base so that it is traveling parallel to Earth's surface, through a large circular underground tunnel similar to a particle accelerator.
When Athislus, who was pursuing the escapers saw that a precious ring was lying on the ground, he bent down to pick it up.
When a stick submerged in water looks bent a direct realist is not compelled to say the stick actually is bent but can say that the stick can have more than one appearance: a straight stick can look bent when light reflected from the stick arrives at one's eye in a crooked pattern, but this appearance isn't necessarily a sense-datum in the mind.
When the gluteus maximus takes its fixed point from the pelvis, it extends the femur and brings the bent thigh into a line with the body.
The little finger is extended to make the " I "; the index finger and middle finger are also raised, with the middle finger bent slightly so that the two fingers together form the " X "; the thumb touches the lowered third finger to signify the two " C " s. When a priest blesses in the sign of the cross, he positions the fingers of his right hand in the manner described as he raises his right hand, then moves his hand downwards, then to his left, then to his right.
When used as a fishing light, light output can be redirected toward the water by installing a 5 ” X 10 ” piece of aluminum flashing or heavy foil bent into a half circle and placed next to the lamp's circular acrylic lens.
When a shape-memory alloy is in its cold state ( below A < sub > s </ sub >), the metal can be bent or stretched and will hold those shapes until heated above the transition temperature.
According to a 2006 newspaper column by Jack Betts, " When eight Nazis bent on mayhem came ashore on Long Island in 1942, they were soon caught and ordered to stand trial in a secret military tribunal.
When manufactured for electronics testing and evaluation, one jaw of the clip is typically permanently crimped or soldered to a wire, or is bent to form the inner tubular contact of a ~ 4 mm female banana jack, enabling quick non-permanent connection between a circuit under test and laboratory equipment or to another electrical circuit.
When financial exigency, following the Great Stop of the Exchequer in 1672 and the outbreak of the Third Anglo-Dutch War, finally forced Charles II to convene parliament again in 1673, the parliamentarians were bent on revenge.
When the pinna is viewed from behind, the helical rim is straight, not bent, as if a “ letter-C ” ( the middle-third to flat ), or crooked, as if a hockey stick ” ( the earlobe is insufficiently flat ).

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