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Whereas and references
Whereas the song contained references to Eminem's strained relationships with his wife and mother, it was " Better run and check your kid for your DNA ", again referring to Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, that set Eminem off.
Whereas the FAR defines PWS in Part 2 Definitions, and references SOOs and PWSs in Part 37. 6 Performance Based Acquisition, SOWs are not addressed.

Whereas and are
Whereas the usual organic surface-active agent is strongly sorbed at oil - water interfaces, the highly charged ions are most strongly sorbed at interfaces between water and insoluble materials exhibiting an ionic structure ( see Table 26-2 on p. 1678 ).
Whereas the eighteenth century had been a time in which man sought justice, the nineteenth and twentieth have been centuries in which men are satisfied with law.
Whereas, John Brown has cheerfully risked his life in endeavoring to deliver those who are denied all rights and is this day doomed to suffer death for his efforts in behalf of those who have no helper: Therefore,
Whereas for certain other language families, such as the speakers of Indo-European, Uralic, and Austronesian, we are able to frame substantial hypotheses, in the case of the proposed Altaic family everything remains to be done.
Whereas a biotic stress would include such living disturbances as fungi or harmful insects, abiotic stress factors, or stressors, are naturally occurring, often intangible, factors such as intense sunlight or wind that may cause harm to the plants and animals in the area affected.
Whereas other nations have soothsayers and diviners who attempt to discover the will of their gods, according to Heschel the Hebrew prophets are characterized by their experience of what he calls theotropism — God turning towards humanity.
It exists in four major polymorphs: α, β, γ and T. Whereas α, β and T phases are based on B < sub > 12 </ sub > icosahedra, the γ-phase can be described as a rocksalt-type arrangement of the icosahedra and B < sub > 2 </ sub > atomic pairs.
Whereas the first part of the film takes place in society restrained by law and order, the second part, including the flashback scene, occurs in the world of individuals and thus the characters seen in the first part of the film are revealed in their true form.
Whereas it is paramagnetic at ambient conditions, it becomes antiferromagnetic upon cooling, and other magnetic transitions are also observed for many curium compounds.
Whereas analog filters are usually analysed in terms of transfer functions in the s plane using Laplace transforms, digital filters are analysed in the z plane in terms of Z-transforms.
Whereas several figures common to English Country Dance, e. g. arming and the straight hey, are found in the traditional dances and display dances such as morris, ECD's origins rest among the gentry, first at court, then spreading to bourgeois-London, finally moving into country manors around England.
Whereas arithmetic deals with specific numbers and operators ( e. g. 3 + 2 = 5 ), algebra introduces variables, which are letters that represent non-specified numbers ( e. g. 3a + 2a = 5a ).
Whereas most other pure metals are gray or silvery white, gold is yellow.
Whereas a hyponym is one of the items included in the generic, such as peach and oak are included in tree, and cruiser and steamer in ship, " brother " and " sister " in " family ".
Whereas Jewish philosophers often debate whether God is immanent or transcendent, and whether people have free will or their lives are determined, Halakha is a system through which any Jew acts to bring God into the world.
Whereas " private property " grants an individual exclusive control over a thing whether it is in use or not, and regardless of its productive capacity, " possession " grants no rights to things that are not in use.
Whereas fracture and cleavage describes the surfaces that are created when a mineral is broken, tenacity describes how resistant a mineral is to such breaking.
Whereas the pH of a saturated morphine hydrate solution is 8. 5, the salts are acidic.
Whereas ' state-driven ' national unification's, such as in France, England or China, are more likely to flourish in multiethnic societies, producing a traditional national heritage of civic nations, or territory-based nationalities.
Whereas games of chance provided the impetus for the mathematical study of probability, fundamental issues are still obscured by the superstitions of gamblers.
Whereas enzymes are limited in their binding affinity for their substrates by the necessity of conducting their reaction, antibodies have no such constraints.
Whereas commercial agreements or prenuptial agreements generally do not require legal formalities to be observed, when married couples enter a property agreement, stringent requirements are imposed, including notarization, witnesses, special acknowledgment forms.

Whereas and general
Whereas Bultmann's `` center '' position is structurally inconsistent and is therefore indefensible on formal grounds alone, the general position of the `` right '', as represented, say, by Karl Barth, involves the rejection or at least qualification of the demand for demythologization and so is invalidated on the material grounds we have just considered.
Whereas < sup > 1 </ sup > H NMR spectroscopy is, in general, not useful for establishing the presence of a ketone, < sup > 13 </ sup > C NMR spectra exhibit signals somewhat downfield of 200 ppm depending on structure.
Whereas originally the term Navigation applies to the process of directing a ship to a destination, Navigation research deals with fundamental aspects of navigation in general.
Whereas the other two components of Poynting vector ( here x-component only ), and their time averaged values are in general found to be finite.
Whereas act utilitarianism requires us to choose our actions by calculating which action will maximise utility and rule utilitarianism requires us to implement rules which will, on the whole, maximise utility, motive utilitarianism “ has the utility calculus being used to select motives and dispositions according to their general felicific effects, and those motives and dispositions then dictate our choices of actions .”
Whereas in general usage it is common to assume that illusion is false, Hindu philosophy makes a distinction between Maya ( illusion ) and falsehood.
Whereas in the general case, there is often no appropriate singular gender-neutral replacement ( e. g. the third person singular pronoun he ) ( although the use of singular they is increasingly common ), there are gender-neutral versions of nearly all job titles.
Whereas the Taoist philosophical paradigm had promoted scientific and mathematical investigation as a kind of mystical exploration of the workings of the universe, the Confucian paradigm focused far more on social philosophy and morality, which prompted a general lack of further research in mathematics and natural sciences.
Whereas the second, third, and Boyce – Codd normal forms are concerned with functional dependencies, 4NF is concerned with a more general type of dependency known as a multivalued dependency.
Whereas most leaders had come from or identified with the independence movement Sinn Féin ( in its 1917 – 22 phase ), Bruton identified more with the more moderate Irish Parliamentary Party ( IPP ) tradition that Sinn Féin had eclipsed at the 1918 general election.
Whereas an intermediate appellate court hears general appeals from a lower court grounded on issues of law and procedure as well as errors of fact and reasoning, the Court only decides matters on points of law or procedure as applied in a case, not factual errors.
Whereas in general the spirit that removed cometh back upon occasion, and is sometimes seen of those in flesh ( appearing in the form of the body it bore ) yet it hath happened that the veritable body without the spirit hath walked.
Whereas Council workers who work on general civic projects advise of their worksites with fluorescent orange " Workers Ahead " signage, navvies use pale blue " Navvies at Work " signs.
Whereas there is no general technique for constructing Lyapunov functions for ODEs, in many specific cases, the construction of Lyapunov functions is known.
Whereas moritas from Chihuahua are purple in color, chile meco is tan / grey in color and has the general appearance of a cigar butt.
Whereas ELEMENTARY contains bounded applications of exponentiation ( for example, ), PR allows more general hyper operators ( for example, tetration ) which are not contained in ELEMENTARY.
Whereas Napoleon had written to Berthier that an Austrian attack before 15 April should be met by a general French concentration around Donauwörth and Augsburg, Berthier focused on a sentence that called for Davout to station his III Corps around Regensburg and ordered the Iron Marshal to move back to the city despite massive Austrian pressure.
" Whereas some well-known punk bands such as the Sex Pistols and The Exploited sang about general anarchy, they did not embrace anarchism as a disciplined ideology.
Whereas most software companies focused on professional users and business systems, Kersey founded the company with the intention of supporting the " hobbyist " users who had sprung up when affordable personal computers were made available to the general public.
Whereas the English Wikipedia requires a general consensus for deleting articles ( hence deletion discussion is not considered to be a voting process ), the Hebrew Wikipedia has adopted a policy of deletion upon a 55 % majority, with no minimum number of votes.
Whereas other medical specialities have emerged from others, i. e. Cardiology emerged when practicing general physicians decided to concentrate on, Heart conditions, SEM has not emerged from any other speciality, and therefore most of its practitioners do not practice within the NHS.
Whereas the urbanist or urban planner may design the general layout of streets and public places, the municipal engineer is concerned with the detailed design.
Whereas Plato condemned doxa ( beliefs and opinions ) as a starting point for achieving Truth, Aristotle uses the term endoxa ( commonly held beliefs accepted by the wise / by elder rhetors and / or by the public in general ) to acknowledge the beliefs of the city.
Whereas a series of beats might describe a general idea, these beats might collectively equate to a single shot ( which is likely to be framed as a long-shot ).

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