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While and English
While convalescing in his Virginia home he wrote a book recording his prison experiences and escape, entitled: They Shall Not Have Me Published originally in ( Helion's ) English by Dutton & Co. of New York, in 1943, the book was received by the press as a work of astonishing literary power and one of the most realistic accounts of World War 2, from the French side.
While Wesley freely made use of the term " Arminian ," he did not self-consciously root his soteriology in the theology of Arminius but was highly influenced by 17th-century English Arminianism and thinkers such as John Goodwin, Jeremy Taylor and Henry Hammond of the Anglican " Holy Living " school, and the Remonstrant Hugo Grotius.
While in Rome, he attended a papal council, along with his fellow English bishop Herman.
While he was busy with the burial ceremonies for his brother, the Danes defeated the English in his absence at an unnamed spot, and then again in his presence at Wilton in May.
While many leading chemists of the time refused to accept Lavoisier's new ideas, demand for Traité élémentaire as a textbook in Edinburgh was sufficient to merit translation into English within about a year of its French publication.
While often cited as an Indian legend, the white doe seems to have its roots in English folklore.
While an organism with complete absence of melanin is called an albino ( American English, or British English ) an organism with only a diminished amount of melanin is described as albinoid.
While the attack on Taviers went in the Earl of Orkney launched his first line of English across the Petite Gheete in a determined attack against the barricaded villages of Offus and Autre-Eglise on the Allied right.
While Portuguese and Spanish activity in the region had weakened, the English had built fortified trading posts on tiny Ai and Run islands, ten to twenty kilometres from the main Banda Islands.
While the language has continued to change in all of these places, modern Canadian English has inherited significant vocabulary and spelling from the shared political and social institutions of Commonwealth countries.
While seventeenth century English admiralty law allowed captains great leeway in using violence against their crew, outright murder was not permitted.
While Maritimers are predominantly of west European heritage ( Scottish, Irish, English, and Acadian ), immigration to Industrial Cape Breton during the heyday of coal mining and steel manufacturing brought people from eastern Europe as well as from Newfoundland.
While the dative case is no longer a part of modern English usage, it survives in a few set expressions.
While the transcription of the Chinese words used by Ricci was not very consistent, he systematically used Latin p and t for unaspirated Chinese sounds that Pinyin renders as b and d. Accordingly, Ricci called the adherents of Laozi, Tausu (, Pinyin: Daoshi ), which was rendered as Tausa in an early English translation published by Samuel Purchas ( 1625 ).
While most of her songs are sung in English, some of Enya's songs are sung entirely in Irish or Latin.
While contemporary folk music is a genre generally distinct from traditional folk music, in English it shares the same name, and it often shares the same performers and venues as traditional folk music.
While the former means " handsome ", the latter gives an ironic sense of " clumsy ", akin to the English " That was clever!
While old-fashioned, this expression is still used in French, often mockingly, but the English gallicism to flirt has made its way and has now become an anglicism.
While Coupland's book helped to popularize the phrase " Generation X ," in a 1989 magazine article he erroneously attributed the term to English musician Billy Idol.
While uncut and letterboxed, it features an English dub track produced by William Ross ' Tokyo-based Frontier Enterprises in 1968.
While not very prominent in modern English, cases featured much more saliently in Old English and other ancient Indo-European languages, such as Latin, Ancient Greek, and Sanskrit.
( While many elementary discussions of English grammar classify the present perfect as a past tense, it relates the action to the present time.

While and Russian
* 2003 – While being towed across the Barents Sea, the de-commissioned Russian submarine K-159 sinks, taking 9 of her crew and 800 kg of spent nuclear fuel with her.
While Sakharov disagreed with Solzhenitsyn ’ s Slavophile vision of Russian revival, he deeply respected him for his courage.
While the Russian Orthodox Church does recognize the first seven ecumenical councils as valid, some Russian Orthodox theologians believe that the infallibility of these councils ' statements derived from their acceptance by the faithful ( and thus from the infallibility of all believers ), and not from the acts of the councils themselves.
While Belarusian and Southern Russian form a continuous area, making it virtually impossible to draw a line between two languages.
While László Polgár has been credited with being an excellent chess coach, the Polgárs had also employed professional chessplayers to train their daughters, including Hungarian champion IM Tibor Florian, Hungarian GM Pal Benko and Russian GM Alexander Chernin.
While the Hungarians had the best won – loss record of the tournament as a team and lost only a single game of the 56 they played, they had won most of their matches by 2½ – 1½ scores, while the Russian team won gold as they piled up the points.
While Kyrgyzstan was initially determined to stay in the ruble zone, the stringent conditions set forth by the Russian Government prompted Kyrgyzstan to introduce its own currency, the som, in May 1993.
While at university, Zamenhof began using the Russian name Lyudovik ( often transcribed Ludovic ; in English the form Ludwig is also used ) in place of Lazar.
While this structuralist approach to Marxism and filmmaking was used, the more vociferous complaint that the Russian filmmakers had was with the narrative structure of Hollywood filmmaking.
While training, he studied Russian intensively for several weeks, the purpose of which, if any, is not clear.
While active collaboration between Nazi Germany and Soviet Union caused great shock in western Europe and amongst communists opposed to Germany, on 1 October 1939, Winston Churchill declared that the Russian armies acted for the safety of Russia against " the Nazi menace.
While Hitler conquered Poland, France and other countries acting on single front at the start of World War II, the USSR was able to build up its military and regain some of the former territories of the Russian Empire during the Soviet invasion of Poland and the Winter War.
While flying Endeavour's last mission, the Russian spacecraft Soyuz TMA-20 departed from the ISS and paused at a distance of 200 meters.
While the treaty was practically obsolete before the end of the year, it did provide some relief to the Bolsheviks, who were tied up in fighting the Russian Civil War, and it affirmed the independence of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Lithuania.
While the independence of Finland and Poland was already accepted by them in principle, the loss of Ukraine and the Baltics created, from the Bolshevik perspective, dangerous bases of anti-Bolshevik military activity in the subsequent Russian Civil War ( 1917 – 1922 ).
While the word vodka could be found in manuscripts and in lubok ( лубок, pictures with text explaining the plot, a Russian predecessor of the comic ), it began to appear in Russian dictionaries in the mid-19th century.
While the exact style of the wine will vary from producer, some of the terroir characteristics associated with California Chardonnay include " flinty " notes with the Russian River Valley and mango & guava from Monterey.
While he studied Russian, he also studied computer translation of human languages at the Moscow State University in the Soviet Union in the school of Kolmogorov.
While relations have improved and an intentional nuclear exchange is more unlikely, the decay in Russian nuclear capability in the post Cold War era may have had an effect on the continued viability of the MAD doctrine.
While historically Peter's planned war against Denmark was seen as being a political failure, recent scholarship has portrayed it as part of a pragmatic plan to expand Russian power westwards — he saw gaining territory and influence in Denmark and Northern Germany as more useful to Russia than taking East Prussia.
While in standard Russian it represents, in many Ukrainian dialects it denotes ( following a vowel and preceding a consonant ( cluster ), either within a word or at a word boundary, it denotes the allophone, and like the off-glide of in the English words " flow " and " cow ", it forms a diphthong with the preceding vowel ).
While the supply shortages of consumer goods characteristic of the 1980s went away ( see Consumer goods in the Soviet Union ), this was not only related to the opening of Russia's market to imports in the early 1990s but also to the impoverishment of the Russian people in the 1990s.

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