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While and playing
# While a record is playing, beatmatch a new record to it, using headphones for monitoring.
While playing, members exert energy on behalf of the team ( personal investment in the group ).
While playing golf one afternoon he realized that it might be fun for the kids on his playground if they played " golf " with frisbees.
While playing in thumb position, few players use the fourth ( little ) finger, as it is too weak to produce a reliable tone ( this is also true for cellists ), although some extreme chords or extended techniques, especially in contemporary music, may necessitate its use.
While the electric bass guitar was used intermittently in jazz as early as 1951, beginning in the 1970s bassist Bob Cranshaw, playing with saxophonist Sonny Rollins, and fusion pioneers Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke began to commonly substitute the bass guitar for the upright bass.
While playing for the Athletics, Reiter was a teammate of Hawley Pierce, a former star for the Carlisle Indian School.
While playing the Cardinals, Cliff Floyd hit a ball to the top of the left field scoreboard.
While with an ensemble, a guitarist can take the role of rhythm ( playing with bass in the ensemble ) or lead ( playing on top of the bass in the ensemble ) guitar.
While music is an art form in itself, playing an instrument such as the guitar has long been a popular subject for painters.
While having a solid understanding of positional play, Polgár excels in tactics and is known for an aggressive playing style, striving to maximize the initiative and actively pursuing complications.
Hendrix borrowed a Fender Telecaster from Noel Redding to record " Hey Joe " and " Purple Haze ", used a white Gibson SG Custom for his performances on The Dick Cavett Show in the summer of 1969, and the Isle of Wight film shows him playing his second Gibson Flying V. While Jimi had previously owned a Flying V that he had painted with a psychedelic design, the Flying V used at the Isle of Wight was a unique custom left-handed guitar with gold plated hardware, a bound fingerboard and " split-diamond " fret markers that were not found on other 1960s-era Flying Vs.
While playing football at PJC, Robinson suffered a fractured ankle, complications from which would eventually delay his deployment status while in the military.
While trying to find a suitable name, Mars remembered an incident which occurred when he was playing with a band called White Horse, when one of the other band members called the group " a motley looking crew.
While the Brewers ' new park was a hit, the club itself was not successful playing in it, as the Brewers finished the season even worse than their previous seasons, going 68 – 94 in their first season at Miller Park.
While she is playing outside one day, Mei sees two white, rabbit-like ears in the grass.
While the music is playing, the players in the circle walk in unison around the chairs.
While " The Wizard of Oz " nickname was an allusion to the 1939 motion picture of the same name, Smith also came to be known as simply " The Wizard " during his playing career, as Smith's Baseball Hall of Fame plaque would later attest.
While the Pixies were playing a concert with Throwing Muses, they were noticed by producer Gary Smith, manager of Fort Apache Studios.
While he was playing a game of polo on horseback ( also called chougan in Persia ), his horse fell and Aibak was impaled on the pommel of his saddle.
While recording or playing, the record not only rotated, but moved laterally under the stylus, which thus described a spiral, recording 150 grooves to the inch.
While playing for Houston, Clemens was not obliged to travel with the team on road trips if he was not pitching.
While the early saxophone had two separate octave vents to assist in the playing of the upper registers just as modern instruments do, players of Sax's original design had to operate these via two separate octave keys operated by the left thumb.
While practicing for the show, stuntwoman Laura " Dinky " Patterson, one of a 16-member professional bungee jumping team, died of massive cranial trauma when she jumped headfirst from the top level of the Superdome and smashed head-first into the concrete-based playing field, causing her death.
While some, like Spencer, used analogy from natural selection as an argument against government intervention in the economy to benefit the poor, others, including Alfred Russel Wallace, argued that action was needed to correct social and economic inequities to level the playing field before natural selection could improve humanity further.

While and guitar
While tab is most often associated with fretted stringed instruments such as the guitar, tab is also used with other instruments such as the organ and harmonica.
While his mainstays were the Arbiter Fuzz Face and a Vox wah-wah pedal, Hendrix experimented with guitar effects as well.
While jazz can be played on any type of guitar, from an acoustic instrument to a solid-bodied electric guitar such as a Fender Stratocaster, the full-depth archtop guitar has become known as the prototypical " jazz guitar.
While most music lessons are one-on-one ( private ), some teachers also teach groups of two to four students ( semi-private lessons ), and, for very basic instruction, some instruments are taught in large group lessons, such as piano and acoustic guitar.
While fans and critics took notice of Lifeson's diminished guitar work, his presence was still palpable.
While the album is almost completely guitar-driven, it is mostly devoid of any conventional sounding guitar solos, a conscious decision made by Lifeson during the writing process.
While Waits had before played either piano or guitar, he now gravitated towards less common instruments, saying, " Your hands are like dogs, going to the same places they've been.
While still fast and loud, the album's country leanings were evolving and its raw punk sound was channeling raw guitar power chords.
While imprisoned, Vikernes recorded two dark ambient albums using only synthesizers, as he did not have access to drums, guitar, or bass.
While there, she met future Czechoslovakian president Václav Havel, whom she let carry her guitar so as to prevent his arrest by government agents.
As well as performing a trio of his own hits during the ceremony, Prince also participated in a tribute to fellow inductee George Harrison in a rendering of Harrison's " While My Guitar Gently Weeps ", playing a long guitar solo that ended the song.
Originally " While My Guitar Gently Weeps " had only the first guitar solo in the song off of the album.
While he's talking, the animator erases him completely, then redraws him as a cowboy with a guitar.
Though not formally credited on the album, Eric Clapton played lead guitar on Harrison's " While My Guitar Gently Weeps ".
* Eric Clapton – lead guitar on " While my Guitar Gently Weeps "
While the band reformed in the early 90s with the addition of former Strawmen members David Leonhardt ( guitar ) and Harmon, the live album 88 and Sticks and Stones, a collection of previously unreleased recordings and demos, were released.
While still in high school in Ukiah, California, Davey Havok ( vocals ), Mark Stopholese ( guitar ) and Vic Chalker ( bass ) formed an outfit called AFI in November 1991.

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