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With and Augustinian
With the help of Augustinian and Franciscan friars, he established a government on the islands, and went on to become the first Spanish governor of the Philippines.
With the monks he had never been liked ; at Stuttgart also his great enemy was the Augustinian Conrad Holzinger.
With these traders and commercial opportunists, also came Franciscan, Dominican, Augustinian, and Jesuit missionaries to bring Indians to Christianity.
The Spanish colonizers came to Hantique ( Antique ) in 1581. With them came the Augustinian friars that Christianized the inhabitants who lived in Hamtic.

With and Franciscan
With the royal letter in hand, mobs forcibly closed Franciscan abbeys all over Denmark.
With two papal bullae, Gratias Agimus and Nuper Carissimae, dated in Avignon, November 21, 1342, Pope Clement VI approved and created the new entity which would be known as the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land ( Custodia Terrae Sanctae ).

With and friars
With almost the entire college in ruins, some friars advocated closing the school altogether while others pushed for its immediate rehabilitation.
With that the freres ( friars ) fly out Satan's ers ( arse ), swarm about the room and disappear back up his ers.

With and who
With facts mainly in his mind, he was often acute in the matter of style, and he said, `` The young who have as yet nothing to say will try larks with initial letters and broken lines.
With a pardonable irony Shelley wrote to the father who had publicly disowned his daughter:
), had listed himself for Mormon Beard roles at the instigation of his fourth murder victim who had said: `` With your beard, dear, you ought to be in movies ''!!
With curiosity and elan, he explored every inch of glen, beach and burn, once stranding himself for hours on a ledge high up a sheer seventy-foot cliff and waiting with calm faith to be rescued by Maxwell, who nearly lost his life in doing so.
" With Grant in command, Lincoln felt the Union Army could relentlessly pursue a series of coordinated offensives in multiple theaters, and have a top commander who agreed on the use of black troops.
Dwan also helped launch the career of two other very successful Hollywood directors, Victor Fleming, who went on to direct The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind, and Marshall Neilan, who became an actor, director, writer and producer.
Among other composers who set Housman songs were John Ireland ( song cycle, Land of Lost Content ), Michael Head ( e. g. ' Ludlow Fair '), Graham Peel ( a famous version of ' In Summertime on Bredon '), Ian Venables ( Songs of Eternity and Sorrow ), and the American Samuel Barber ( e. g. ' With rue my heart is laden ').
With Gladstone's refusal Derby and Disraeli looked elsewhere and settled on Disraeli's old friend Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who became Secretary of State for the Colonies ; Derby's son Lord Stanley, succeeded Ellenborough at the Board of Control.
With the battle still not won, Marlborough had to rebuke one of his cavalry officers who was attempting to leave the field – " Sir, you are under a mistake, the enemy lies that way ..." Now, at the Duke's command, the second Allied line under von Bulow and the Count of Ost-Friese was ordered forward, and, driving through the centre, the Allies finally put Tallard's tired horse to rout, not without cost.
" The German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote: " With the exception of Shakespeare and Spinoza, I know no one among the no longer living who has influenced me more strongly.
With institutional and legal machinery at their disposal, agents of the State can compel populations to conform to codes and can opt to punish or attempt to reform those who do not conform.
With the revision of the Code of Canon Law promulgated in 1917 by Pope Benedict XV, only those who are already priests or bishops may be appointed cardinals.
With Constantine ’ s death in 337, Constans and his two brothers, Constantine II and Constantius II divided the Roman world between themselves, after first deposing of virtually all of the relatives of their father who could possibly have a claim on the throne.
With the loss of their lands on the Delaware River and the destruction of the Minqua by the Iroquois of the Five Nations in the 1670s, the remnants of the Lenape who wished to remain identified as such left the region and moved over the Alleghany Mountains by the mid-18th century.
With help from Plancius Peter, a Flemish minister who was engaged in producing maps, globes and nautical instruments, they sought for a northeastern or northwestern access to Asia to circumvent the VOC monopoly.
With Screen Gems producing the series, Jones was shortlisted for auditions, as he was the only Monkee who was signed to a deal with the studio, but still had to meet producers Bob Rafelson's and Bert Schneider's standards.
With the rise of Islam in the 7th century the power of Aksum declined and the Kingdom became isolated, the Dahlak archipelago, northern and western Eritrea, came under increasing control of Islamic powers based in Yemen and Beja lands in Sudan. The Beja were often in alliance with the Umayyads of Arabia who themselves established footholds along stretches of the Eritrean coastline and the Dahlak archipelago while the Funj of Sudan exacted tribute from the adjacent western lowlands of Eritrea.
With his army rotting away, and personally grieving for his long standing friend Prince Commercy who had died at Luzzara, Eugene returned to Vienna in January 1703.
With it Erasmus challenged common assumptions, painting the clergy as educators who should share the treasury of their knowledge with the laity.
With the exception of a short period of eclipse, he enjoyed the complete confidence both of Constantine and Constantius II and was the tutor of the later Emperor Julian the Apostate ; and it was he who baptized Constantine the Great on May 22, 337.
With the introduction of a new religion to the court, a deep rift developed between the Mononobe clan, who supported the worship of Japan's traditional deities, and the Soga clan, who supported the adoption of Buddhism.
With the support of Hosokawa Yoriyuki, who controlled the Bakufu, Go-Kōgon's son became the Northern Emperor.
With it Hepworth made The Bathers in 1900, in which bathers who have undressed and jumped into the water appear to spring backwards out of it, and have their clothes magically fly back onto their bodies.

With and had
With every leaping stride of the horse beneath him he crossed one more patch of earth that had been his, that he would never see again.
With that act of Parliament the opponents of the stage won the day, and for more than two decades after that England had no legitimate public drama.
With their facile generalizations about the United States, these mediocrities, as they often were, had been great successes.
With his long service he had a long memory, an excellent thing in a political leader.
With this seven-word sentence -- though the speaker undoubtedly thought he was dealing only with the subject of food -- he was telling things about himself and, in the last two examples, revealing that he had departed from the customs of his culture.
With the field a blur of white the unfortunate pilot had simply flown into the hillside.
With Lizzie in the barn, the screen door unlocked and Bridget upstairs in her attic room, he would have had free and easy access to the house.
With the Fund in hand, the debt on the boilers had been paid ; ;
With a Democratic administration, party patronage would normally begin to flow to Mississippi if it had held its Democratic solidarity in the November election.
With the money all but in hand, however, the Administration indicated that, instead of the 225,000 more men in uniform that President Kennedy had requested, the armed forces would be increased by only 160,000.
With its zeal for liberty and its dependence on God it breathed the spirit which had been nourished on the Evangelical revivals.
With justified bitterness the author speaks of `` what seems to me to have been an inexcusable body of ignorance about the nature of the Russian Communist movement, about the history of its diplomacy, about what had happened in the purges, and about what had been going on in Poland and the Baltic States ''.
With three fine Russian films in recent months on World War 2, -- `` The House I Live In '', `` The Cranes Are Flying '' and `` Ballad Of A Soldier '' -- we had every right to expect a real Soviet block-buster in `` The Day The War Ended ''.
With all his heart he had loved the Navy and now he must act in accordance with the Navy's implacable laws.
With one corner of his mind he knew that they were saying nothing, just expressing the euphoria of a drug so powerful that the known universe had forbidden it.
With the increase of wealth and power, abbots had lost much of their special religious character, and become great lords, chiefly distinguished from lay lords by celibacy.
With the advent of surrealism as a poetic movement, anagrams regained the artistic respect they had had in the Baroque period.
With the Balkans more or less pacified, Alexios could now turn his attention to Asia Minor, which had been almost completely overrun by the Seljuq Turks.
With great strategic skill, Cyrus had destroyed Lydia in 546 B. C. E.
With a large number of people relocating to the state from the Midwest and the Northeast, as well as from California, many teams ( most notably the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers ) have normally had large followings in Arizona.

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