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Within and few
Within a decade or less, few men were left and a feminist society had sprung up.
Within a few years various Du Pont manufactured items were filling the entire requirements of from four to seven of General Motors' eight operating divisions.
Within only a few years, foamed plastics materials have managed to grow into an integral, and important, phase of the plastics industry -- and the end is still not yet in sight.
Within a few years the Scots, engaged in breaking the thick sod and stirring the rich soil of the valley, were joined by a group called Meurons.
Within a few minutes, Johnston was observed by his staff to be nearly fainting off his horse.
Within a few days after Canovas del Castillo took power as Premier, the new king, proclaimed on 29 December 1874, arrived at Madrid, passing through Barcelona and Valencia and was acclaimed everywhere ( 1875 ).
Within a few months, the right to exercise the regency over his infant son, John V Palaiologos, and the position of Andronikos'all-powerful chief minister and friend John Kantakouzenos led to the outbreak of a destructive seven-year civil war.
Within a few years, Emperor Manuel died as well, and Saladin remained the only strong leader in the east.
Within a few months, Emily unable to adapt to life at school, was physically ill from homesickness.
Within a few months, some settlers died of famine and disease.
* Within a few years of Salieri's death in 1825, Alexander Pushkin wrote his " little tragedy " Mozart and Salieri ( 1831 ) as a dramatic study of the sin of envy.
Within a few days, on 4 June 1876, they arranged for Sultan Abdülaziz to kill himself with scissors, cutting his two wrists at the same time.
Within few years of his departure, St. Gregory of Nazianzus called him the " Pillar of the Church ".
Within a few years there were thousands of these domes around the world.
Within a few years of nationalisation, a number of progressive measures had been carried out which did much to improve conditions in the mines, including better pay, a five-day workweek, a national safety scheme ( with proper standards at all the collieries ), a ban on boys under the age of 16 going underground, the introduction of training for newcomers before going down to the coalface, and the making of pithead baths into a standard facility.
Within a few years, the federal government would create its own need-based program, known as Pell Grants, providing the neediest students with a tuition-free college education.
Within a few months, the new amir had gained the allegiance of most tribal leaders and established control over the cities.
Within an industrialized country there are usually few if any significant barriers to the easy exchange of goods and services between parts of that country.
Within a few months, however, the two countries were again at odds over Aegean airspace and sovereignty issues.
Within a few years of independence, Touré led the nation into one-party rule.
Within a few years houses were built along some 10 miles of road leading northward from the Free City of Danzig to Gdynia and beyond.
Within only a few years of his accession Sweden had become the largest nation in Europe after Russia and Spain.
Within a few hours of birth, the calf can run around and is almost indistinguishable from a one-week-old.
Within a few months, several dozen people had joined, and over a thousand by the end of the first year.

Within and years
Within fifty years from his death his societies could claim 50, 000 members.
Within two years, however, al-Husayn broke off relations with Abd al-Rahman and announced that Zaragoza would be an independent city-state.
Within two years, the Sikhs rebelled again and rebuilt their holy city of Amritsar.
Within 9 years, more than 84, 000 IBC-type companies had been established.
Within two years, 72 % achieved symptomatic recovery ( no symptoms at all ) and 43 % achieved functional recovery ( regaining of prior occupational and residential status ).
Within seven years it would grow to a population of over 4, 000.
Within ten years, the Supreme Court interpreted Rule 48 in such a way so that it could apply to absent parties under certain circumstances, but only by ignoring the plain meaning of the rule.
Within twenty-five years of the persecution's inauguration, the Christian Emperor Constantine would rule the empire alone.
Within a couple of years, Detroit was rejuvenated and made the Finals for four of the next six years between 1961 and 1966.
Within two years RotoNews had become one of the top ten most trafficked sports sites on the web, according to Media Metrix, ranking higher than such sites as NBA. com.
Within three years of its publication, it had been reprinted nine times with 11, 000 copies circulating in the United States ; it was also translated into French and Dutch and published in Europe.
Within two years Bessel had left Kulenkamp and become an assistant at Lilienthal Observatory near Bremen.
Within a billion years of a galaxy's formation, key structures begin to appear.

Within and majority
Within this system, macroeconomic plans are used as a general guidelines and as government goals for the national economy, but the majority of state-owned enterprises are subject to market forces.
Within the wide, flat Central Plateau is the majority of Namibia ’ s population and economic activity.
Within Sri Lanka the majority of the Sinhalese reside in the south, central and western parts of the country.
Within the Greater Victoria area, private cars, SUVs, and light trucks together make up the majority of trips.
Within three short months, the majority of the king's executive authority had been transferred to the elected representatives of the people's nation.
Within the year the city council switched from majority white to majority black, reflecting the city's populace.
Within Star Trek canon, the Dominion help Cardassia exterminate the majority of the Maquis, but Ro's specific fate is unknown.
Within the ruling circle, however, and despite the conservative approach of the leadership, Okuma continued as a lone advocate of British-style government, a government with political parties and a cabinet organized by the majority party, answerable to the national assembly.
Within Hazarajat the majority is Hazara, with minority Tajiks, Pashtuns, Sayyids, and Qizilbash.
Within a few weeks, the show was moved to studio 3 at ATV Centre ( a studio usually reserved for amongst other programmes, the news magazine programme, ATV Today ) from which Tiswas was produced for the majority of its run.
Within the film, Micheaux depicts educated and professional people in black society as light-skinned, representing the elite status of some of the mixed-race people who comprised the majority of African Americans free before the Civil War.
Within several weeks, a number of TOA member clubs threatened to break away from USL and start their own league ; this threat became official on November 10, 2009, when the majority of USL-1 clubs, as well as one of the expected 2010 expansion franchises, applied to the United States Soccer Federation, the Canadian Soccer Association, and FIFA for approval to create a new North American Soccer League, reducing the league's membership to just three teams.
Within seven days of the declaration, the president must state to the Legislature the reasons for the declaration, which both houses must then approve by a two-thirds majority.
Within the municipality, the settlements with a Serb ethnic majority are: Vršac ( the city itself ), Vatin, Veliko Središte, Vlajkovac, Vršački Ritovi, Gudurica, Zagajica, Izbište, Pavliš, Parta, Potporanj, and Uljma.
Within the Antilles, most of the popular calypso stars have come from Trinidad and Tobago ; the majority of the exceptions, such as Arrow from Montserrat, have come from other Anglophone islands.
Within a year, under William's leadership, cigar sales had more than doubled, and, in 1928, the Paley family secured majority ownership of the network.
Within this context their support grew, and the emergence of the Labour Party as a threat to the middle-classes resulted in the Scottish Unionists achieving a majority of Scottish seats in the 1924 election, 37 out of Scotland's 73.
Within weeks, the vast majority were murdered at the Treblinka death camp.
Within the rest of the Serbian population, the vast majority became strong supporters of this new Non-Aligned Yugoslavia.
Within Númenor, the majority followed suit, and this worship was carried across the ocean to Númenor's colonies in Middle-earth.
Within the Hispanic population, the vast majority are Puerto Ricans, though other groups include Dominicans and Mexicans.

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