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Within and three
Within are three officials, whom Gylfi in the guise of Gangleri is allowed to question about the Asgard and the Æsir.
Within this phylum there are three groups-coccidians, gregarines and haemosporidians.
Within the Apicomplexa there are three suborders of parasites.
Within three months of his marriage, Dürer left for Italy, alone, perhaps stimulated by an outbreak of plague in Nuremberg.
Within any level of bidding ( i. e. from one to seven ), suit rank establishes the bid ’ s rank, i. e. a bid of two diamonds outranks a bid of two clubs, a bid of three spades outranks a bid of three hearts, a bid of three notrump outranks a bid of three spades.
Within the prevailing Standard Model of particle physics, the number of baryons may change in multiples of three due to the action of sphalerons, although this is rare and has not been observed under experiment.
Within minutes all three of his ship's masts had fallen, but the battle around Spartiate continued until 21: 00, when the badly wounded Emeriau ordered his colours struck.
Within the city, there are three state highways: Route 763, Route 163, and Route 740.
Turing adds another definition, Rosser equates all three: Within just a short time, Turing's 1936 – 37 paper " On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem " appeared.
Within the Buddhist tradition, dukkha is commonly explained according to three different patterns or categories.
Within the Buddhist tradition, dukkha is commonly explained according to three different patterns or levels or categories:
Within fifteen years, Handel, a dramatic genius, started three commercial opera companies to supply the English nobility with Italian opera, but the public came to hear the vocal bravura of the soloists rather than the music.
Within Anglicanism, three bishops are normally required for ordination to the episcopate, while one bishop is sufficient for performing ordinations to the priesthood and diaconate.
Within the United Kingdom government, responsibility for relations between Jersey ( and the other Crown dependencies ) and the United Kingdom lie in the Crown Dependencies Branch within the International Directorate of the Ministry of Justice, which has a core team of three officials, with four others and four lawyers available when required.
Within eight years of the breakup, the band's three founding members – Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee – had all died.
Within the general framework of a ' ladder ', Climacus ' book falls into three sections.
Within the next year, he appeared in three more jungle movies, playing himself.
Within months after it became the capital city, individual settlements began to develop along three key points along the Grand River in the township:
Within an octahedral sheet, there are three octahedral sites in a unit structure ; however, not all of the sites may be occupied.
Within three months of its organization, the Freedmen ’ s Aid Society had begun work in the South.
Within the Doce Pares Eskrima fighting system, it is one of the three ranges of engagement, specifically the closest one.

Within and years
Within a few years various Du Pont manufactured items were filling the entire requirements of from four to seven of General Motors' eight operating divisions.
Within only a few years, foamed plastics materials have managed to grow into an integral, and important, phase of the plastics industry -- and the end is still not yet in sight.
Within a few years the Scots, engaged in breaking the thick sod and stirring the rich soil of the valley, were joined by a group called Meurons.
Within fifty years from his death his societies could claim 50, 000 members.
Within a few years, Emperor Manuel died as well, and Saladin remained the only strong leader in the east.
* Within a few years of Salieri's death in 1825, Alexander Pushkin wrote his " little tragedy " Mozart and Salieri ( 1831 ) as a dramatic study of the sin of envy.
Within two years, however, al-Husayn broke off relations with Abd al-Rahman and announced that Zaragoza would be an independent city-state.
Within two years, the Sikhs rebelled again and rebuilt their holy city of Amritsar.
Within few years of his departure, St. Gregory of Nazianzus called him the " Pillar of the Church ".
Within 9 years, more than 84, 000 IBC-type companies had been established.
Within a few years there were thousands of these domes around the world.
Within two years, 72 % achieved symptomatic recovery ( no symptoms at all ) and 43 % achieved functional recovery ( regaining of prior occupational and residential status ).
Within a few years of nationalisation, a number of progressive measures had been carried out which did much to improve conditions in the mines, including better pay, a five-day workweek, a national safety scheme ( with proper standards at all the collieries ), a ban on boys under the age of 16 going underground, the introduction of training for newcomers before going down to the coalface, and the making of pithead baths into a standard facility.
Within seven years it would grow to a population of over 4, 000.
Within ten years, the Supreme Court interpreted Rule 48 in such a way so that it could apply to absent parties under certain circumstances, but only by ignoring the plain meaning of the rule.
Within a few years, the federal government would create its own need-based program, known as Pell Grants, providing the neediest students with a tuition-free college education.
Within twenty-five years of the persecution's inauguration, the Christian Emperor Constantine would rule the empire alone.
Within a couple of years, Detroit was rejuvenated and made the Finals for four of the next six years between 1961 and 1966.
Within a few years a majority of households were FM equipped, by the 1980s a majority of cars sold had FM stereo radios and a majority of listening in the U. S. was devoted to FM signals according to the Arbitron rating service.
Within two years RotoNews had become one of the top ten most trafficked sports sites on the web, according to Media Metrix, ranking higher than such sites as NBA. com.
Within two years Bessel had left Kulenkamp and become an assistant at Lilienthal Observatory near Bremen.
Within a few years of independence, Touré led the nation into one-party rule.
Within a billion years of a galaxy's formation, key structures begin to appear.

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