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from Brown Corpus
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Within and certain
Within ten years, the Supreme Court interpreted Rule 48 in such a way so that it could apply to absent parties under certain circumstances, but only by ignoring the plain meaning of the rule.
Within certain Jewish communities, formal organized bodies do exist.
Within the party, there were varying opinions on how this should proceed ; certain economists wished for a more mixed economy while others wanted the economy to remain mostly socialist.
Within the framework of his science fiction stories, Heinlein repeatedly addressed certain social themes: the importance of individual liberty and self-reliance, the obligation individuals owe to their societies, the influence of organized religion on culture and government, and the tendency of society to repress nonconformist thought.
Within a larger organism, some cells are specialized to produce certain chemicals.
Within speech pathology the term vocal register has three constituent elements: a certain vibratory pattern of the vocal folds, a certain series of pitches, and a certain type of sound.
Within the Board of Governors, authority resides in the Executive Committee to exercise all rights, powers, and authorities of LLNS, excepting only certain decisions that are reserved to the parent companies.
Within these environments, physical key management may also be employed as a means of further managing and monitoring access to mechanically keyed areas or access to certain small assets.
Within the fixed structure outlined below, which is specific to the Roman Rite, the Scripture readings, the antiphons sung or recited during the entrance procession or communion, and certain other prayers vary each day according to the liturgical calendar.
Within opera, particular roles are written with specific kinds of tenor voices in mind, causing certain roles to be associated with certain kinds of voices.
Within a certain course framework, students choose and create their own Program of Emphasis and graduate with a degree in it.
" Within the total only five Argentine aircraft might have been shot down by Rapier, and, as originally noted by Ethell and Price, only one of these was certain, with two probables and two possibles.
Within the cultures of anime and manga specifically, as well as science fiction and fantasy, there is a certain level of notoriety that is attached to cosplayers.
Within the EU, accusations have been made that off-budget enterprises are sometimes used by national governments to circumvent the Stability and Growth Pact, as public debt will no longer appear in the annual budget deficit and in total public debt, which may not exceed certain percentages of GDP ( 3 % and 60 % respectively ) under the Maastricht criteria.
Within speech pathology the term vocal register has three constituent elements: a certain vibratory pattern of the vocal folds, a certain series of pitches, and a certain type of sound.
Within the European Union, they can now only be supplied for replacement purposes although they can be supplied for certain specified types of new equipment such as medical devices.
Within Islam, certain traditions, notably Sufism, consider communication with spirits possible.
Within the English Church men with whom he had both personal and religious sympathy rose -- Whately, of whom he said, " We know no living writer who has proved so little and disproved so much "; and Thomas Arnold, " a man who could be a hero without romance "; F. D. Maurice, whose character, marked by " religious realism ," sought in the past " the witness to eternal truths, the manifestation by time-samples of infinite realities and unchanging relations "; and Charles Kingsley, " a great teacher ," though one " certain to go astray the moment he becomes didactic.
Within colonies birds will synchronise their laying, with synchronisation being higher in larger colonies, although after a certain level this levels off.

Within and wide
Within Chinese social or cultural discourse, there is not a common " Mandarin " identity based on language ; rather, there are strong regional identities centred on individual dialects because of the wide geographical distribution and cultural diversity of their speakers.
Within the wide, flat Central Plateau is the majority of Namibia ’ s population and economic activity.
Within these two broad categories ( monotheism and polytheism ) there is a wide variety of possible beliefs.
Within the Holy Roman Empire these territories gained a wide range of independence, threatened, however, by the French kings, who sought, from the 17th century onwards, to incorporate all the territories on the western side of the river Rhine and repeatedly invaded the area in 1635, in 1676, in 1679 and in 1734, extending their realm to the Saar River and establishing the city and stronghold of Saarlouis in 1680.
Within the very wide range of Eurasian decorative art that includes motifs matching this basic definition the term " arabesque " is used consistently as a technical term by art historians to describe only elements of the decoration found in two phases: Islamic art from about the 9th century onwards, and European decorative art from the Renaissance onwards.
Within Israeli and Palestinian society, the conflict generates a wide variety of views and opinions.
Within a wide range of cellular factors and cytokines, problems with normal genetic expression and bioactivity of the vascular growth and permeability factor vascular endothelial growth factor ( VEGF ) appear to play a major role in many of these disorders.
Within a year, thousands of these systems replaced a century of 35 mm film editing equipment in major motion picture studios and TV stations world wide, making Avid the undisputed leader in non-linear editing systems for over a decade.
Within decades European explorers were ranging wide and far across the North American interior, seeking fame, treasures, and conquests on behalf of their empires.
Within these there were to be four streets: Wall and Pearl running east to west, Lexington and Independence going north and south, each less than 40 feet wide.
Within the post-processualist movement, a wide variety of theoretical viewpoints have been embraced, including structuralism and Neo-Marxism, as have a variety of different archaeological techniques, such as phenomenology.
Within the wide range of items consumed there are some patterns ; the shorter-billed species usually feed in drier uplands while the longer-billed species feed in wetlands.
Within the city, the artery roads were stipulated to be eight ell wide ( aln, e. g. barely five meters ) to allow horse-drawn vehicles to pass, while no rules restricted the width of cross-streets.
Within their extensive range, they occupy a wide variety of habitat types, from desert to tundra and from thick tropical forest to high mountains.
Within the wide range of Leonese cuisine the following dishes are the most representative: cecina ( cured, smoked beef ), morcilla ( a superb variant of blood sausage ), botillo ( a dish of meat-stuffed pork intestine ), garlic soup, el cocido leonés ( a mix of meat with vegetables and chickpeas, served after a vegetable-vermicelli soup ) and mantecadas ( a sweet ).
Within the city, river is 120 – 200 metres wide, the narrowest point exactly under the Kremlin walls.
Within several framing lines making rectangles of similar proportions to the cover itself, a central rectangular panel is marked with pricks to make a grid of 3mm squares, 21 tall and 10 wide.
Within the park, there is a Japanese garden which has a wide variety of plants.
Within it on the southeast side is a smaller caldera, about 2 – 3 km wide and 350 m deep.
Within two years the first Days were organized in Reykjavík ( Iceland ), Bath ( Britain ) and La Rochelle ( France ), and the informal World Car Free Days Consortium was organized in 1995 to support Car-Free Days world wide.
Within it are several customizable amplifiers and stompboxes, allowing for a wide range of different sounds.
Within 12 years A. C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada had set up a world wide society of devotees of Lord Krishna and Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ( called ISKCON )- and fulfilled the prophecy of Lord Chaitanya.
Within the wide, gaping jaw, the fang-like palatal teeth, when coupled with the gape, suggest an inertial feeding habit.
Within that rough characterization they have a wide range of forms depending on subtype, and often corresponding to their rank in society.

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