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Writing and good
Writing in A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy, a critique of animal rights ideology, " Because we are unquestionably a unique species -- the only species capable of even contemplating ethical issues and assuming responsibilities -- we uniquely are capable of apprehending the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, proper and improper conduct toward animals.
Writing alphanumeric or printable code requires good understanding of the instruction set architecture of the machine ( s ) on which the code is to be executed.
" Writing several decades after the fall of the so-called " Julio-Claudian dynasty ", Suetonius took care to mention both the good and wicked deeds attributed to members of the family.
Writing in the Dictionary of National Biography, the philosopher Mary Warnock opined, " Even if her campaigning did not succeed in ‘ cleaning up TV ’, still less in making it more fit to watch in other ways, she was of serious intent, and was an influence for good at a crucial stage in the development both of the BBC and of ITV.
Writing of standard English, John Algeo suggests that the standard variety " is simply what English speakers agree to regard as good.
Writing in Stereophile magazine, John Atkinson recalls his experience of an amplifier that performed well objectively and in blind listening tests, but did not sound good in actual use.
A Mouthful Of Words by Reach Learning Centre was organized for children between 9 – 12 years old and their parents to understand and explore the concept of phonetics and encourage good spoken English. The Hamburger Model: A Story Writing Workshop was organized by Ms Angeline Tan from Creative Culture Consultants which taught 7 to 10-year old children how to develop interesting storylines and write a story.
* Holkham, T., " Label Writing and Planning – A guide to good customer communication ", 1995, ISBN 0-7514-0361-X
Writing to Sarah on 17 May 1811, she commented, " I read Self-Countroul & like it extremely all except some vulgarity meant to be jocular which tired me to death, but I think the principal character charming & well supported & the book really gives good lessons .".
Other good examples are Old Woman Scouring a Pan and Soldier Giving Money to a Woman ( London, National Gallery ), Ceres Seeking Proserpine and Old Man Writing ( Louvre ), Woman ( National Museum of Serbia ), Girl Blowing Out Taper ( Munich ), Girl Reading Letter ( Dresden Gallery ), The Boy Angling (
Writing on 10 February to the Duke of Portland, Fitzwilliam said Emancipation would have a good effect on the spirit and loyalty of the Catholics of Ireland, and Catholics of rank would be reconciled to British rule and put down disturbances.
Writing for Exclaim !, Greg Pratt praised the album's artwork and production, but said that " there s nothing that blows any minds here, or even gives a mild bend ; hell, a good chunk of this disc feels like basic radio rock from the local old-guy bar band ".
The book Improving Writing at KS2 getting it right for the boys and girls uses Drowzee as an example of both how names of Pokémon can come from real life words as well as a good Pokémon for use in making up attributes and stories, describing it as an " elephant with psychic powers ".
Writing for The Spectator in April 1975, Peter Ackroyd concludes that “ science turns paradise sour .” Reviews the same year in The Junior Bookshelf and Times Literary Supplement described Ann as an unwilling Eve who “ finally refuses to begin the whole story over again ,” apparently viewing the end of the human story as a good thing.
Colin Jacobsson of DVD Movie Guide also gave the episode a mixed response, and wrote that “' Rap ' starts with a clever – if absurd – concept ”, but “ does little to churn good comedy out of its theme ”, and concluded by calling the episode “ disappointing ”.< ref name =" DVDmg "> Writing for Obsessed With Film, Adam Rayner described the episode as “ woefully weak ” and “ an example of the farcical that the series would fall deeper and deeper into ”.
Writing in the early 16th century, the founder of the Mughal dynasty, Babur, mentioned that “ the pomegranates and apricots are superb .... the game in Margilan is good ; white deer may be found nearby.
Writing about the film in Harpers Magazine in 1969, the critic Pauline Kael declared it, " hell to watch for the first hour ... exciting to think about after because its one good sequence, the long picture-postcard sequence near the end, is so incredible and so brilliantly prolonged.
Writing to Nicholas back home once again, George said about his trip to Denmark, " Of course it was good to see the family after 4 years, but it did not really do me any good, as I lost more than 5 pounds which I had put on with such difficulty in May and June.
Writing of his father, John Nyren says he " never saw a finer specimen of the thoroughbred old English yeoman than Richard Nyren ", who was " a good face-to-face, unflinching, uncompromising, independent man ".
Writing a good poem they compared to building a cathedral.

Writing and business
Writing history is the business of historians ".
The term was again suggested as a convenience to writers of business letters by such publications as the Bulletin of the American Business Writing Association ( 1951 ) and The Simplified Letter, issued by the National Office Management Association ( 1952 ).
Writing in the The New York Times, Goodman said, " The writers try everything, including some business involving raiders of a lost orb, without much of a payoff.
Writing in the New York Times, Arthur Krock said that opinion in Washington saw Welles ' departure as an attempt to end factionalism in the State Department: " The long-existing struggle disorganized the department, bred Hull and Welles factions among its officials, confused those having business with the department and finally produced pressure on the President to eliminate the causes ".
In 2008, Faber launched The Faber Academy, a creative writing business offering courses for aspiring writers, including " The Art of Publication ", " Writing Fiction " and " Becoming a Poet ".
In 2002, Surowiecki edited an anthology, Best Business Crime Writing of the Year, a collection of articles from different business news sources that chronicle the fall from grace of various CEOs.
* Founded in 1936 by Shankar with the Association for Business Communication ( ABC ), originally called the Association of College Teachers of Business Writing, is “ an international organization committed to fostering excellence in business communication scholarship, research, education, and practice .”

Writing and plan
* Writing Software Security Test Cases-Putting security test cases into your test plan by Robert Auger
Writing Certification III and a student's degree plan must be on-file for a student to apply for their senior project.
Writing for the dissent, Justice William O. Douglas claimed that acts, though innocent by nature, may serve a treasonous plan.

Writing and can
Writing B < sub > P < sub > i </ sub >, P < sub > j </ sub >, P < sub > k </ sub ></ sub >( t ) for the quadratic Bézier curve defined by points P < sub > i </ sub >, P < sub > j </ sub >, and P < sub > k </ sub >, the cubic Bézier curve can be defined as a linear combination of two quadratic Bézier curves:
Each Element also has a specialty for which a character can get a 1-point bonus ; e. g., a 5-Air hero with an Air specialty of " Writing " could write as though their Air score were 6.
Writing appropriate and measurable outcomes can be very difficult, and the choice of specific outcomes is often a source of local controversies.
Writing SMILES for substituted rings in this way can make them more human-readable.
; Re-entrancy: Writing code in such a way that it can be partially executed by a thread, reexecuted by the same thread or simultaneously executed by another thread and still correctly complete the original execution.
Writing pyramid-style tossups can be more difficult because the answer must have many clues, ordered from unique and obscure to giveaway, without tapering too quickly or slowly.
Writing simple software applications for keylogging can be trivial, and like any nefarious computer program, can be distributed as a trojan horse or as part of a virus.
Material about King can also be found in his own partly autobiographical On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft ( 2000 ), as well as scattered throughout King's Danse Macabre ( 1981 ).
Doctor of Philosophy ( PhD ) and Masters by Research ( MA ) degrees can be undertaken in any of the following areas – Drama, Dance, Creative Writing, Criminology, Economics, Education, English Literature, European Studies, Film Studies, History, Human Rights, Journalism, Linguistics and Languages, Media, Music, Politics, Psychology, Sociology.
Writing in the psychoanalytic tradition, Kernberg argued that failure to achieve the developmental task of psychic clarification of self and other can result in an increased risk to develop varieties of psychosis, while failure to overcome splitting results in an increased risk to develop a borderline personality.
This critical turn in sociocultural anthropology during the mid-1980s can, in large part, can be traced to the influence of the now classic ( and often contested ) text, Writing Culture: The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography, ( 1986 ) edited by James Clifford and George Marcus.
Writing for the majority, Justice Jackson eloquently stated: " If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein.
Writing in Pennsylvania German can be a difficult task, and there is no spelling standard for the language whatsoever.
Writing to Heinrich Heine in 1839, he offered the fatalistic view: I believe that richess is like love in the theatres and novels: no matter how often one encounters it ... it never misses its target if effectively wielded ... can grow back the foreskin of which we are robbed on the eighth day of life ; those who, on the ninth day, do not bleed from this operation shall continue to bleed an entire lifetime, even after death.
Writing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, they also discovered that whey supplements can help regulate and reduce spikes in blood sugar levels among people with type 2 diabetes by increasing insulin secretion.
* Writing IA32 restricted instruction set shellcodes, an article on how to write code that is very limited in the number of characters it can use ( such as alphanumeric code ).
Writing in The Times Literary Supplement, Alexander Fiske-Harrison reviewed her final novel in 2000, Gemini, and through that her entire oeuvre of historical fiction: " Although Dunnett s writing style is not the neutral prose of genre fiction and it can be opaque and hard to read, especially in the early works, at times, this works with the almost melodramatic content to produce a powerful, operatic mixture ...
Writing in 1911, the anonymous author of Vinogradoff's biography in the Encyclopædia Britannica thought that Vinogradoff's Villainage in England ( 1892 ) is perhaps the most important book written on the peasantry of the feudal age and the village community in England ; it can only be compared for value with FW Maitland's Domesday Book and Beyond.
Writing and speech as tools can lead to discovery of new thinking.
Her writing can also be found in the anthology New Writing 10 ISBN 0-330-48268-8 and Great Escapes.
Writing of the " unusual excitement on the subject of religion " described in the First Vision story canonized by the LDS Church, Milton V. Backman, associate professor of history and religion at Brigham Young University, said that although " the tools of the historian " could neither verify nor challenge the First Vision, " records of the past can be examined to determine the reliability of Joseph's description regarding the historical setting.

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