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; and Writing
Writing was phonetic ; the letters represented the sounds and not conventional spellings.
During the late 1970s he acquired a large public audience as a critic of the then Labour government's disregard of civil liberties ; his writings from this time are collected in Writing By Candlelight ( 1980 ).
Each Element also has a specialty for which a character can get a 1-point bonus ; e. g., a 5-Air hero with an Air specialty of " Writing " could write as though their Air score were 6.
Writing in 1790, Bewick described it as the largest and most beautiful of the dog kind ; about 36 inches high, generally of a white or cinammon colour, somewhat like the Greyhound but more robust.
Along with her work as a writer of prose fiction, Russ was also a playwright, essayist, and author of nonfiction works, generally literary criticism and feminist theory, including the essay collection Magic Mommas, Trembling Sisters, Puritans & Perverts ; How to Suppress Women's Writing ; and the book-length study of modern feminism, What Are We Fighting For ?.
Other notable works include Workers Union ( 1975 ), a melodically indeterminate piece " for any loud sounding group of instruments "; Mausoleum ( 1979 ) for 2 baritones and large ensemble ; De Tijd ( 1979 – 81 ) for female singers and ensemble ; De Snelheid ( 1982-3 ), for 3 amplified ensembles ; De Materie ( 1984 – 88 ), a large four-part work for voices and ensemble ; collaborations with filmmaker and librettist Peter Greenaway on the film M is for Man, Music, Mozart and the operas Rosa: A Horse Drama ( 1994 ) and Writing to Vermeer ( 1998 ); and the recent La Passione ( 2000 – 02 ) for female voice, violin and ensemble.
Writing Mexican History ( Stanford University Press ; 2012 ) 338 pages
Writing data to a disk was done by converting 256-byte pages into sets of 5-bit or, later, 6-bit nibbles ; loading data from the disk required the reverse.
Writing 10 years later, Cubs ' shortstop Ernie Banks would call it the longest ball he'd seen hit at Wrigley Field ; according to Banks, the consensus among the Cubs was that " it must have traveled more than 500 feet ( 152. 4 m ) on its trip into Waveland Avenue.
Writing his Lives of Illustrious Men ( Parallel Lives ) in the first century CE, the Middle Platonic philosopher Plutarch's chapter on Romulus gave an account of his mysterious disappearance and subsequent deification, comparing it to traditional Greek beliefs such as the resurrection and physical immortalization of Alcmene and Aristeas the Proconnesian, " for they say Aristeas died in a fuller's work-shop, and his friends coming to look for him, found his body vanished ; and that some presently after, coming from abroad, said they met him traveling towards Croton.
; Writing
Writing during the time of Augustus, Virgil has his hero give a first-person account of the fall of Troy in the second of the Aeneid's twelve books ; the Trojan Horse, which does not appear in " The Iliad ", became legendary from Virgil's account.
Writing, more particularly, refers to two things: writing as an object, the thing that is written ; and writing as a gerund, which designates the activity of writing.
; Writing by Kandinsky
Terrestrial testing might be subject to reasonable objections ; as one physicist wrote, " Writing the environmental impact statement for such tests [...] might present an interesting problem ..."
Writing in The Guardian on 18 October, Powell asserted that due to the Falklands War, " Britain no longer looked upon itself and the world through American spectacles " and the view was " more rational ; and it was more congenial ; for, after all, it was our own view ".
* Bess, Michael, Mark Cioc, and James Sievert, " Environmental History Writing in Southern Europe ," Environmental History, 5 ( 2000 ), pp. 545 – 56 ;
Writing in 2000, David Roffe argued that the inquest ( the survey ) and the construction of the book were two distinct exercises ; the latter being completed, if not started, by William II following his assumption of the English throne and quashing of the rebellion that followed and based on, though not consequent on, the findings of the inquest.
; Lipogram: Writing that excludes one or more letters.

; and code
It allows compact encoding, but is less reliable for data transmission ; an error in transmitting the shift code typically makes a long part of the transmission unreadable.
Kemeny and Kurtz observe that while " undisciplined " use of unconditional GOTOs and conditional IF-THEN GOTOs can result in " spaghetti code " a programmer can write structured programs using these instructions ; on the other hand " it is also possible, and not too hard, to write badly structured programs in a structured language ".
He takes action, prompted by his own code of morals ; he feels that the plague is everybody's responsibility and that everyone should do his or her duty.
Assembly language is converted into executable machine code by a utility program referred to as an assembler ; the conversion process is referred to as assembly, or assembling the code.
The link between the Mosaic Law and Alfred's code is the " Apostolic Letter ," which explained that Christ " had come not to shatter or annul the commandments but to fulfill them ; and he taught mercy and meekness " ( Intro, 49. 1 ).
It entailed the recruitment of clerical scholars from Mercia, Wales and abroad to enhance the tenor of the court and of the episcopacy ; the establishment of a court school to educate his own children, the sons of his nobles, and intellectually promising boys of lesser birth ; an attempt to require literacy in those who held offices of authority ; a series of translations into the vernacular of Latin works the king deemed " most necessary for all men to know "; the compilation of a chronicle detailing the rise of Alfred's kingdom and house ; and the issuance of a law code that presented the West Saxons as a new people of Israel and their king as a just and divinely inspired law-giver.
NANPA's utilised codes report will indicate ' UA ' ( unassignable ) for valid test prefixes ; if a formerly ' UA ' code newly appears on the available list or becomes an active exchange, any former test numbers from its time as a reserved prefix are presumable as invalid and deprecated.
The current use of exchange prefixes for each area code is listed by CNAC ; if an exchange changes from " plant test " to reclaimed or active, any former test numbers with the associated prefix are invalidated.
As code was entered, BASIC keywords would be converted to single-byte tokens ; the process was reversed when the program was listed.
In 2003, the SCO Group alleged that ( among other infractions ) IBM had misappropriated licensed source code from UNIX System V Release 4 for incorporation into AIX ; SCO subsequently withdrew IBM's license to develop and distribute AIX.
Engineering Notes list Tempest as a game that was between 15 – 20 % completed for the Atari 7800 ; no code to date has been found.
USAID has programming in the following areas: economic policy reform and restructuring ; private sector development ( the Business Development Program ); infrastructure rebuilding ; democratic reforms in the media, political process and elections, and rule of law / legal code formulation ; and training programs for women and diplomats.
* International: country code – 359 ; submarine cable provides connectivity to Ukraine and Russia ; a combination submarine cable and land fiber-optic system provides connectivity to Italy, Albania, and Macedonia ; satellite earth stations – 3 ( 1 Intersputnik in the Atlantic Ocean region, 2 Intelsat in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean regions ) ( 2007 )
International: country code – 226 ; satellite earth station – 1 Intelsat ( Atlantic Ocean ) ( 2007 )
* Brandon railway station, Brandon, Suffolk, England ; National Rail station code BND
The use of data coding for data compression predates the computer era ; an early example is the telegraph Morse code where more-frequently used characters have shorter representations.
In 621 BC a scribe named Draco codified the cruel oral laws of the city-state of Athens ; this code prescribed the death penalty for many offences ( nowadays very severe rules are often called " Draconian ").

; and such
A few days ago, she would have thought such an expedition as this utterly ridiculous ; ;
His bright, daylight mind would whistle away such images ; ;
And even with her limited knowledge of such things, she knew that the car could be repaired there ; ;
The North should thank its stars that such has been the case ; ;
In spots such as the elbows and knees the second skin is worn off and I realized the aborigines were much darker than they appeared ; ;
Noting such evidence is the first step ; ;
such capacities are impressive evidence pointing to a conception of the human being which does not appear in the accounts of biologists and organic evolutionists ; ;
In any case but the last, such a course is sure to avenge itself upon the individual ; ;
The animosity expressed by such a scene had the penetrating quality of a natural force ; ;
This might put Wright in such a bad light before a court that Miriam would be awarded Taliesin ; ;
Granted, such `` functional '' images are subject to human error ; ;
Though Catherine was vexed at the number of French officers streaming to the Turkish standard, there were several under her own, such as the Prince De Nassau ; ;
He often donned their tribal costumes, such as the one featuring a tall, black sheepskin hat from the top of which dangled a little red bag ornamented by a chain of worsted lace and tassels ; ;

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