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fr: Fazıl Ahmet Köprülü
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fr and II
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Ahmet and II
af: Ahmet II
br: Ahmet II
ca: Ahmet II
nl: Ahmet II
His successor Bayezid II ordered Gedik Ahmet Paşa to be hung and the Turks retreated at the end on 11 September 1481.
In early 1954, Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic Records suggested to Stone that he write an up-tempo blues for Big Joe Turner, a blues shouter whose career had begun in Kansas City before World War II.
** Princess Fulaneh Begum, m. as his second wife, before 14 May 1513, Prince Murad Effendi, elder son of Şehzade Ahmet, Crown Princess of Ottoman Empire, son of Bayezid II.
After the Orlov Revolt of 1770 in the Peloponnese ( which was provoked by the Orlov brothers with the support of Catherine II of the Russian Empire ), Cosmas started to preach in what is now Southern Albania, then under the rule of Ahmet Kurt Pasha, governor of the Pashalik of Berat.
During the area of the Anatolian beyliks the coast including Selinti was controlled by the Karamanid clan of Konya and was brought into the Ottoman Empire in 1472 by Gedik Ahmet Pasha, naval commander of Sultan Mehmet II.
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