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Terry and Gerin
* 1975 – Terry Gerin, American professional wrestler
Terrance " Terry " Gerin ( born October 7, 1975 ) is an American professional wrestler and actor, better known by the ring name Rhino ( also spelled Rhyno in WWE ).
de: Terry Gerin
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fr: Terry Gerin
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pt: Terry Gerin
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* Rhino ( wrestler ) ( sometimes spelled Rhyno ); the ring name of professional wrestler Terry Gerin
He is close friends with fellow wrestler Terry Gerin, better known as " Rhino ", " Rhyno ", or " Rhino Richards ".
After the event, Cage began a feud with Rhino, whose real name is Terry Gerin, one of Reso's real-life good friends.
Hitchen is good friends with fellow professional wrestlers Terry Gerin, Don Callis, Jay Reso and Adam Copeland, with Hitchen often referred to by Copeland as his " other best friend ".
* Born: Terry Gerin, American professional wrestler billed as " Rhino Richards ", in Detroit ; and Kaspars Znotiņš, Latvian stage actor, in Jelgava

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