Previous Issue (Nov 2008):
Shellcode Development in C
Reverse Engineering Binary Kernel Modules
Vulnerabilities in Code Easily Mapped
Large Scale SSH Server Portscanning Results
Base-N Math Without Zero
Japanese Spam Analysis (or Artificially Intelligent Teaching by Statistics)
Previous Issue (May 2008):
AltSci Concepts IAX2 Exploit Framework
TCPDump Watch Traffic Analysis
AltSci Concepts Virus Analysis
Developing with Linux in Mind
Silly Images Algorithm

Jan 2008 Issue:
Small Wide World
IAX2 protocol flaw DoS
Packet Capture Dump with libpcap
Bittorrent Protocol Attack
Creating Silly Images
An Open Letter to Deutscher Bundestag RE: StGB § 202 aka Anti-hacking law

Nov 2006 Issue:
Basic Image and Text Steganography and Steganalysis
Practical Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
Webcam Algorithm Input Method 5
OpenSSL Blowfish Bruteforce Attack
Spam Server Analysis 0.6
LSASS Vulnerability Update
AI Coder for Fuzzing Scripting Languages

Sept 2006 Issue:
Good Bad Attitude
Reverse Shellcode for Linux
Network Config Utility
Botnets Neg9 Hands-on Tutorial
Spam Server Analysis

May 2006 Issue:
Network Protocols
Linhat/AltBot IRC Bot
Decode Aiken Biphase (Magnetic Strip)
UDP Session Development
UDP Blowfish Wrapper Library
SFTP Trojan
MD5 Collision Parser

November 2005 Issue:
Robot Cat 1
Website Signing
Networking Mapping
Ident Protocol Scan


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