by Javantea
Jun 27, 2017

mtpfs-javantea-1.2 [sig]
Gentoo ebuild
Gentoo manifest
Github link

A simple patch for mtpfs to close a few bugs. The severity of these bugs is unknown so the priority of fixing them depends on your risk tolerance. The most certain of the bugs occurred once during an rsync and the drawback was that the user had to reboot their phone.

To add this to Gentoo, create an overlay, then:

mkdir /path/to/overlay/sys-fs/mtpfs-javantea/
cp mtpfs-javantea-1.2.ebuild /path/to/overlay/sys-fs/mtpfs-javantea/
cp mtpfs-javantea-1.2.Manifest /path/to/overlay/sys-fs/mtpfs-javantea/Manifest
cp mtpfs-javantea-1.2.tar.xz /usr/portage/distfiles/
sudo emerge -av mtpfs-javantea

MTP is slow, so don't expect it to mount as fast as a flash drive because the protocol is poorly written.

If you find a bug in mtpfs-javantea or if you're interested in collaboration on vetting mtpfs, email me.


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