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Computer Journal
Robot Cat 1
by Joel R. Voss aka. Javantea
Dusty, Robot Cat
Robot Cat 1 0.2 Source
Robot Cat 1 0.3a beta Source

Robot Cat 1 is a project to create a robot cat that acts fairly natural. It has a tamagotchi style interface as well as the possibility of a microcontroller interface. Robot Cat 0.2 has a neural network and a GUI. Currently its weights are 0, so they need to be trained.

Many docs are half written describing the methods to complete Robot Cat 1.

Features currently implemented are:

Features on the design plan:

If you are interested in developing Robot Cat 1, feel free to e-mail me.
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by PBUjFuyo on 05/10/11
It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of susnhine.
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by OhVrghsjaeiAQpl on 05/10/11
Hey, you’re the goto expert. Thanks for haingng out here.
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by CvIWISwJYAdkZrPYE on 05/10/11
It's spooky how clever some ppl are. Tanhks!
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by mmPaiYlXqa on 05/11/11
I'm not easily imrpesesd. . . but that's impressing me! :)
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by hZcPjoKyCpxcWDM on 05/11/11
Stndas back from the keyboard in amazement! Thanks!
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by jPtVBxSWtlUVDkbw on 06/26/11
Thanks for sharing. What a plaesrue to read!
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by BMuDcaeYLajwEAEcAfl on 06/26/11
THX that's a great aswner!
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by fAOsbSYDXClvgfEf on 06/26/11
Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand atrilce on this topic.
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by TEAIrInU on 06/27/11
I thought fdinnig this would be so arduous but it’s a breeze!
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by XihDQEAcPXPYprZFib on 06/27/11
Big help, big help. And superlative news of cuosre.
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by rGuXXdhXczQRiSSme on 06/27/11
Thank you so much for this aritlce, it saved me time!
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by NqiQrPjRSoQKDYHgHA on 06/27/11
Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brihgtened my day!
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by JpedFefLSc on 06/27/11
Dude, right on there brohetr.
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by nrCMVXLNeFm on 06/27/11
To think, I was cnuofesd a minute ago.
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by ezWZLRTDcXli on 06/27/11
Smack-dab what I was loiokng for—ty!
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by btGhmpMruthZnMKbD on 01/03/12
This introduces a plaesignly rational point of view.
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by fGxOYjnsJmNjy on 01/03/12
That insight would have saved us a lot of eforft early on.
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by wbLDzdfvjHZSeSXmG on 01/03/12
Haha, shouldn't you be charging for that kind of konlwdgee?!
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by DMuTzUpLmQulyDI on 01/03/12
The purchases I make are entirely based on these arctlies.
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by SgqqGRwZHoKQERT on 01/04/12
Well done aritlce that. I'll make sure to use it wisely.
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by KfDVjgHxNvdWpF on 01/04/12
One or two to remmeebr, that is.
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