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Some Related Sentences

** and arithmetic
** Array indexing is a secondary notion, defined in terms of pointer arithmetic.
** Permanent memory ( ROM )- The instructions for in-built functions ( arithmetic operations, square roots, percentages, trigonometry etc.
** Arithmetic logic unit ( ALU )-The ALU executes all arithmetic and logic instructions, and provides the results in binary coded form.
** In number theory, an arithmetic function
** RISC — arithmetic instructions use registers only, so explicit 2-operand load / store instructions are needed: load a, reg1 ; load b, reg2 ; add reg1 + reg2 -> reg3 ; store reg3, c ; unlike 2-operand or 1-operand, this leaves all three values a, b, and c in registers available for further reuse.
** The result of arithmetic subtraction
** Context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding ( CABAC ), an algorithm to losslessly compress syntax elements in the video stream knowing the probabilities of syntax elements in a given context.
** Verbal arithmetic
** Victoria Magna (" great victory "): This occurs when three pieces that are arranged are in an arithmetic progression.
** CINT2006 (" SPECint "), testing integer arithmetic, with programs such as compilers, interpreters, word processors, chess programs etc.
** April 8-He becomes the first to prove the quadratic reciprocity law, enabling determination of the solvability of any quadratic equation in modular arithmetic.
** arithmetic software
** Best is not necessarily good: e. g. In case of no spatial dependence the kriging interpolation is only as good as the arithmetic mean.
** The fundamental theorem of arithmetic, a theorem regarding prime factorization
** Jozsef Beck for tight bounds on the discrepancy of arithmetic progressions.
** the difference in an arithmetic sequence ( e. g. S < sub > n </ sub > = n ( 2a +( n-1 ) d )/ 2 )
** Processing unit, in Von Neumann computer architecture, contains an arithmetic logic unit ( ALU ) and processor registers
** Loss of significance, undesirable effect in calculations using floating-point arithmetic
** Von Mangoldt function, an arithmetic function

** and methods
** Japanese input methods
** These methods include:
** one of the humanities – academic discipline that study the human condition, using methods that are primarily analytical, critical, or speculative, as distinguished from the mainly empirical approaches of the natural sciences.
** Encapsulate Field – force code to access the field with getter and setter methods
** GSSAPI authentication methods which provide an extensible scheme to perform SSH authentication using external mechanisms such as Kerberos 5 or NTLM, providing single sign on capability to SSH sessions.
** Plant propagation, the production of more plants by seeds, cuttings, grafting or other methods
** Animal breeding – branch of animal science that addresses the evaluation ( using best linear unbiased prediction and other methods ) of the genetic value ( estimated breeding value, EBV ) of domestic livestock.
** Cleavage enhancement, methods of making a person's breast cleavage look more substantial than it really is.
** Door-to-door methods
** List of formal methods and tools
** Formal methods publications
** Who's who in formal methods
** Scan transfer methods available ( e. g. FTP, WebDAV, Email, SMB, NFS, TWAIN )
** NAND logic, methods of building other logic gates using just NAND gates
** Resolution enhancement techniques, RET – methods of increasing of quality of final photomask.
** diminished, in some economic activities: using appropriate technology and methods, virtual marketplaces and virtual organizations that offer benefits of speed, agility, round the clock operation and global reach can be created.
** Korean cuisine – features cooking methods such as sautéing and what is known in the West as barbecue.
** Chess handicap, a variety of handicapping methods in chess
** Recently developed methods of THz time-domain spectroscopy ( THz TDS ) and THz tomography have been shown to be able to perform measurements on, and obtain images of, samples that are opaque in the visible and near-infrared regions of the spectrum.
** Britain was the greatest threat, especially its monarchy, aristocracy, corruption, and business methods ; the Jay Treaty of 1794 was much too favorable to Britain and thus threatened American values.
** Quasi-empirical methods
** Computer data storage for storage methods specific to computing field
** types of experts and expertise, such that methods should be chosen appropriately.
** divulged USL's trade secrets by making public " the methods or concepts used therein ".

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