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** and 19th-century
** Fort Vancouver, 19th-century fur trading post, located in present-day Vancouver, Washington
** named after the 19th-century politician Alexis Vavin
** Romantic music, the musical style used by Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Wagner and other late 18th and 19th-century composers
** Romantic poetry, the poetic style used by Schiller, Blake, Keats, Wordsworth and other late 18th and 19th-century poets
** During the Third Republic in 19th-century France, citizens were routinely divided between clericals and anticlericals because of long-lasting loyalty related conflicts between the French secularist government and the Holy See.
** Foxfire ( a " living mountain man history " program based around 19th-century metalworking and woodworking crafts )
** History of the Jews in 19th-century Poland
** History of the Jews in 19th-century Poland
** History of the Jews in 19th-century Poland
** History of the Jews in 19th-century Poland
** History of the Jews in 19th-century Poland
** Rosa ( Róza ) Csillag,, exactly: Goldstein Róza ; born October 23, 1832, Irsa, Hungary-February 20, 1892, Vienna, Austria ), a 19th-century Hungarian female Jewish singer

** and German
** Altenberg, the German name for Vieille Montagne (" old mountain " in French ), the former zinc mine in Kelmis, Moresnet
** This German publication is both one of the most comprehensive general introductions to the life and works of the philosopher and physician Avicenna ( Ibn Sīnā, d. 1037 ) and an extensive and careful survey of his contribution to the history of science.
** Langer Eugen, since 2006 the centre of the United Nations Campus, formerly housing the offices of the members of the German parliament
** The Bunsen – Kirchhoff Award, a German award for spectroscopy
** Between Basel SBB and Basel Badischer Bahnhof – Basel Badischer Bahnhof, and all other railway property and stations on the right bank of the Rhine belong to DB and are classed as German customs territory.
** Commodore ( Germany ) or Kommodore, in German naval forces
** State Diet ( In German: Landtag ), state parliament of most of the German federated states
** The Diet of the Empire ( In German: Reichstag ), legislative assembly of the German Empire 1871 – 1917
** The Federal Diet ( In German: Deutscher Bundestag ), federal parliament of Germany
** Ruodlieb ( Latin ), by a German author
** Nibelungenlied ( Middle High German )
** Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach-( Middle High German )
** Old High German literature ( 750-1050 )
** Middle High German literature ( 1050 – 1300 )
** Late medieval German literature / Renaissance ( 1300 – 1500 )
** 20th century German literature
** Contemporary German literature ( 1989 -)
** The Kingdom of Prussia became part of the German Empire.
** The Pferdestärke PS ( German translation of horsepower ) is a name for a group of similar power measurements used in Germany around the end of the 19th century, all of about one metric horsepower in size.
** German gold mark, coinage of the German Empire from 1873 to 1914
** German Papiermark, German coinage from 1914 to 1929

** and literature
** English studies, the study of English language and literature, often as a school subject
** Shahnameh ( Persian literature ; details Persian legend and history from prehistoric times to the fall of the Sassanid Empire )
** Taghribat Bani Hilal ( Arabic ); see also Arabic epic literature
** Antar ( Arabic ); see also Arabic epic literature
** Sirat al-Zahir Baibars ( Arabic ); see also Arabic epic literature
** Monster literature
** Responsa literature
** Musar literature and other works of Jewish ethics
** Western fiction, the Western genre as featured in literature
** Isaac Heinemann, German-born Israeli scholar and professor of classical literature ( b. 1876 )
** Isaac Heinemann, German-born Israeli scholar and professor of classical literature ( d. 1957 )
** Jeremias Drexel, Jesuit writer of devotional literature
** Austrian literature
** Victorian literature
** De Viris Illustribus (" On Famous Men " — in the field of literature ), to which belongs: De Illustribus Grammaticis (" Lives Of The Grammarians "), De Claris Rhetoribus (" Lives Of The Rhetoricians "), and Lives Of The Poets.
** Composition ( language ), in literature, oratory, and rhetoric, producing a work of spoken tradition or written literature
** November-Peter Opie, expert in children's literature ( died 1982 )
** English, with concentrations in: film studies, folklife-southern culture, literature, professional writing

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