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British and government
The outstanding example was in Garibaldi And The Thousand, where he made use of unpublished papers of Lord John Russell and English consular materials to reveal the motives which led the British government to permit Garibaldi to cross the Straits of Messina.
After all, it goes back to the days in which sedition was not un-American, the days in which the Sons of St. Tammany conspired to overthrow the government by force and violence -- the British government, that is.
The British government, concerned about the threat of unemployment in the shipbuilding industry, had put through a bill to give Cunard loans and grants totaling $50,400,000 toward the $84,000,000 cost of a new 75,000-ton passenger liner.
The magistrate tonight refused to return to the five $29,000 in American and British currency, mostly $20 bills, and in British government bonds and stocks.
But by week's end the Laotian cry of invasion was read as an exaggeration ( see foreign news ), and the U.S. was agreeing with its cautious British and French allies that a neutralist -- rather than a pro-Western -- government might be best for Laos.
After that case Poirot apparently came to the attention of the British secret service, and undertook cases for the British government, including foiling the attempted abduction of the Prime Minister.
In August 2002, the Armenian government sold an 80 percent stake in the Armenian Electricity Network ( AEN ) to Midland Resources, a British offshore-registered firm which is said to have close Russian connections.
On 10 September 2009, following an Internet campaign, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made an official public apology on behalf of the British government for " the appalling way he was treated ".
Construction of this machine was never completed ; Babbage had conflicts with his chief engineer, Joseph Clement, and ultimately the British government withdrew its funding for the project.
* Moriarty by Modem, a short story by Jack Nimersheim, describes an alternate history where Babbage's Analytical Engine was indeed completed and had been deemed highly classified by the British government.
The ALP predates both the British Labour Party and New Zealand Labour Party in party formation, government, and policy implementation.
The British refused and only agreed to transfer Hasan Ali Shah ’ s residence to Calcutta, where it would be more difficult for him to launch new attacks against the Persian government.
Hasan Ali Shah received protection from the British government in British India as the spiritual head of an important Muslim community.
At the close of the Second World War the British government announced its intention to abolish the penal settlement.
Liberal in its use of statistics to make its arguments, the book argued his view that the American republican system of government was superior to the British monarchical system.
On the fall of the great emperor, Louis XVIII presented this statue to the British government, by whom it was afterwards given to the Duke of Wellington.
* Boston Tea Party was a political protest by the Sons of Liberty in Boston, a town in the British colony of Massachusetts, against the British government and the monopolistic East India Company that controlled all the tea imported into the colonies.
A Rolls-Royce Armoured Car # Variants | Fordson armoured car waits outside Baghdad while negotiations for an armistice take place between British officials and representatives of the Iraqi rebel government.
* 1921 – Emir Abdullah establishes the first centralised government in the newly created British protectorate of Transjordan.

British and then
The British, although suffering considerable losses, noted the defection of the Marylanders, made a stand, then turned and attacked Morgan who became greatly outnumbered and had to retire.
Yet it could not have been more than a matter of seconds, and then the front of the British army came into view.
In an earlier case, Kingan & Co. v. United States, an American corporation was formed for the purpose of acquiring the stock of a British corporation in exchange for its own stock and then liquidating the British corporation.
Activity by British traders and the presence of a colony on the Red prompted the United State War Department in 1819 to send Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Leavenworth from Detroit to put a post 300 miles northwest of Prairie Du Chien, until then the most advanced United States post.
At Geneva in 1954, to get the war in Indo-China settled, the British and French gave in to Russian and Communist Chinese demands and agreed to the setting up of a Communist state, North Viet Nam -- which then, predictably, became a base for Communist operations against neighboring South Viet Nam and Laos.
I make this observation about the lady, Miss Judy Garland, because she brought up the subject herself in telling a story about a British female reporter who flattered her terribly in London recently and then wrote in the paper the next day:
He was born in Karachi ( then under British colonial rule ), to Aga Khan II and his third wife, Nawab A ' lia Shamsul-Muluk, who was a granddaughter of Iran Fath Ali Shah of Persia ( Qajar dynasty ).
In 1906, the Aga Khan was a founding member and first president of the All India Muslim League, a political party which pushed for the creation of an independent Muslim nation in the north west regions of South Asia, then under British colonial rule, and later established the country of Pakistan in 1947.
Africa was also set on its course to decolonization, swept by what Harold Macmillan, the then British Prime Minister, aptly termed the " wind of change ".
First: it " mandates that whoever is the sovereign of the United Kingdom is also, by virtue of this external fact, sovereign of Australia "; accordingly, changes to British succession laws would have no effect on Australian law, but if the British amendment changed the sovereign, then the new sovereign of the United Kingdom would automatically become the new sovereign of Australia.
Phillip's plan was for a squadron of three ships of the line and a frigate to mount a raid on Buenos Aires and Monte Video, then to proceed to the coasts of Chile, Peru and Mexico to maraud, and ultimately to cross the Pacific to join the British Navy's East India squadron for an attack on Manila.
Abdur Rahman lived in exile in Tashkent, then part of Russian Turkestan, for eleven years, until the 1879 death of Sher Ali, who had retired from Kabul when the British armies entered Afghanistan.
After the war he became Commander-in-Chief of the British Army of the Rhine ( BAOR ) in Germany and then Chief of the Imperial General Staff.
It was a financial relief of some magnitude when, in 1889, Henry was made Bishop of Tasmania, then still a British colony.
He was promoted to full colonel in 1934 He attended and was then recommended to become an instructor at the Indian Army Staff College ( now the Pakistan Army Staff College ) in Quetta, British India.
He asked Alexander to send him two new British divisions ( 51st Highland and 44th ) that were then arriving in Egypt and were scheduled to be deployed in defence of the Nile Delta.
While the British military historian Sir John Keegan suggested an ideal definition of battle as " something which happens between two armies leading to the moral then physical disintegration of one or the other of them ", the origins and outcomes of battles can rarely be summarized so neatly.
Queen Boadicea features in the opening lyrics of the song " The Good Old Days " written by Pete Doherty and Carl Barat for British rock band The Libertines from their 2002 album " Up the bracket ", the line reads, " If Queen Boadicea is long dead and gone, Still then the spirit in her children's children's children, it lives on ".
Bonaparte, aware of Nelson's pursuit, enforced absolute secrecy about his destination and was able to capture Malta and then land in Egypt without interception by the British force.
Nelson then gave orders for his leading ships to slow down in order to allow the British fleet to approach in a more organised formation.
The Alerte was sent ahead, passing close to the leading British ships and then steering sharply to the west over the shoal in the hope that the ships of the line might follow and become grounded.
The Tonnant, its decks crowded with 1, 600 survivors from other French vessels, surrendered as the British ships approached while Timoléon was set on fire by her remaining crew who then escaped to the shore in small boats.
A number of political scandals in the 1980s and 1990s created the impression of what was described in the British press as " sleaze ": a perception that the then Conservative government was associated with political corruption and hypocrisy.

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