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1772 and
* 1708 Georg Reutter II, Austrian composer ( d. 1772 )
* 1696 Joseph Wenzel I, Prince of Liechtenstein ( d. 1772 )
* 1772 Gustav III of Sweden stages a coup d ' état, in which he assumes power and enacts a new constitution that divides power between the Riksdag and the King.
* 1772 David Ricardo, English political economist ( d. 1823 )
* 1772 The First Partition of Poland begins.
* 1772 Charles Fourier, French philosopher ( d. 1837 )
* Aphorismi de cognoscendis et curandis morbis ( Leiden, 1709 ), on which his pupil and assistant, Gerard van Swieten ( 1700 1772 ) published a commentary in 5 vols.
A more successful " New Version " by Bishop Mark Hildesley ( 1698 1772 ) was in use until 1824 when English liturgy became universal on the island.
* Samuel Taylor Coleridge ( 1772 1834 ), English poet and philosopher
* Histoire philosophique et politique des deux Indes, in collaboration with Raynal ( 1772 1781 )
* Susanna Parker ( 1772 1856 )
In part, it was conceived in reaction to the French Encyclopédie of Denis Diderot and Jean le Rond d ' Alembert ( published 1751 1772 ), which had been inspired by Chambers's Cyclopaedia ( first edition 1728 ).
Carte de la Guyane françoise et l ' isle de Cayenne effectuée en 1793 par Jacques-Nicolas Bellin ( 1703 1772 ) un cartographe affecté au ministère de la Marine française.
* 1772 Karl von Kügelgen, German landscape and history painter ( d. 1832 )
* 1772 Sir George Murray, Scottish soldier and politician ( d. 1830 )
* 1695 William Borlase, English naturalist ( d. 1772 )
# On 15 September 1790, to his double first cousin Maria Teresa of the Two Sicilies ( 6 June 1772 13 April 1807 ), daughter of King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies ( both were grandchildren of Empress Maria Theresa and shared all of their other grandparents in common ), with whom he had twelve children, of whom only seven reached adulthood.
Vancouver's first naval service was as a midshipman aboard, on James Cook's second voyage ( 1772 1775 ) searching for Terra Australis.
In 1772 1795 Prussia took part in the partitions of Poland.
The movement, from 1772 until 1805, involved Herder as well as polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ( 1749 1832 ) and Friedrich Schiller ( 1759 1805 ), a poet and historian.
The three Partitions of Poland | Partitions of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth ( 1772, 1793, and 1795 )
* Kings of Galicia and Lodomeria ( 1772 1918 ), and
The philosopher Denis Diderot was Editor in Chief of the famous Enlightenment accomplishment, the 72, 000 article Encyclopédie ( 1751 1772 ).

1772 and King
King Alfred's Tower ( 1772 ) on the supposed site of Egbert's Stone, the mustering place before the Battle of Ethandun.
During the First Partition of Poland in 1772, the city state was annexed by King Frederick the Great of the Kingdom of Prussia.
In 1772 the title of King of Prussia was granted with the establishment of the Kingdom of Prussia.
From 1772 onwards the titles of Duke of Prussia and Elector of Brandenburg were always attached to the title of King of Prussia.
The 1797 scheme came from the renowned Prussian architect Friedrich David Gilly ( 1772 1800 ), who proposed a monument to the former Prussian King, Friedrich II.
His sister Caroline came to England in 1772 and lived with him there in New King Street.
* December 12 King William I of the Netherlands ( b. 1772 )
William I Frederick, born Willem Frederik Prins van Oranje-Nassau ( 24 August 1772 12 December 1843 ), was a Prince of Orange and the first King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg.
* King Willem I ( 1772 1843 ) at the Dutch Royal House website
Turgot was to be an administrator under King Louis XV in 1772, and became Controller-General of Finance under Louis XVI in 1774.
King Gustav III ( 1746 1792 ) came to the throne in 1771, and in 1772 led a coup d ' état, with French support, that established him as an " enlightened despot ," who ruled at will.
In 1772, as a result of the First Partition, instigated by Prussia's King Frederick II (" the Great "), Krasicki became a Prussian subject.
After half a century of largely unrestricted parliamentary rule proved just as ruinous, King Gustav III seized back royal power in the coup d ' état of 1772, and later once again abolished the privy council under the Union and Security Act in 1789, which, in turn, was rendered void in 1809 when Gustav IV Adolf was deposed in a coup and the constitution of 1809 was put in its place.
Most of Polish Royal Prussia was annexed by King Frederick the Great of Prussia in the 1772 First Partition of Poland.
* William I, King of the Netherlands ( 25 August 1772 12 December 1843 ).
In 1772 he cooperated in the revolutionary plans of his elder brother, King Gustav III of Sweden and as a sign of recognition, was appointed Duke of Södermanland.
The Act was largely rolled back after King Gustav's coup d ' état in 1772, restored after the overthrowing of his son, Gustav IV of Sweden in 1809, and fully recognized with the abolishment of the king's pregorative to cancel licenses in the 1840s.
Hartford is located on a portion of land owned by Colonel Andrew Waggener, who in 1772 was given by King George III for his services in the French and Indian War.
The coup by which King Gustav III secured power ( 19 August 1772 ) was a major diplomatic triumph for France and brought to an end the Swedish Age of Liberty.
* Rabbi Dov Ber of Mezeritch ( 1704 1772 ) traced to King David by way of Rabbi Yohanan, the sandle-maker and master in the Talmud
* 1740 1786 Frederick II, son, King of Prussia from 1772
The marriage was illegal because it had not received the prior approval of King George III and the Privy Council as required by the Royal Marriages Act 1772.

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