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Australian and Centre
* Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis, The University of Sydney
AUSTRAC ( Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre ) is Australia's anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulator and specialist financial intelligence unit.
* The Australian Centre for Oral History
* Testimony software from the Australian Centre for Oral History
* The Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, London
* Australian Community Centre for Diabetes ( ACCD )
Prominent Australian conservative think tanks include The Centre for Independent Studies, the Sydney Institute and the Institute of Public Affairs.
Prominent leftist Australian think tanks include Per Capita, the Australia Institute, Lowy Institute and the Centre for Policy Development.
* Centre ( Australian rules football ), a position in Australian football
The government of Australia provided seed funding in 1981 for the establishment of the Australian Caption Centre ( ACC ) and the purchase of equipment.
He won three further club best and fairests, was a five time club leading goal kicker, All Australian Centre Half Forward seven times, including four times as captain and once as vice-captain, and he was named MVP by the Players ' Association twice, in 1995 and 1998.
A 2003 Australian study by Monash University Accident Research Centre found that ABS:
Other institutions supporting or promoting general semantics in the 21st century include the New York Society for General Semantics, the European Society for General Semantics, the Australian General Semantics Society, and the Balvant Parekh Centre for General Semantics and Other Human Sciences ( Baroda, India ).
Australia – defining a model for the new millennium, London: University of London, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, Sir Robert Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, 1998.
: Western Australian Wildlife Research Centre Dept.
Thus, later in his career, he sought to use more thermally stable materials like reinforced concrete and to respond to Australian climate by the extensive use of sunshades and flamboyantly-shaped rain protecting canopies on his skyscrapers, ( such as Grosvenor Place, Riverside Centre, and QV1 ), large covered balconies in his houses, as well as shaping his designs to maximize views and enjoyment of the outdoors from inside.
* Peter Donnelly, FRS — current Fellow ( 1996 —), Australian mathematician and statistician, and current director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics at Oxford University.
* Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture
The city is recognised as the " National Equine Capital of Australia " because of the high volume of equine events held in the city and the construction of the world class Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre, the biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.
* 2008 – The Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre is opened in September.
Australian National Equine Livestock Events Centre ( AELEC ), New England Highway, Tamworth, NSW
These events were hosted at the Tamworth Showgrounds in the suburb of Taminda ; however, they are now hosted at the new Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre as of 2008.
The Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre has been built by the Tamworth Regional Council at a cost of $ 30 million.
Located within the city are an athletic track, Australian football grounds, badminton courts, baseball diamonds, indoor basketball courts, indoor and outdoor cricket pitches, croquet turf, cycling ( velodrome and bmx track ), two 18-hole golf courses, a gymnastic centre, water bases hockey fields, the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre used for equine sports, eleven bowling turfs, a kart-racing track, a speedway track and a motocross track, netball courts: twelve asphalt courts, 30 grass courts and an indoor synthetic court, an inline hockey court, rugby league and union fields ( nine senior fields and seven junior fields ).

Australian and for
Others are confined to vast reservations, and not only does the Australian government justifiably not wish them to be viewed as exhibits in a zoo, but on their reservations they are extremely fugitive, shunning camps, coming together only for corroborees at which their strange culture comes to its highest pitch -- which is very low indeed.
I persuaded an Australian friend who had lived `` outback '' for years to take me to see some aborigines living in the bush.
The two children, both boys, wandered around the Australian and me for a few moments and then returned to their work.
And Secretary Rusk, en route to Bangkok, doubtless is trying to make emergency arrangements for the possible entry of Australian or Thai SEATO forces.
The first occasion was in 1988 for a museum tour as part of the Australian Bicentenary celebrations ; the second was for the 2006 / 7 Ashes series.
One is playing cricket ; the other is making no attempt to do so " after the latter had come into the Australian rooms to express sympathy for a Larwood bouncer had struck the Australian skipper in the heart and felled him.
The rain-affected Third Test ended with the last two Australian batsmen holding out for a draw and England won the Fourth Test by three wickets after forcing Australia to follow-on for the first time in 191 Tests.
England bowled Australia out again for 281 and so won a series on Australian soil for the first time in 24 years.
Wakefield had read accounts of Australian settlement while in prison in London for attempting to abduct an heiress, and realised that the eastern colonies suffered from a lack of available labour, due to the practice of giving land grants to all arrivals.
However, by mid-1837 the South Australian Register was warning of escaped convicts from New South Wales, and tenders for a temporary gaol were sought.
Wool production provided an early basis for the South Australian economy.
* Australian Society of Authors, the peak professional association for Australian literary creators
* Australian String Academy, for string players
Australian English ( AusE, AuE, AusEng, en-AU < ref > is the language code for Australian English, as defined by ISO standards ( see ISO 639-1 and ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 ) and Internet standards ( see IETF language tag ).</ ref >) is a major variety of the English language and is used throughout Australia.
Some elements of Aboriginal languages have been adopted by Australian English — mainly as names for places, flora and fauna ( for example dingo ) and local culture.
Where British and American vocabulary differs, Australians sometimes favour an Australian usage, as with footpath ( for US sidewalk, UK pavement ) or capsicum ( for US bell pepper, UK sweet pepper ).
In 1988, when the ACT gained self-government, Jervis Bay became a separate territory administered by the Australian Government Minister responsible for Territories, presently the Minister for Home Affairs ( Australia ).

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