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John and Bul
Other books on and by the Lost Boys include The Lost Boys of Sudan by Mark Bixler, God Grew Tired of Us by John Bul Dau, and They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky by Alephonsion Deng, Benson Deng, and Benjamin Ajak.

John and one
But because the governor was determined that friendship should not influence him one way or the other, he looked for a printer with a knowledge of the law ( which Woodruff did not have ), and awarded the contract to a lawyer named John Steele who had started a newspaper in Helena the year before.
He defied the Boston hierarchy, and after they sent a small army to get him he befuddled the court, including John Cotton, with one of the most complicated religious discourses ever heard.
Certainly, the meaning is clearer to one who is not familiar with Biblical teachings, in the New English Bible which reads: `` Then Jesus arrived at Jordan from Galilee, and he came to John to be baptized by him.
Let every policeman and park guard keep his eye on John and Jane Doe, lest one piece of bread be placed undetected and one bird survive.
Its editors only knew of one example to point to, a public housing development of 278 homes in New Haven described by John Schulz in the March, 1950 issue.
The Providence Daily Journal answered the Daily Post by stating that the raid of John Brown was characteristic of Democratic acts of violence and that `` He was acting in direct opposition to the Republican Party, who proclaim as one of their cardinal principles that they do not interfere with slavery in the states ''.
She was the John Harvey, one of those Atlantic sea-horses that had sailed to Bari to bring beans, bombs, and bullets to the U.S. Fifteenth Air Force, to Field Marshal Montgomery's Eighth Army then racing up the calf of the boot of Italy in that early December of 1943.
It ticked over smoothly, idling while Fogg exchanged mails with the armed messenger from Burlington at Fort Ethan Allen, and one from Montpelier and Barre at the St. John field.
Of only one could he be sure -- young John Hudson, his second son.
On one of his 1921 ventures he was actually come upon by a Detective Sergeant John J. Ryan down on his knees with a tool embedded in a labour office safe in the Postal Telegraph Building ; ;
But John nipped her rear end -- one lion's rear end was as good as another to John, Africa, Arizona no matter -- and she changed ends and took a swipe at John, but he ducked back.
Because of the recent death of the bride's father, Frederick B. Hamm, the marriage of Miss Terry Hamm to John Bruce Parichy will be a small one at noon tomorrow in St. Bernadine's church, Forest Park.
Gallery Director John Walker greeted the group, standing on one of the benches in the downstairs lobby to speak to them.
In Inside Africa, John Gunther describes one of these, the Societe Generale, as `` the kind of colossus that might be envisaged if, let us say, the House of Morgan, Anaconda Copper, the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, the Pennsylvania Railroad, and various companies producing agricultural products were lumped together, with the United States government as a heavy partner ''.
In one thing the higher critics, like the modernists, however, overreached themselves, in claiming that the Gospel of John was not written in John's time but well after the first century, perhaps as late as 150 A.D..
The next traditional step then was to accept it as the authoritative textbook of the Christian faith just as one would accept a treatise on any earthly `` science '', and I submitted to its conditions according to Christ's invitation and promise that, `` If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself '' ( John 7: 17 ).
Recently, John Sherrill was stricken with one of the deadliest forms of cancer.
About that same time John Crosby's TV series on the popular arts proved again that giving jazz ample breathing space is one of the most sensible things a producer can do.
This is the tale of one John Enright, an American who has accidentally killed a man in the prize ring and is now trying to forget about it in a quiet place where he may become a quiet man.
Linda accepted the reproach, which was something she did rarely in all her life and most rarely in that summer of 1936 when she was by all odds the prettiest and brightest young woman west of the Allegheny Mountains, and John was surely one of the handsomer and brighter young men around Pittsburgh.
She giggled during the ceremony, and Mousie Chandler, who was one of Linda's bridesmaids, said John glared black as death at her.
Poor John was the kind of stock that keeps a bargain without whimpering and maybe bends over backward to keep a bad one.

John and Lost
In John Milton's epic Paradise Lost it is given a more fitting neighbour:
* the " Lost Colony " of Roanoke Island: In 1587, Sir Walter Raleigh recruited over 100 men, women and children to journey from England to Roanoke Island on North Carolina's coast and establish the first English settlement in America under the direction of John White as governor.
* 1667 – The blind and impoverished John Milton sells the copyright of Paradise Lost for £ 10.
Among other composers who set Housman songs were John Ireland ( song cycle, Land of Lost Content ), Michael Head ( e. g. ' Ludlow Fair '), Graham Peel ( a famous version of ' In Summertime on Bredon '), Ian Venables ( Songs of Eternity and Sorrow ), and the American Samuel Barber ( e. g. ' With rue my heart is laden ').
While blind and visually impaired people had contributed to the body of common literature for centuries, one notable example being the author of Paradise Lost, John Milton, the creation of autobiographical materials, or materials specific to blindness, is relatively new.
Others would follow with their own works, elaborating on Gaddis's ideas: John Wallace Spencer ( Limbo of the Lost, 1969, repr.
* Limbo Of The Lost, John Wallace Spencer ( ISBN 0-686-10658-X )
The red-headed Mumy came to prominence in the 1960s as a child actor, most notably as Will Robinson, the youngest of the three children of Prof. John and Dr. Maureen Robinson ( played by Guy Williams and June Lockhart respectively ) and friend of the nefarious and pompous Dr. Zachary Smith ( played by Jonathan Harris ), in the 1960s CBS sci-fi television series Lost in Space.
Lagow provided the animal to Texas Parks and Wildlife officials for identification, but Lagow reported in a September 17, 2006 phone interview with John Adolfi, founder of the Lost World Museum, that the " critter was caught on a Tuesday and thrown out in Thursday's trash.
An example is John Milton's Paradise Lost, an " epic elaboration of the Judeo-Christian mythology " and also a " veritable encyclopedia of myths from the Greek and Roman tradition ".
John Mark Byers, the adoptive father of victim Christopher Byers, gave a knife to cameraman Doug Cooper, who was working with documentary makers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky while they were filming the first Paradise Lost feature.
John Mark Byers agreed to, and subsequently passed, a polygraph test during the filming of Paradise Lost 2: Revelations in regard to the murders, but the documentary indicated that Byers was under the influence of several psychoactive prescription medications that could have affected the test results.
** Paradise Lost by John Milton ( 1667 )
Other leading films included Mr. Deeds Goes to Town ( 1936 ), Lost Horizon ( 1937 ), You Can't Take It With You ( 1938 ), Mr. Smith Goes to Washington ( 1939 ), Meet John Doe ( 1941 ), Arsenic and Old Lace ( 1944 ), It's a Wonderful Life ( 1946 ) and State of the Union ( 1948 ).
The two most famous descriptions of Heaven are given in Dante Alighieri's Pardiso ( of the Divine Comedy ) and John Milton's Paradise Lost.
Examples of hubris are often found in fiction, most famously in Paradise Lost, John Milton's depiction of the biblical Lucifer.
He admitted that he was directly influenced by Purchas's Pilgrimage, but there are additional strong literary connections to other works, including John Milton's Paradise Lost, Samuel Johnson's Rasselas, Chatterton's African Eclogues, William Bartram's Travels through North and South Carolina, Thomas Burnet's Sacred Theory of the Earth, Mary Wollstonecraft's A Short Residence in Sweden, Plato's Phaedrus and Ion, Maurice's The History of Hindostan, and Heliodorus's Aethiopian History.
John Barth's Lost in the Funhouse is a collection of short stories that are often read as a postmodernist Künstlerroman.
William Blake's illustration of Lucifer as presented in John Milton's Paradise Lost
As a result, " Lucifer has become a by-word for Satan in the Church and in popular literature ", as in Dante Alighieri's Inferno and John Milton's Paradise Lost.
He received his first two Oscar nominations for John Ford's 1934 film The Lost Patrol, and the same year for The Gay Divorcee.
* Iambic pentameter ( John Milton in Paradise Lost, William Shakespeare in his Sonnets )
The Romantics drew comparisons between Prometheus and the spirit of the French Revolution, Christ, the Satan of John Milton's Paradise Lost, and the divinely inspired poet or artist.
John Milton wrote Samson Agonistes as verse drama, and indeed had at an early stage contemplated writing Paradise Lost in that form.
The poet John Milton, aware of the association of Proteus with the Hermetic art of alchemy, wrote in Paradise Lost of alchemists who sought the philosopher's stone:

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