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Moral and Majority
In addition to the EP's controversial artwork depicting a gold Christ figure on a cross of dollar bills, the lyrics contained Biafra's most biting social and political commentary yet, and songs such as " Moral Majority ", " Nazi Punks Fuck Off!
He founded Lynchburg Christian Academy ( now Liberty Christian Academy ) in 1967, Liberty University in 1971, and cofounded the Moral Majority in 1979.
In 1979, Falwell founded the Moral Majority, which became one of the largest political lobby groups for evangelical Christians in the United States during the 1980s.
The Moral Majority was founded as being " pro-family ", " pro-life ", " pro-defense " and pro-Israel. The group is credited with delivering two thirds of the white, evangelical Christian vote to Ronald Reagan during the 1980 presidential election.
During his time as head of the Moral Majority, Falwell consistently pushed for Republican candidates and for conservative politics.
Among the American Christian leaders who spoke out in Moon's defense were conservative Jerry Falwell, head of Moral Majority, and liberal Joseph Lowery, head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
Since about 1980, the Christian right has been associated with several institutions including the Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.
Jerry Falwell, whose founding of the Moral Majority was a key step in the formation of the " New Christian Right "
Led by Robert Grant's advocacy group Christian Voice, Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority, Ed McAteer's Religious Roundtable Council, James Dobson's Focus on the Family, and Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network, the new Religious Right combined conservative politics with evangelical and fundamentalist teachings.
The birth of the New Christian right, however, is usually traced to a 1979 meeting where televangelist Jerry Falwell was urged to create a " Moral Majority " organization.
Soon, Moral Majority became a general term for the conservative political activism of evangelists and fundamentalists such as Pat Robertson, James Robinson, and Jerry Falwell.
Some have linked Israel to Biblical prophesies ; for example, Ed McAteer, founder of the Moral Majority, said " I believe that we are seeing prophecy unfold so rapidly and dramatically and wonderfully and, without exaggerating, makes me breathless.
Beginning with Grant's American Christian Cause in 1974, Christian Voice throughout the 1970s and Falwell's Moral Majority in the 1980s, the Christian Right began to have a major impact on American politics.
The underpinnings for the contemporary moral panic were found in a rise of five factors in the years leading up to the 1980s: The establishment of Fundamentalist Christianity and political organization of the Moral Majority ; the rise of the Anti-cult movement which spread ideas of abusive cults kidnapping and brainwashing children and teens ; the appearance of the Church of Satan and other explicitly Satanist groups that added a kernel of truth to the existence of Satanic cults ; the appearance of the child abuse industry and a group of professionals dedicated to the protection of children ; and the popularization of posttraumatic stress disorder, repressed memory and corresponding survivor movement.
* Jerry Falwell ( 1933 2007 ), senior pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church and founder of the Moral Majority
The program quoted Paul Weyrich, one of the founders of the conservative activist organization the Moral Majority, as saying " The Washington Post became very arrogant and they just decided that they would determine what was news and what wasn't news and they wouldn't cover a lot of things that went on.
Jerry Falwell, whose founding of the Moral Majority was a key step in the formation of the New Christian Right
The Moral Majority was a prominent American political organization associated with the Christian right.
The origins of the Moral Majority can be traced to 1976, when Jerry Falwell embarked on a series of “ I Love America ” rallies across the country to raise awareness of social issues important to Falwell.
Having already been a part of a well-established network of ministers and ministries, within a few years Falwell was favorably positioned to launch the Moral Majority.
The Moral Majority was formally initiated as a result of a struggle for control of an American conservative Christian advocacy group known as Christian Voice during 1978.
During a 1979 meeting, they urged televangelist Jerry Falwell to found Moral Majority ( a phrase coined by Weyrich ).
Falwell and Weyrich founded the Moral Majority in June 1979.
The Moral Majority was a southern-oriented organization of the Christian Right, although the Moral Majority s state chapters and political activity extended beyond the South.

Moral and Foundation
These were Lily Tomlin, a gay actress and comedian ; Peter Tatchell, a world-renowned gay rights campaigner ; Don Baxter, Executive Director of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations at that time ; Bev Lange, Chief Executive Officer of the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation at the time, a former President of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and a former co-chair of the Sydney Gay Games ; Lex Watson and Sue Wills, Campaign Against Moral Prosecution's ( CAMP ) first Co-Presidents ; and Hannah Williams and Savannah Supski, who had recently protested against the ban against same-sex couples at Hannah's Melbourne school formal.
In the same year he published the first part of a tractate entitled The Foundation of Moral Goodness, and in the following year a second part, Illustrating and enforcing the Principles contained in the former.
At the end of the same period occurred the controversy in the London Journal with Gilbert Burnet ( probably the second son of Dr Gilbert Burnet, bishop of Salisbury ) on the " True Foundation of Virtue or Moral Goodness.
To say nothing of minor opponents, such as " Philaretus " ( Gilbert Burnet, already alluded to ), Dr John Balguy ( 1686 1748 ), prebendary of Salisbury, the author of two tracts on " The Foundation of Moral Goodness ", and Dr John Taylor ( 1694 1761 ) of Norwich, a minister of considerable reputation in his time ( author of An Examination of the Scheme of Amorality advanced by Dr Hutcheson ), the essays appear to have suggested, by antagonism, at least two works that hold a permanent place in the literature of English ethics — Butler's Dissertation on the Nature of Virtue, and Richard Price's Treatise of Moral Good and Evil ( 1757 ).
* 1765 -- " Nature and Foundation of Moral Virtue and Obligation "
Dr. Pio Tica leads Laging May Pag-asa Foundation ( LAMPF ) and in the creation of Malabon Ministers for Moral Values ( MMMV ).
In 1863 Titu Maiorescu published in Iaşi the " Yearbook of the Gymnasium and the Boarding School from Iaşi for the School Year 1862 1863 "; the yearbook was preceded by his thesis: „ Why Should the Latin Language be Studied in Gymnasium as Part of the Foundation of Moral Education ?” On 28 March Titu Maiorescu's daughter, Livia, was born.
He was, until 2011, Foundation Professor of Philosophy at the Australian Catholic University and Professor of Moral Philosophy at King's College London.
** The Moral Rules: A New Rational Foundation for Morality, Harper and Row, 1970.
There is no recognized and official statement of Cornell realism ( Brink's Moral Realism and the Foundation of Ethics comes close ), but several theses are associated with the view.

Moral and
* Casuistry Online Guide to Ethics and Moral Philosophy
Pages 35 46 in Darwin, Mars and Freud: Their influence on Moral Theory ( A L Caplan and B Jennings, Eds.
* 1817 Jose Zorrilla y Moral, Spanish dramatist ( d. 1893 )
* Essays, or Counsels Civil and Moral ( 3rd / final edition 58 essays ) ( 1625 )
* Arndt, Karl J. R. Harmony on the Wabash in Transition to Rapp's Divine Economy on the Ohio and Owen's New Moral World at New Harmony on the Wabash 1824 1826.
* Williams, Bernard ( 1981 ) " Internal and External Reasons ", in Williams's Moral Luck, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 101 13.
* 1988 Vaness del Moral, Filipino actress and dancer
A Moral Reckoning The role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair.
When it was decided that he would become a lawyer, he returned to the university to study law, first taking classes in Moral Philosophy and Universal History in 1789 90.
* May 24 Jamestown, Virginia: The temporary Governor, Thomas Gates, issues The Divine, Moral, and Martial Laws.
* Griffin, Clifford S. Their Brothers ' Keepers: Moral Stewardship in the United States 1800 1865.
* Scott, John Finley, 1971, Internalization of Norms: A Sociological Theory of Moral Commitment, Englewoods Cliffs, N. J .: Prentice Hall
The University of Glasgow, where Smith was Professor of Logic and Moral Philosophy, changed the name of its Department of Political Economy to the Department of Economics ( ostensibly to avoid confusing prospective undergraduates ) in academic year 1997 98, making the class of 1998 the last to be graduated with a Scottish Master of Arts degree in Political Economy.
* Sterling Harwood, " Taking Ethics Seriously -- Moral Relativism versus Moral Realism " in Sterling Harwood, ed., Business as Ethical and Business as Usual ( Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Co., 1996 ), pp. 2 4.
In 1731, Pope published his " Epistle to Burlington ", on the subject of architecture, the first of four poems which would later be grouped under the title Moral Essays ( 1731 35 ).
Other works published against Arnauld's Moral Theology of the Jesuits included the one written by the Great Jesuit polemist François Pinthereau ( 1605 1664 ), under the pseudonym of " the abbé de Boisic ", titled Les Impostures et les ignorances du libelle intitulé: La Théologie Morale des Jésuites ( 1644 ).
* Moral Reflections on the Gospels by Quesnel ( the first volume of the Reflexions morales only the reflections on Matthew are available here )
* Thomas Brown ( 1778 1820 ), Scottish moral philosopher and philosopher of mind ; jointly held the Chair of Moral Philosophy at Edinburgh University with Dugald Stewart
* Moral Majority Inc. the organization s lobbying division, which addressed issues on local, state, and national levels.
* Moral Majority Legal Defense Fund the organization s legal instrument, used primarily to challenge the American Civil Liberties Union and secular humanist issues in court.
* Moral Majority Political Action Committee the organization s mechanism for supporting the candidacy of people whose political platforms reflected Moral Majority values.

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