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* Official webpage of the Nicaragua Canal project
* Official site: Fort Ticonderoga webpage
* Official Japanese SpaceWorld 2000 webpage ( translated using Excite. co. jp )
* " The Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies " – Official hyperlinked webpage of the Nobel Foundation.
* " The Nobel Prize Medal for Physics and Chemistry " – Official webpage of the Nobel Foundation.
* Official tourism webpage for the island of Usedom
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* Official Clermont-Ferrand tourism services webpage
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* List of Authorized links from Neal's Official webpage
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* Tariq Ali Official webpage
* Official webpage of Pathé ( now just a film distributor )
* Official webpage
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Official and at
* Official online version of Asteroids at Atari
Using full-season statistics available at the Official Site of Major League Baseball for the 2004 through 2011 seasons, the following tables show top ranges in various statistics, in alphabetical order.
As addressed within Rule 10. 08 ( d ) of the Official Baseball Rules, a sacrifice fly is not counted as a turn at bat for the batter, though the batter is credited with a run batted in.
Although there were many IRA men — both Official and Provisional — present at the protest, it is claimed they were all unarmed, apparently because it was anticipated that the paratroopers would attempt to " draw them out ".
In the celebrations marking the return of democracy in March 1990 at Santiago's Estadio Nacional de Chile, the anthem was played in its present melody, raised to F Major ( the Royal Musical Official Version of the anthem ) which is the original melody of the second anthem by Carnicer, but using the 1847 lyrics as text, save for the original chorus.
The LDS Church's 1981 edition also contains two " Official Declarations " at the book's conclusion, the first renouncing polygamy in 1890, and the second in 1978 announcing the opening of priesthood ordination to all worthy male members including previously restricted members of African descent.
Day became the oldest artist to score a UK Top 10 with an album featuring new material, according to the Official Charts Company, entering at Number 9.
With its debut at No. 9, Day made history, becoming the oldest female artist to ever have had a top ten album on the Top 40 Official UK Album chart.
* Escape from New York at Official John Carpenter's Website
Official Tomb of Emperor Kaika at Nara, Nara | Nara.
* 1972 – The Official Irish Republican Army detonates a car bomb at Aldershot barracks, killing seven and injuring nineteen others.
Official attempts to suppress these led to a rising in 1679, defeated by James Duke of Monmouth, the King's illegitimate son, at the Battle of Bothwell Bridge.
In 1888 he headed the commission that established the Official Table of Drops, listing how far a person of a particular weight should be dropped when hanged for a capital offence ( the only method of ' judicial execution ' in the United Kingdom at that time ), to ensure an instant and painless death, by cleanly breaking the neck between the 2nd and 3rd vertebrae, an ' exacting science ', eventually brought to perfection by Chief Executioner Albert Pierrepoint.
* Prince Harry profile at the Official website of the British Monarchy
* Prince Harry profile at the Official website of the Prince of Wales
In his 1993 biography Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, the journalist Anthony Summers quoted " society divorcee " Susan Rosenstiel as claiming to have seen Hoover engaging in cross-dressing in the 1950s at homosexual parties.
Official estimates put the population of Kazakhstan at 16 500 000 as of April, 2011, of which 46 % is rural and 54 % urban population.
Official estimates indicate that the population continued to increase after 1989, peaking out at 17 million in 1993 and then declining to 15 million in the 1999 census.
Official persecution ended in 1787 ; a faculty of Protestant theology was established at Montauban in 1808, and the Lausanne seminary was finally closed on 18 April 1812.
Official unemployment remains high at 31. 2 %, but may be overstated based on the existence of an extensive gray market, estimated to be between 20 % and 45 % of GDP, that is not captured by official statistics.
* Men at Work Official MySpace band site-three original band members help run the page
* Biography of Oscar Hammerstein II at RNH Official Site

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