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Ruins and Roman
Ruins of the Limes Tripolitanus ( Africa ( Roman province ) | Africa )
Baelo claudia factoria. jpg | Ruins of a Roman garum factory near Tarifa, Spain
Ruins of Roman Amphitheatre in Cagliari
Ruins of Roman baths are still visible today.
* Witches ' Sabbath in Roman Ruins by Jacob van Swanenburgh ( 1608 )
Ruins of the House of the Vestals, with pedestals for Roman sculpture | statuary in the foreground
Ruins of the hypocaust under the floor of a Roman villa at La Olmeda, Province of Palencia ( Castile and León, Spain ).
* Ruins of a Roman Theater.
Ruins of the old Roman town.
For many years, the Nice Jazz Festival was held on the grounds of the Roman Ruins in July each year ( since 2011 the festival moved to the Place Masséna ).
* Ruins of the Antonian Roman aqueduct.
Ruins of the camp, as well as other Roman ruins, have been found and conserved, such as the remains of Roman public baths ( thermae ). The Roman settlement was abandoned during the retreat of the Romans on the Rhine frontier by 260 AD.
Of particular note is the entrance hall, which resembles a Roman atrium with marbled columns and a painted ceiling copied from Robert Wood's Ruins of Palmyra.
* Capriccio of Roman Ruins with Figures, from the Permanent Collection of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Ruins at the Roman theatre of Arles
Ruins of some of the other ancient Roman bridges still exist.
Ruins made-to-measure: the " Roman Ruin " in the park at Schönbrunn Palace | Schönbrunn, c 1800
Ruins of a Roman bath in Dion, Greece, showing the under-floor heating system, or hypocaust
Ruins of the hypocaust under the floor of a Roman villa.
Richard Brilliant described Lanciani's Ruins and Excavations of Ancient Rome as " undiminished in vitality as a study of ancient Roman ruins " ( 1967 ).
The archaeological site of the Roman Ruins of Villa Áulica and Convent of São Cucufate are situated near Vidigueira.
Ruins of the Roman villa of La Torrecilla.

Ruins and Temple
Ruins of the Temple of Hera ( Olympia ) | Temple of Hera
* Ruins of the Great Temple at Karnak, in Upper Egypt ( 1845 )
The Mayan Temple Ruins features jaguars, spider monkeys, and flamingos.
Ruins of the Temple of Apollo Zoster have been excavated and can be viewed inside the public Astir Hotel beach.
Among the Nyakutakuji Temple Ruins, there is a big Japanese cedar called ' Shinobu-suji.
This level has four parts: Jungle, Temple Ruins, The River Ganges, and The Caves of Kaliya.

Ruins and .
The best-preserved examples of the stone and adobe dwellings are in National Parks ( USA ), such as Chaco Canyon or Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Aztec Ruins National Monument, Bandelier National Monument, Hovenweep National Monument, and Canyon de Chelly National Monument.
Ruins of a building in Abadan.
* Structures ; Ruins of palaces, palatial villas, houses, built dome-or cist-graves and fortifications ( Aegean islands, Greek mainland and northwestern Anatolia ), but not distinct temples ; small shrines, however, and temene ( religious enclosures, remains of one of which were probably found at Petsofa near Palaikastro by J. L. Myres in 1904 ) are represented on intaglios and frescoes.
Ruins atop Tel Megiddo.
Ruins of the temple of Castor and Pollux in the Forum Romanum.
File: Ogrodzieniec castle 20070504 1037. jpg | Ruins of the Ogrodzieniec Castle, built on the King's order
File: Kazimierz Dolny ( ruiny zamku ) 02. jpg | Ruins of the Castle in Kazimierz Dolny ; the King extended it in the 1340s
* Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia By Robert Adam, 1764.
Ruins and graves on Europa island attest to several attempts at settlement from the 1860s to the 1920s.
Ruins of Guernica ( town ) | Guernica.
Examples include The Birds, Black Sheep, Jaws, Mimic, Deep Rising, Them !, The Swarm, Pet Sematary, Lake Placid, Primeval, Anaconda, Snakes on a Plane, The Cave, Piranha 3D and The Ruins.
Schliemann published Troja und seine Ruinen ( Troy and Its Ruins ) in 1875 and excavated the Treasury of Minyas at Orchomenus.
Ruins of ten wooden guano-mining buildings, the two-story house among them, could still be seen by the Amaranth crew, who left Jarvis aboard two lifeboats.
The mill was destroyed in the Seminole Wars, and is preserved today as the Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park.
* Hull, Lise E. ( 2009 ) Understanding the Castle Ruins of England and Wales: How to Interpret the History and Meaning of Masonry and Earthworks.
Ruins of St. Paul's | St. Paul's Cathedral in the 19th century by George Chinnery ( 1774 – 1852 )
* Ruins of the greatest fortress of the former Kingdom of Prussia.
* 1904 Sand-Buried Ruins of Khotan, London, Hurst and Blackett, Ltd.
Ruins of the trade oasis of Djado in northeast Niger.
Ruins of the castle in Sigulda.
Ruins of the centre of the city: the forum in the foreground, the market and the basilica in the background.

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