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Ecumenical and Catholic
when his Holiness Pope John 23, first called for an Ecumenical Council, and at the same time voiced his yearning for Christian unity, the enthusiasm among Catholic and Protestant ecumenicists was immediate.
Arianism is defined as those teachings attributed to Arius which are in opposition to mainstream Trinitarian Christological doctrine, as determined by the first two Ecumenical Councils and currently maintained by the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Churches, the Oriental Orthodox Churches, and most Reformation Protestant Churches.
The Council of Trent () was an Ecumenical Council of the Roman Catholic Church.
That Council of Chalcedon is one of the first seven Ecumenical Councils accepted by Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, and many Protestant Christian churches.
The Council is considered by the Roman Catholics, Eastern Catholic Churches, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Old Catholics, and various other Western Christian groups to have been the Fourth Ecumenical Council.
* The Ecumenical ( Universal ) Judge ( Arbitrator ) of the Holy Apostolic and Catholic ( Universal ) Church.
" These are likely the same Cathari mentioned in Canon 8 of the First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, which states "... f those called Cathari come over the Catholic faith, let them first make profession that they are willing to communicate full communion with the twice-married, and grant pardon to those who have lapsed ..."
* All Catholic Church Ecumenical Councils – All the Decrees * Council in the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica
* Catholic Encyclopedia: The 21 Ecumenical Councils
The Council of 1123 is reckoned in the series of Ecumenical councils by the Catholic Church.
The Roman Catholic Church, however, recognizes the council of 869 as the Eighth Ecumenical Council and doesn't place the later council among Ecumenical Councils.
Worship of the icon as somehow entirely separate from its prototype is expressly forbidden by the Seventh Ecumenical Council ; standard teaching in the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches alike conforms to this principle.
The Latin Church of the West, which after 1054 was to become known separately as the Roman Catholic Church, accepted the decrees of the iconodule Seventh Ecumenical Council regarding images.
An Ecumenical Council ( Considered the 8th Ecumenical Council by the Catholic Church ) was convoked as the Fourth Council of Constantinople to decide this matter.
It was the twenty-first Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church and the second to be held at St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.
The Twenty Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church, 1937.
This council is now recognised as Ecumenical by the Catholic Church but rejected by the Eastern Churches.
" " It is the first time, in fact, and saying it fills our souls with profound emotion, that an Ecumenical Council has presented such a vast synthesis of the Catholic doctrine regarding the place which the Blessed Mary occupies in the mystery of Christ and of the Church.
The Third Council of Constantinople, counted as the Sixth Ecumenical Council by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches and other Christian groups, met in 680 / 681 and condemned monoenergism and monothelitism as heretical and defined Jesus Christ as having two energies and two wills ( divine and human ).
i. e. the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and traditional Protestant churches ( those that accept at least the first four Ecumenical Councils ); these churches have always considered monophysitism to be heretical.
The Chalcedonian churches -- that is, the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches together with those Protestant churches that accept at least the first four Ecumenical Councils -- have always considered monophysitism to be heretical and have generally viewed it as the ( explicit or implicit ) position of the Oriental Orthodox churches.
The Ecumenical Patriarch < span style =" font-size: 87 %">(,</ span > " His Most Divine All-Holiness the Archbishop of Constantinople New Rome and Œcumenical Patriarch ") is the Archbishop of Constantinople – New Rome and ranks as primus inter pares ( first among equals ) in the Eastern Orthodox communion, which is seen by its approximately 300 million followers worldwide as the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Ecumenical and Communion
In June 2010, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches will merge with the Reformed Ecumenical Council to form the World Communion of Reformed Churches.
Bartholomew I (, ) ( born 29 February 1940 ) is the Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch, and thus " first among equals " in the Eastern Orthodox Communion, since 2 November 1991.
** The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, headed by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, who is also the " first among equals " of the Eastern Orthodox Communion
There, cordial conversations began a rapproachment that has blossomed into expanding relations among the Catholic Church, the Churches of the Orthodox Communion led by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, and the other Ancient Churches of the East.
Its theology is more conservative than the larger World Alliance of Reformed Churches and Reformed Ecumenical Council ( which are in the process of uniting as the World Reformed Communion ) and is similar to that of the World Reformed Fellowship.
Ecumenical relations have become strained, owing to the ordination of women within the Anglican Communion and, in more recent years, the Anglican communion has internally become increasingly more divisive over issues concerning christology, biblical interpretation, the authority of scripture and holy tradition, the relevance and significance of the resurrection, and issues concerning human sexuality.

Ecumenical and United
The United Methodist Hymnal also contains ( at # 882 ) what it terms the " Ecumenical Version " of this creed — a version which is identical to that found in the Episcopal Church's current Book of Common Prayer.
Places of worship in the area include the Thamesmead Ecumenical Parish, with shared buildings and co-operation by the Methodist Church, Church of England, United Reformed Church and Roman Catholic Church.
A joint committee of the Secretariat for Ecumenical and Inter-religious Affairs of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Department of Inter-religious Affairs of the Anti-Defamation League obtained a version of the script before it was released in theaters.
Uniquely in Scotland, Livingston was from its formation designated an " Ecumenical Parish " in a joint initiative by the Church of Scotland, Scottish Episcopal Church, Methodist Church in Great Britain and the Congregational Union of Scotland ( which subsequently united with the United Reformed Church ).
BAYAN is a coalition of many different organizations such as labor groups like the Kilusang Mayo Uno, peasant organizations such as Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas, youth organizations such as the League of Filipino Students and Anakbayan, religious organizations such as the Student Christian Movement-Philippines, the Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace and Promotion of Church People's Response ( PCPR ), feminist organizations such as GABRIELA, Kilusan ng Manggawang Kababaihan ( Women Workers ' Movement ), SAMAKANA ( Association of United and Free Women ) and AMIHAN ( National Federation of Peasant Women ), Health Workers ' organizations such as the Health Alliance for Democracy ( HEAD ), educational / scientific organizations such as the Alliance of Concerned Teachers and Scientists, Technologists, Engineers for the People ( STEP ), fisherfolk such as Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas ( PAMALAKAYA-National Federation of Fisherfolk Organizations ), cultural organizations such as BUGKOS, and indigenous people's organizations such as Kalipunan ng mga Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas ( KAMP-National Federation Of Indigenous Peoples ' Organizations ), MIGRANTE-Alliance of Filipino Migrants Organizations.
This ultimately resulted in the Church of England, the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church of England and Wales, and the United Reformed Church working together to form the Local Ecumenical Partnership called Cambourne Church.
In 1998, plagued by moral and financial scandals, two bishops that had broken off from the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians in the United States were re-baptized and re-ordained by the Ecumenical Patriarchate and put under the leadership of the Greek Orthodox Church in the U. S. ( which uses the Revised Julian calendar ).
The North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation is an ecumenical standing conference that has been meeting semiannually since it was founded in 1965 under the auspices of the Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas ( SCOBA ).
Other examples include the Prime Minister of many parliamentary regimes, the President of the European Commission, the Chief Justice of the United States, and some religious figures, such as the Dean of the College of Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, or the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
That dialogue was jointly sponsored by the USCCB Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, the Christian Reformed Church in North America, the Presbyterian Church-USA, the Reformed Church in America and the United Church of Christ.
* Official website of the United Ecumenical Catholic church
From the 1970s onward, the Methodist Church was involved in several " Local Ecumenical Projects " ( LEPs ) with neighbouring denominations usually with the Church of England, the Baptists or with the United Reformed Church, which involved sharing churches, schools and in some cases ministers.
The IRO administers WSCF's income, salaries and fundraising and co-ordinates global WSCF programmes, the IRO administers the Ecumenical Assistance Programme, the Universal Day of Prayer for Students, produces Federation News and Student World maintains contact with national movements and some Senior Friends and organises WSCF representation at meetings of the United Nations, UNESCO, World Council of Churches and other organisations.
In the time leading up to independence from the United Kingdom in 1979, Saint Lucia underwent a profound political and cultural awakening and roots revival which drew on the rise of the black consciousness movement of the United States, the influence of the Caribbean Ecumenical Consultation for Development on local culture and the loosening of restrictions from the powerful Roman Catholic Church on non-Christian cultural elements.
Among the most outstanding persons in this domain are the Passionist Priest Thomas Berry, the Orthodox Christian leader the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I in Greece, Martin Palmer of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation in the United Kingdom, and Sulak Sivaraksa of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists in Thailand.
Ecumenical discussions with a view to a unified church was initiated by the Australian Churches of Christ Mission, Australian Methodist Church, the Wesleyan Methodist Church, the Methodist Episcopal Church and United Church of Northern India during a round table meeting in Lucknow in 1929.
In addition to his duties as primate, Archbishop Iakovos was Exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople ; president of the board of education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America ; founder and chairman of the Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas ( SCOBA ); chairman of the Orthodox-Roman Catholic Consultation in the USA, and of the Bishops ' Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs ; honorary board of the Advisory Council on Religious Rights in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.
The seat of the Reformed Ecumenical Council is Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.
The WSCF North American Region includes SCM Canada, Jeunesse Etudiante Chrétienne ( Québec ), the Lutheran Student Movement ( USA ), the United Methodist Student Movement ( USA ) and the U. S. Council for Ecumenical Student Christian Ministry.
From the 1970s onward, the Methodist Church was involved in several " Local Ecumenical Projects " ( LEPs ) with neighbouring denominations usually with the Church of England, the Baptists or with the United Reformed Church, which involved sharing churches, schools and in some cases ministers.
** United Church Ecumenical School Foundation Inc. ( UCESFI ) San Miguel, Tarlac City
He spent the early 1930s as an ambassador of the Ecumenical Patriarch in the United States, where he labored to help organize the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

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