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When and We
There is, of course, nothing new about dystopias, for they belong to a literary tradition which, including also the closely related satiric utopias, stretches from at least as far back as the eighteenth century and Swift's Gulliver's Travels to the twentieth century and Zamiatin's We, Capek's War With The Newts, Huxley's Brave New World, E. M. Forster's `` The Machine Stops '', C. S. Lewis's That Hideous Strength, and Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, and which in science fiction is represented before the present deluge as early as Wells's trilogy, The Time Machine, `` A Story Of The Days To Come '', and When The Sleeper Wakes, and as recently as Jack Williamson's `` With Folded Hands '' ( 1947 ), the classic story of men replaced by their own robots.
His son was born in August 1920 and in 1924 Milne produced a collection of children's poems When We Were Very Young, which were illustrated by Punch staff cartoonist E. H. Shepard.
Even his old literary home, Punch, where the When We Were Very Young verses had first appeared, was ultimately to reject him, as Christopher Milne details in his autobiography The Enchanted Places, although Methuen continued to publish whatever Milne wrote, including the long poem ' The Norman Church ' and an assembly of articles entitled Year In, Year Out ( which Milne likened to a benefit night for the author ).
His poems have been parodied many times, including with the books When We Were Rather Older and Now We Are Sixty.
* When We Were Very Young
* When We Were Very Young ( 1924 ) ( illustrated by E. H. Shepard )
When asked about Artemisia exports, Li was quoted, " We want to grow them in China and whatever we export depends on bilateral relationships.
" When Robert B. Anderson, Eisenhower's first Secretary of the Navy argued that the Navy must recognize the " customs and usages prevailing in certain geographic areas of our country which the Navy had no part in creating ", Eisenhower overruled him: " We have not taken and we shall not take a single backward step.
Initially, Milne thought Shepard's style was not what he wanted, but used him to illustrate his book of poems When We Were Very Young.
When I go to church, I am met by no upturned nose and scornful lip to tell me, ' We don't allow niggers in here!
When a general said in a meeting " We should throw in a nuke once in a while to keep the other side guessing ," Dyson became alarmed and obtained permission to write an objective report discussing the pros and cons of using such weapons from a purely military point of view.
Noted Chicago Tribune columnist Bob Greene penned a 2008 book, When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreams, detailing his occasional appearances with Jan & Dean's touring band throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.
The following year finally marked the release of Snow Patrol's second album ' When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up ', which, despite slightly disappointing initial sales, would eventually go gold in the wake of the band's later fame, along with their debut ' Songs For Polarbears '.
This was followed in 2006 by re-releases of ' Songs for Polarbears ' and ' When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up ', including as-before unseen bonus tracks.
* When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up-Snow Patrol ( 2001 )
* When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up ( reissue )-Snow Patrol ( 2006 )
When Ciano asked if there was anything Italy could do to broker a Polish-German settlement that would avert a war, he was told by Ribbentrop that " We want war !".
* When We Were in Our Teens ( 1910, actor )
" Margaret " is a character galloping on a pony in The Little Pioneers, and she is playing " Cowboys and Indians " in When We Were Shipwrecked.
Using local downtown musicians the first music stream was " Big Wheel " by Karthik Swaminathan and the second being " When We Were Poor " by Karthik Swaminathan with Marc Ribot and Christine Bard.
NASA footage including Grissom's Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions was released in high definition on the Discovery Channel in June 2008 in the television series When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions.
When questioned by his captain, Spender replies " We'll rip it up, rip the skin off, and change it to fit ourselves ... We Earth Men have a talent for ruining big, beautiful things ", referring to Earth.
In 1980, Tharp's work first appeared on Broadway with Twyla Tharp Dance performing When We Were Very Young, followed in 1981 by The Catherine Wheel, her collaboration with David Byrne at the Winter Garden.
* When We Were Very Young 3 / 26 / 80

When and Were
( When Were Our Gospels Written?
She starred in the western film The Ballad of Josie ( 1967 ) and starred in a comedy film centered on the Northeast blackout of November 9, 1965 called Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
She outlined her family's poverty in her early songs " Coat of Many Colors " and " In the Good Old Days ( When Times Were Bad )".
For the remainder of the decade, none of her solo efforts – even " In the Good Old Days ( When Times Were Bad )", which later became a standard – were as successful as her duets with Wagoner.
While he was imprisoned at the El Modelo jail, just outside of Managua, he wrote poems, one of which he titled " I Never Saw Managua When Miniskirts Were in Fashion ".
* When Knights Were Bold ( 1936 )
" When Trams Were Trumps in New Zealand " ().
* " Mine ", a song by Dolly Parton from In the Good Old Days ( When Times Were Bad )
#" Shake It and Break It "/" When You and I Were Young, Maggie ", 1946, Commodore C-613
An honorary member of Women in Communications, the American College of Psychiatrists, and the National Council of Jewish Women, Phillips is the author of six books: Dear Abby, Dear Teenager, Dear Abby on Marriage, Where Were You When President Kennedy was Shot ?, The Dear Abby Wedding Planner, and The Best of Dear Abby.
Jennifer S. Light's essay, " When Computers Were Women ", documents and describes the role of the women of ENIAC as well as outlines the historical omission or downplay of women's roles in computer science history.
* When We Were Here Together, 1957
In some countries, " When You Were Mine ", a cover of a Prince song found on his 1980 album " Dirty Mind ", was released as a promotional single in 1985.
A. Milne including two books of poems: When We Were Very Young ( 1924 ) and Now We Are Six ( 1927 ).

When and Forty-One
He wrote the Broadway stage scores for " When We Were Forty-One ", " Hip Hip Hooray ", " The Merry-Go-Round ", " School Days ", " Ziegfeld Follies of 1910 ", " Sunbonnet Sue ", and " Show Window ".

When and Broadway
When Nan Patterson, a stunning and money-minded chorus girl who had appeared in a Floradora road show, rode down Broadway in a hansom cab with her married lover, Frank Young, she stopped the cab to disclose that Young had been shot dead, tearfully insisting that he had shot himself although experts said he could not have done so.
When she entered features, Hollywood believed that the movies ' future lay in reproducing Broadway plays for a mass audience.
When the tour got to New York City, she stayed, getting radio singing jobs and then her Broadway theater debut in a musical called Top Speed, which opened on Christmas Day, 1929.
When this production moved from Connecticut to Broadway, the part of Lacey was omitted and the number of Mae and Gooper's children reduced to three.
When working at WABC ( AM ) as a morning-drive radio personality and doing a mid-morning television show for NBC, Kovacs disliked eating breakfast alone while his wife was sleeping in after her Broadway performances.
When it premiered in June 1921, Shuffle Along became the first hit musical on Broadway written by and about African-Americans.
When it became apparent that a return to London was possible, the School returned to the city and was temporarily housed for some months in 1940 – 41 in eleven rooms at Broadway Court, 8 Broadway, London SW1.
When the show moved to Broadway it won the 1981 Tony Award for Best Play and, like Equus, ran for more than 1000 performances.
When he finally did relent, he hoped the film would retain the services of Anthony Quayle, who had essayed the role of Wyke in London and on Broadway.
* When Claudia Smiles Broadway production opened at the 39th Street Theatre on February 2 and moved to the Lyric Theatre on February 23 for a total run of 112 performances
When Burke arrived for his first recording session at the Atlantic Records studio at 1841 Broadway, Manhattan, New York on 13 December 1960, he was given four songs, including his first Atlantic release, " Keep the Magic Working ", which was a flop, and " Just Out Of Reach ( Of My Two Empty Arms )", a cover of a country song written and recorded by Virgil " Pappy " Stewart, that had been a minor hit for Faron Young in 1953 (# 10 C & W ), and later for Patsy Cline.
When the THX Calibrator Blu-ray disc debuted, two new versions of the original Broadway trailer were released.
* Broadway Calls were critical about the number of pop-oriented and Christian metal bands on the 2008 tour stating, " When there are 60 bands a day, and a majority of them are made up of either Christian jocks that play REALLY HEAVY MUSIC for Jesus, or pop bands with the only thing separating them from boy bands like Backstreet Boys are their dropped D tuned guitars hanging from their shoulders, it's hard to be comfortable.
When Warner Brothers Pictures cast the film version in early 1963, Rennie, along with leading man Barry Nelson and supporting actor Hiram Sherman ( who joined the play two years after the opening in the part first played by John Cromwell ) were the only Broadway cast members to transfer to the big screen.
" When I really learn to act, I may take what I have learned back to Hollywood and display it on the screen ", she said in an interview in October 1936 ( when she was doing Stage Door on Broadway between movies ).
When Holliday became ill and had to leave the show, it closed in Philadelphia without opening on Broadway.
The song " When the Lie's So Big " from Zappa's 1989 album Broadway the Hard Way also dealt with the concept.
In 1981, Mason starred, along with Kristy McNichol, James Coco, and Joan Hackett, in Only When I Laugh, Simon's film adaptation of his Broadway comedy-drama The Gingerbread Lady and another big box-office success.
In the 1940s, he wrote a series of book musicals with social messages, including the very successful Bloomer Girl ( 1944 ) ( about temperance and women's rights activist Amelia Bloomer ) and his most famous Broadway show, Finian's Rainbow ( 1947 ) ( perhaps the first Broadway musical with a racially integrated chorus line, featuring Harburg's " When the Idle Poor Become the Idle Rich ").
When The Deputy, a controversial play about Pius XII's actions during the Holocaust, opened on Broadway in 1964, Spellman condemned the play as " an outrageous desecration of the honor of a great and good man ".
), while others were dismal failures ( When Sweet Sixteen, written for Joe Weber, who pulled out of the production, which lasted only twelve performances on Broadway.

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