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[...] and SS
The other James joined the band Chelsea with Billy Idol and the two later started Generation X. Chelsea drummer John Towe: " When Brian James played with London SS he wrote a song called " Why Won't She Talk " [...] October kept the tune but put new words to the song and re-titled it " Get Out And Walk ".
The II SS reported " very strong enemy air activity [...] at 07: 10 ".

[...] and when
The mandrake – or “ man-drag-on ” [...] screamed when you pulled them up into the air just as human beings would scream if you buried them alive.
* " It is painful for me to see when criminal elements of all kinds fire from my weapon [...] I created this weapon primarily to safeguard our fatherland "
By contrast, when Bertrand Russell writes, in The Principles of Mathematics, " A class [...] is neither a predicate nor a class-concept, for different predicates and different class-concepts may correspond to the same class.
[...] I was studying when I was in high school at night, I was in ballet and I was doing castings.
Waiting for Godot has been described as a " metaphor for the long walk into Roussillon, when Beckett and Suzanne slept in haystacks [...] during the day and walked by night or of the relationship of Beckett to Joyce.
[...] I must not however conceal from Your Excellency, that the Gentry, well disposed, and heartily desirous as they are, to serve the Crown, and to serve it with Zeal, when formed into regular Corps, do not relish commanding a bare Militia, they never were used to that Service under the French Government, ( and perhaps for good Reasons ) besides the sudden Dismission of the Canadian Regiment raised in 1764, without Gratuity or Recompence to Offices, who engaged in our Service almost immediately after the Cession of the Country, of taking any Notice of them since, tho ' they all expected half pay, is still uppermost in their Thoughts, and not likely to encourage their engaging a second Time in the same Way ; as to the Habitants or Peasantry, ever since the Civil Authority has been introduced into the Province, the Government of it has hung so loose, and retained so little Power, they have in a Manner emancipated themselves, and it will require Time, and discreet Management likewise, to recall them to their ancient Habits of Obedience and Discipline ; considering all the new Ideas they have been acquiring for these ten years past, can it be thought they will be pleased at being suddenly, and without Preparation embodied into a Militia, and marched from their Families, Lands, and Habitations to remote Provinces, and all the Horrors of War, which they have already experienced ; It would give appearance of Truth to the Language of our Sons of Sedition, at this very Moment busily employed instilling into their Minds, that the Act was passed merely to serve the present Purposes of Government, and in the full Intention of ruling over them with all the Despotism of their ancient Masters.
[...] What will be your Lordships astonishment when I tell you that an act passed for the express purpose of gratifying the Canadians & which was supposed to comprehend all that they either wished or wanted is become the first object of their discontent & dislike.
I suppose we were post-punk when we came out, but in total it's impossible [...] I just play Cure music, whatever that is.
In 1926, when she was 15 years old, she wrote in her personal diary, " The unfavourable condition of the Hebrew writer is no secret to me [...] Writing not in Hebrew is the same for me as not writing at all.
He is also described as having a " handsome countenance " and an " elegance of [...] diction "" even when he swearing ".
[...] The taberna keeper's little lad came round to collect our plates, and when he turned and saw he, for just a second he looked -- scared.
In those big stone houses [...] some could easily have hidden in the cellars and back rooms, keeping quiet when the paratroopers went in to check and yell out a warning.
Love of him is in the hearts of his followers and awe of him by all [...] and his praise by all acolytes when they worship him.
Supporters of the claim have pointed to Book IV as providing its strongest evidence, as when the narrator asks “ You mean to see we have been hadding a sound night ’ s sleep ?”, and later concludes that what has gone before has been “ a long, very long, a dark, very dark [...] scarce endurable [...] night .” Tindall refers to Book IV as " a chapter of resurrection and waking up ", and McHugh finds that the chapter contains " particular awareness of events going on offstage, connected with the arrival of dawn and the waking process which terminates the sleeping process of Wake.
Parrinder for example states that " Bygmester Finnegan [...] is HCE ", and finds that his fall and resurrection foreshadows " the fall of HCE early in Book I is paralleled by his resurrection towards the end of III. 3, in the section originally called " Haveth Childers Everywhere ", when ghost speaks forth in the middle of a seance.
[...] They escaped when the world was destroyed by the deluge.
[...] First the earth was formed, the mountains and the valleys ; the currents of water were divided, the rivulets were running freely between the hills, and the water was separated when the high mountains appeared.
The official Paradiso website issued a press release the same month stating Melissa Auf der Maur would partake in the show, but when asked by a fan on her official Facebook fan page, Auf der Maur claimed that " mysterious press release is news to me [...] putting my detective hat on now [...] more on this soon.
[...] I began again, but I had not played more than a few measures when Rubinstein said loudly, " Have you begun?
Jim DeRogatis ' book Staring At Sound states that The Flaming Lips song " Kim's Watermelon Gun " is a " song that paints an impressionistic portrait of [...] Kim Deal ", whom band member Steven Drozd befriended when they met at Lollapalooza.
[...] We always had a budget of 34 or 35 million, the problem was when I started to discuss it with Columbia, Columbia would not go beyond 25.
" During a parliamentary debate in Britain on 6 December 1977, Foreign Secretary David Owen replied in the negative when asked " whether Her Majesty's Government intend to recognise travel documents issued by the authorities of [...] Bophuthatswana for the purpose of admitting visitors to the United Kingdom.
[...] We here define ‘ shape ’ informally as ‘ all the geometrical information that remains when location, scale and rotational effects are filtered out from an object .’

[...] and asked
As part of the production, Smallfilms had to send the scripts to the BBC, but on reading the script for episode three, they asked Postgate to remove some " Clanger-speak ", explaining that although whistled, " you can ’ t say that on children ’ s television [...] you just can ’ t ".
At the close of my sophomore year [...] my Greek professor [...] asked me to teach the course in elementary physics in the preparatory department during the next year.
When asked what Messiaen's main influence had been on composers, George Benjamin said, " I think the sheer [...] colour has been so influential, [...] rather than being a decorative element, showed that colour could be a structural, a fundamental element, [...] the fundamental material of the music itself.
Being asked about the supposed split, Ashcroft told The Daily Telegraph, " I can confirm we did what we set out to do [...] Right now there are no plans to be doing anything in the near future.
Fravia asked, as a safety precaution, to the community to remove from the web every copy of his old site ( www. fravia. org ), corresponding to this period, because " The idea was to convert young crackers [...] The experiment worked only in part, hence the decision a couple of years ago to freeze that site ".
When he asked why it was so much, they replied " you've got a core audience that's gonna buy whatever we put out, so we can charge more for that [...] True fans will pay whatever ".
When a reporter asked him why he would not elaborate his plans, he was quoted as saying that he was " copping what's known as a woman's answer [...] It's a sort of fickle kind of thing.
If Lambert and Angiltrude had been the architects of Formosus ’ degradation, Duhr asked, “ how [...] was John IX able to submit to the canons which condemned the odious synod for approbation of the emperor Lambert and his bishops?
The opposition press lambasted Lincoln for this performance, writing that he " was asked a simple question, but could not answer it until they gave it to him in writing, [...] and then he made out to remember that he had forgot all about it.
When asked about it, Nydahl has said: " There ’ s no teacher-student relationship involved in that, [...] They ’ re Diamond Way Buddhists, but they ’ re not my students in that moment.
Deitch has frequently defended his films ; in an interview with the New York Times, when asked about working on the Tom and Jerry series, Deitch responded " All the experts say shorts are the worst of the ' Tom and Jerry ', [...] I was a UPA man -- my whole background was much closer to the Czechs.
" When, nearly thirty years later, an interviewer asked Mitchell to respond to de Mille's comments, he offered a more modest assessment of his career: " I was primarily an actor [...] and I think what Agnes was referring to was my acting and regard for the woman I was partnering.
[...] and he walked about until, as he said, his legs began to fail, and then he lay on his back, according to the directions, and the man who gave him the poison now and then looked at his feet and legs ; and after a while he pressed his foot hard, and asked him if he could feel ; and he said: " No "; and then his leg, and so upwards and upwards, and showed us that he was cold and stiff.
On M6's TV show Capital, when asked if there were illegal immigrants in France, he replied: " If you dream of a country where there are only honest and clean citizens [...] In reality, it's a constant struggle.
Deitch has frequently defended his films ; in an interview with the New York Times, when asked about working on the Tom and Jerry series, Deitch responded " All the experts say shorts are the worst of the ' Tom and Jerry's, [...] I was a UPA man -- my whole background was much closer to the Czechs.
" When asked if Björk was the one who plays the sexual acts as well, he explained " I gave her a Sony Mini DV camera and asked her to shoot her own private scenes [...] She asked me to make a film about her love life, so I merely gave it back to her and said ' Film your love life '.

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