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new and site
Twenty feet below the street level in the excavation of the new motel to be constructed on this site, a black coal-like deposit has been encountered.
A new waterfront site for the bureau is now being built at Atlantic City, New Jersey, to provide the most modern marine testing facilities as a further tool to keep the sport safe.
The new editions of topographic maps being made by the federal government are excellent for orienting yourself to the natural features of the site.
A visit to the site by a group of several persons can usually bring out new ideas or verify opinions most helpful to the planning study of any recreation area.
The truck and the car gave the manufacturer a new degree of freedom in selecting his plant site.
The new site was somewhat warmer than Fort Douglas and much closer to the great herds of buffalo on which the settlement must depend for food.
AFI ScreenNation is a Web site featuring AFI-produced educational materials and tips for new filmmakers to share work, receive recognition and compete for prizes.
Following the Greek War of Independence, most post-Byzantine features were cleared from the site as part of a Hellenizing project that swept the new nation-state.
Aelia came from Hadrian's nomen gentile, Aelius, while Capitolina meant that the new city was dedicated to Jupiter Capitolinus, to whom a temple was built on the site of the former Jewish temple, the Temple Mount.
The original Yankee Stadium closed in 2008 to make way for a new Yankee Stadium in which the team started play in 2009 ; it's north-northeast of the 1923 Yankee Stadium, on the former site of Macombs Dam Park.
In December 2011, more than a year after the official reboot announcement, the Los Angeles Times site reported that Whit Anderson, the writer picked for the new Buffy movie, had her script rejected by the producers behind the project, and that a new writer was being sought.
This procedure may be performed by leaving the donor tissue connected to the original site to retain its blood supply ( the vessels are tunnelled beneath the skin surface to the new site ) or it may be cut off and new blood supply may be connected.
* Bill Haley's new Comets web site
At the southwest corner of Central Park, Broadway crosses Eighth Avenue at West 59th Street ; on the site of the former New York Coliseum convention center is the new shopping center at the foot of the Time Warner Center, headquarters of Time Warner.
Until 1997, when the British Library ( previously centred on the Round Reading Room ) moved to a new site, the British Museum was unique in that it housed both a national museum of antiquities and a national library in the same building.
The Government suggested a site at St Pancras for the new British Library but the books did not leave the museum until 1997.
The departure of the British Library to a new site at St Pancras, finally achieved in 1998, provided the space needed for the books.
In 2003, Mitchell set up a web site on which he posted most all of the publications of Victor T. Houteff, Ben and Lois Roden, and his own new studies, including a detailed presentation of what he calls The Warfare of Vernon Howell ( a. k. a. David Koresh ) and others against the Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventists, in which he gives a detailed and documented overview of the controversy regarding the church and its adversaries.
In 1866, Oakland's private College of California looked for a new site.
As construction began on the new site, more residences were constructed in the vicinity of the new campus.

new and landscape
They dug up a speech he had made two years earlier as a Congressman, decrying the more than two hundred statues, monuments, and memorials which `` dot the Washington landscape as patriotic societies and zealous friends are constantly hatching new plans ''.
Low periods of the Nile during the 11th century continued to add to the landscape of Cairo ; a new island, known as Geziret al-Fil, first appeared in 1174, but eventually became connected to the mainland.
At the end of this period a new landscape emerges: the northern Canaanite cities still existed, more or less intact, and became the Phoenicians ; the highlands behind the coastal plains, previously largely uninhabited, were rapidly filling with villages, largely Canaanite in their basic culture but without the Bronze Age city-state structure ; and along the southern coastal plain there are clear signs that a non-Canaanite people had taken over the former Canaanite cities while adopting almost all aspects of Canaanite culture.
* Read Before Burning: Arm's length government for a new administration-report by the Institute for Government about the quango landscape
A new landscape investigation was conducted in April 2009.
These two new branches of wings have been since extensively studied and applied in new branches of aircraft, especially altering the personal recreational aviation landscape.
The fully deformable landscape can be radically altered by the use of weapons, often requiring players to scrap their plans and adopt new strategies to cope with the changes.
The Ottoman conquest of Bosnia marked a new era in the country's history and introduced tremendous changes in the political and cultural landscape of the region.
The new citadel or Neo Frourio ( Νέο Φρούριο, " New Fortress ") is a huge complex of fortifications dominating the northeastern part of the city ; the huge walls of the fortress dominate the landscape as one makes the trip from Neo Limani ( Νέο Λιμάνι, " New Port ") to the city, taking the road that passes through the fishmarket ( ψαραγορά ).
As a boy he had an interest in landscape design and gardening, and his parents allowed him to landscape the yard at their new home in Elmhurst.
The most common tree of the local region is the Msasa Brachystegia spiciformis that colours the landscape wine red with its new leaves in late August.
The visual arts during the Song Dynasty were heightened by new developments such as advances in landscape and portrait painting.
Middleware is a relatively new addition to the computing landscape.
In 1990 the political landscape of the Czech Republic and Slovakia started to develop and many new political parties were formed, mainly from the Civic Forum and the VPN.
An expansion pack called Populous: The Promised Lands was made available, which added five new types of landscape.
Birobidzhan had a harsh geography and climate: the landscape largely swampland, and any new settlers would have to build their lives from scratch.
Their work is embodied in written statements of policy and strategy, and their remit includes master planning for new developments, landscape evaluations and assessments, and preparing countryside management or policy plans.
This kind of construction also makes up the landscape of the new districts beyond the railway and the motorway.
Suburban sprawl became a part of Jackson County's landscape following World War II, as returning soldiers and other workers moved into new homes being built in subdivisions that increasingly encroached on rural portions of the county.
By 1911 all the equipment had been moved to the new mill at West Eminence in Shannon County, leaving behind an economically and ecologically devastated landscape.
In a 1932 paper he introduced the concept of an adaptive landscape in which phenomena such as cross breeding and genetic drift in small populations could push them away from adaptive peaks, which would in turn allow natural selection to push them towards new adaptive peaks.

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