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strong and believer
Young is strong believer in user-generated content and open source software.
Lewis himself was a strong believer in the intrinsic value of nature for itself, rather than as a resource to be exploited.
Thanks to a theological pamphlet attributed to him, Middleton is thought by some to have been a strong believer in Calvinism, among the dominant strains in the theology of the English church of his time, which rigidly divides humanity into the damned and the elect, which focuses on human sinfulness and inadequacy more than in the other denominations of Christianity.
* The believer typically makes a positive virtue of faith's being strong and unshakable, despite it not being based upon evidence.
Webb has stated, " I am a strong believer in God ... God is important to me.
A strong believer in the value of technical education, Whitworth backed the new Mechanics ' Institute in Manchester ( later UMIST ) and helped found the Manchester School of Design.
Raja Rajasekhara was in his previous birth a rich and pious ' Brahmin ' by name Vijayan who was a very strong believer and devotee of Lord Dharma Sastha.
As a civil libertarian, and a strong believer in the promotion of both official languages, Robarts opened the door to French education in Ontario schools.
* George Lakoff ( one of America's foremost linguists, also ( like Erickson ) a strong believer in the significance of metaphor )
This was interpreted as a move away from a strong freedom of information law, as Irvine was thought not to be a firm believer in the concept.
A strong believer in the magic of necromancy, he also declared that he had been Grand Minister to the Emperor Yao during a previous incarnation.
( Shaw was a strong believer in presenting Shakespeare's plays uncut.
A strong believer in constitutional monarchism, Chénier believed that the French Revolution was already complete and that all that remained to be done was the inauguration of the reign of law.
He was a strong believer in the view that Islamic law owes its origins to Roman Law but in the opinion of Patricia Crone his arguments here are " uncharacteristically weak ".
In response, NPR further stated that according to Gore, she " wasn't out to censor the objectionable material " and quoted her as stating that she is " a strong believer in the First Amendment " who is calling for greater " consumer information in the marketplace.
While the Panthers had developed a loyal following, Taubman was a strong believer in the original spring football concept.
He had by now shed much of his socialist ideology of earlier years, though he was still a strong believer in state planning.
In this revolution, James II ( 1633 – 1701, reigning 1685-1688 ), a Catholic, a younger brother to Charles II, and a strong believer in the Divine right of kings, was forced to flee to France in 1688 by the Protestant Parliamentarian forces.
As a strong believer in the promotion of both official languages, he opened the door to French education in Ontario schools.
He was also a strong believer in international law:
Although he had no military background he was a firm believer in strong defence and armed forces with a global capability.
His attempts to reduce conflict with Māori were undermined by Governor Grey, who had returned for another term, and was a strong believer in the need to confront Māori militarily.
* Mr. Gonzalez is the office manager at Levy Pants, meek and skittish in demeanor, but fervently loyal to the company and a strong believer in its philosophy, if it indeed has one.
He was a strong believer in the law of use and disuse — that an individual will slowly, over time, favor an anatomical part of its body so much that it will become stronger and larger as time progresses down the generations.

strong and notion
The reinterpretation presenting him as an īśvara shows a strong influence of Śaivism, as the term īśvara was usually connected to the Hindu notion of Śiva as a creator god and ruler of the world.
Generally, these causes gave rise to a strong notion in the business community that the old keiretsu system was not an effective business model, and led to an overall loosening of keiretsu alliances.
The notion of " weak " and " strong " versions of Whorf's principle of linguistic relativity is a misunderstanding of Whorf promulgated by Stuart Chase, whom Whorf considered " utterly incompetent by training and background to handle such a subject.
The usage of the notion " emergence " may generally be subdivided into two perspectives, that of " weak emergence " and " strong emergence ".
The notion that a tin foil hat can significantly reduce the intensity of incident radio frequency radiation on the wearer's brain has some scientific validity, as the effect of strong radio waves has been documented for quite some time.
However, unlike some other hard-boiled detectives who have a strong sense of idealism underneath the cynical shell, Hammett never provides a clear statement of Spade's notion of morality.
The German neoliberals accepted the classical liberal notion that competition drives economic prosperity, but they argued that a laissez-faire state policy stifles competition as the strong devour the weak since monopolies and cartels could pose a threat to freedom of competition.
A strong suggestion of this notion is the etymology of the name of the city itself, which matched that of the pyramid of Pepi I of the 6th dynasty.
Despite strong evidence for the effectiveness of the jigsaw classroom, the strategy was not widely used ( arguably because of strong attitudes existing outside of the schools, which still resisted the notion that racial and ethnic minority groups are equal to Whites and, similarly, should be integrated into schools ).
Sowell takes strong issue with the notion of government as a helper or savior of minorities, arguing that the historical record shows quite the opposite.
Mainstream psychiatric and psychological professional associations now harbor strong skepticism towards the notion of recovered memories of trauma.
When the edges of a hypergraph are explicitly labeled, one has the additional notion of strong isomorphism.
This notion has a strong connection with Lyapunov stability, where the storage functions may play, under certain conditions of controllability and observability of the dynamical system, the role of Lyapunov functions.
Although local homeomorphisms are not as strong as covering maps in this respect, they have many important applications in differential topology ; namely one uses the notion of a local homeomorphism to define a differentiable manifold.
Again motivated by Mostow's strong rigidity theorem, Yau called for a notion of rank for general manifolds extending the one for locally symmetric spaces, and asked for rigidity properties for higher rank metrics.
" While criticizing Hayek, Tullock still praises the classical liberal notion of economic freedom, saying, " Arguments for political freedom are strong, as are the arguments for economic freedom.
In his later years, he resisted the notion that the glyphs have a strong phonetic component, as put forward by Russian linguist Yuri Knorozov.
These scientists made three claims about race: first, that races are objective, naturally occurring divisions of humanity ; second, that there is a strong relationship between biological races and other human phenomena ( such as forms of activity and interpersonal relations and culture, and by extension the relative material success of cultures ), thus biologizing the notion of " race ", as Foucault demonstrated in his historical analysis ; third, that race is therefore a valid scientific category that can be used to explain and predict individual and group behavior.
Although there was a strong notion of race as cultural instead of biological, there were still scientists such as Egon Freiherr von Eickstedt, Stanley Marion Garn, and Jan Czekanowski who continued in their taxonomic endeavor to count the number of races and to name them.
It does provide for a strong degree of unlinkability, the notion that an eavesdropper cannot easily determine both the sender and receiver of a given message.
Although much like the gods, these figures were not always depicted without considerable moral ambiguity: “ On this account, the other traditional notion of the daemon as related to the souls of the dead is elided in favour of a spatial scenario which evidently also graduated in moral terms ; though says nothing of that here, it is a necessary inference from her account, just as Eros is midway between deficiency and plenitude … Indeed, Xencrates … explicitly understood daemones as ranged along a scale from good to bad … speaks of ‘ great and strong beings in the atmosphere, malevolent and morose, who rejoice in days, religious festivals involving violence against the self, etc., and after gaining them as their lot, they turn to nothing worse .’… The use of such malign daemones by human beings seems not to be even remotely imagined here:
In 1693 South intervened anonymously in the Socinian controversy, with strong animus against Sherlock, his Animadversions on Sherlock's Animadversions on Dr Sherlock's Book, entitled a Vindication of the Holy and Ever Blessed Trinity ( 1690 ) being ‘ humbly offered to his admirers, and to himself the chief of them .’ He made galling references to Sherlock's career, ‘ tainted with a conventicle ’ at the outset ; vehemently assailed his earlier writings as heterodox on the doctrine of atonement, and maintained his ‘ new notionof the Trinity to be tritheistic ; an opinion reiterated in his ' Tritheism Charged upon Dr Sherlock's New Notion of the Trinity, and the Charge Made Good ( 1695 ).
The BX diesel was already a strong seller, but the Turbo model brought new levels of refinement and performance to the diesel market, which brought an end to the common notion that diesel cars were slow and noisy.

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