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# and very
# Alkaline bile salt agar ( BSA ): The colonies are very similar to those on nutrient agar.
# Catalina, very close to the southeastern coast of the Hispaniola, in the Caribbean Sea.
# " Encyclopedia Brown, The Boy Detective in One Minute Mysteries " ( This episode adapted 6 of the Encyclopedia Brown stories from the books, including Encyclopedia's very first case-" The Case of Natty Nat ", " The Case of the Scattered Cards ", " The Case of the Civil War Sword ", " The Case of the Foot Warmer ", " The Case of the Bitter Drink " and " The Case of the Great Merko ".
For example, a 44 Magnum firing a 240-grain lead semi-wadcutter could be loaded with either Accurate Arms # 2, a very fast pistol powder, or # 9, a very slow pistol powder.
# It is very flexible in character creation, allowing players to create nearly any character they can imagine.
* In 2010, Butler reached their first Final Four as a # 5 seed, beating # 12 seeded UTEP in the first round behind a flurry of 3-pointers, edging out a very good # 13 seed Murray State ( who upset # 4 seed Vanderbilt in the first round ), and then in the Sweet 16, Butler upset # 1 seed Syracuse, and in a thrilling Elite Eight game Butler upset # 2 seed Kansas State.
But if it were a later time, say 550 BC, that very same ship could " have " mast # 1 in 600 BC, considering that we are talking about a tenseless " have ".
# " Spearheading the shift from impunity to accountability ", pointing out that, until very recently, it was the only court judging crimes committed as part of the Yugoslav conflict, since prosecutors in the former Yugoslavia were, as a rule, reluctant to prosecute such crimes ;
# Difficulties in developing triple gems of Jainism-It is very difficult for the transmigrating soul in this world to develop the Right View, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct.
# Shark: its skin is covered of small, close-set tubercles, making it very tough.
# The Qut site is very close to the P < sub > R ’</ sub > promoter, close enough that the σ factor has not been released from the RNA polymerase holoenzyme.
# Congenital: Children of a healthy mother can, very rarely, develop myasthenic symptoms beginning at birth, congenital myasthenic syndrome or CMS.
# A kernel where the total amount of kernel code, i. e. code executing in the privileged mode of the hardware, is very small.
Amidst the martial arts craze in the United States in the 1970s, the book became very popular, surviving until issue # 125 ( June 1983 ), a run including four giant-size issues and a king-size annual.
This calculation makes use of a mean lunation length used by Ptolemy and handed down from Babylonians ( see Lunar_theory # Babylon ), which is still very accurate: ca.
# Ensure that by the time the desired duration of the tournament is reached, it will be very hard for players with small stacks to stay in the game.
# Voucher privatization-distributing shares of ownership to all citizens, usually for free or at a very low price.

# and large
# The quantum mechanical description of large systems will closely approximate the classical description.
# Numerosity — the class must be so large as to make individual suits impractical ( in other words, that the class action is a superior vehicle for resolution than numerous individual suits ), and
A large crowd of over 10, 000 fans welcome the Australian team on completing the first World Cup Hat-trick # Cricket | hat-trick – Martin Place, Sydney.
# That wildfire suppression policies have allowed dead chaparral to accumulate unnaturally, creating ample fuel for large fires.
Large dams such as Three Gorges Dam in China can provide large amounts of hydroelectric power ; it will have a 22. 5 Watt # Gigawatt | GW capability.
* Other renewable sources: Large dams such as Hoover Dam can provide large amounts of hydroelectric power ; it has 2. 07 Watt # Gigawatt | GW capability.
# Obsidiman-Obsidimen are a race of large, rock-based humanoids.
The primary benefit promised by ECC is a smaller key size, reducing storage and transmission requirements — i. e., that an elliptic curve group could provide the same level of security afforded by an RSA-based system with a large modulus and correspondingly larger key — e. g., a 256bit ECC public key should provide comparable security to a 3072bit RSA public key ( see # Key sizes ).
# Investment and accumulation goals: planning how to accumulate enough money for large purchases, and life events is what most people consider to be financial planning.
# All the vegetables and herbs are chopped and put into a large container ( alternatively, the tomatoes may be puréed in a blender or food processor, pounded with a mortar ( the traditional way of making it ) or strained and de-seeded with a food mill )
The second choice of the three logical possibilities above for diamagnetic oxyhemoglobin being found correct by experiment, is not surprising: singlet oxygen ( possibility # 1 ) and large separations of charge ( possibility # 3 ) are both unfavorably high-energy states.
The tradeoff comes in terms of power and accuracy ; AA # 2 is designed for small cases, and will burn inconsistently in the large 44 Magnum case.
# A large number of dice required at high power levels
# Large number of similar exposure units: Since insurance operates through pooling resources, the majority of insurance policies are provided for individual members of large classes, allowing insurers to benefit from the law of large numbers in which predicted losses are similar to the actual losses.
# Affordable premium: If the likelihood of an insured event is so high, or the cost of the event so large, that the resulting premium is large relative to the amount of protection offered, it is not likely that the insurance will be purchased, even if on offer.
# Limited risk of catastrophically large losses: Insurable losses are ideally independent and non-catastrophic, meaning that the losses do not happen all at once and individual losses are not severe enough to bankrupt the insurer ; insurers may prefer to limit their exposure to a loss from a single event to some small portion of their capital base.
# " Bringing to justice thousands of victims and giving them a voice ", pointing out the large number of witnesses that had been brought before the Tribunal ;
# Perch: coming from Nile, its skin is recognizable with its large, round and soft scales.
# The ring current field, carried by plasma trapped in the dipole-like field around Earth, typically at distances 3 – 8 R < SUB > E </ SUB > ( less during large storms ).
# Size, Ownership, and Profit Orientation: The dominant mass-media outlets are large firms which are run for profit.
# Sourcing Mass Media News: Herman and Chomsky argue that “ the large bureaucracies of the powerful subsidize the mass media, and gain special access the news, by their contribution to reducing the media ’ s costs of acquiring [...] and producing, news.
# Detailed knowledge exchange and integrations are difficult when the acquired firm is large and high performing.

# and base
# is awarded first base on four called balls
# is awarded first base because of interference or obstruction
# A poly-T oligonucleotide primer is hybridized onto the poly-A tail of the mature mRNA template, or random hexamer primers can be added which contain every possible 6 base single strand of DNA and can therefore hybridize anywhere on the RNA ( Reverse transcriptase requires this double-stranded segment as a primer to start its operation.
# At least one thing is stated to be a member of the set being defined ; this is sometimes called a " base set ".
# Plano-polar, in which points in a plane are defined by a distance from a specified point along a ray having a specified direction with respect to a base line or axis ;
# The people are the key base to be secured and defended rather than territory won or enemy bodies counted.
# For acquired firm symbolic and cultural independence which is the base of technology and capabilities are more important than administrative independence.
# To attain moksha: By the grace and compassion of God or a God-realized guru, a jiva gets a human body to purge itself of the layers of base instincts.
# REDIRECT SI base unit
The main team later reformed in Uncanny X-Men # 500, with the X-Men now operating out of a new base in San Francisco under Cyclops's leadership.
# A freestanding vertical pole on a base.
# A similar method is undertaken, but with the base of the culm standing in fresh water, either in a large drum or stream to leach out sap.
# Individuals diagnosed with DID may accuse others of abuse but lack objective evidence and base their accusations solely on regular or recovered memories.
# Given a large enough beta-tester and co-developer base, almost every problem will be characterized quickly and the fix obvious to someone.
# Hardware, firmware, and software elements of a trusted computing base that implement the reference monitor concept.
# draw an equilateral triangle that has the middle segment from step 1 as its base and points outward.
# remove the line segment that is the base of the triangle from step 2.
# REDIRECT All your base are belong to us
# REDIRECT All your base are belong to us
# REDIRECT All your base are belong to us
# REDIRECT All your base are belong to us
Disk positions may be determined more directly from the binary ( base 2 ) representation of the move number ( the initial state being move # 0, with all digits 0, and the final state being # 2 < sup > n </ sup >− 1, with all digits 1 ), using the following rules:

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