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year and later
he became Otto Klemperer's personal assistant at the Cologne Opera, and a year later was promoted to the position of regular conductor.
What is simply an opinion formed in defiance of the laws of human probability, whether or not it is later confirmed, has become by September of the election year `` a firm conviction ''.
A year later they were removed to a Stalag in the harbor of Stettin.
A year later another Salem ship returned from Burma with a cargo of gum lacquer which nobody wanted to buy.
Small wonder that Milton later boasted of how well his work had been received there, since he attained a rank in the order of commencing bachelors higher than that of any other inceptor from Christ's of that year.
As I have indicated above, I base this feeling on a belief that current weakness in the market for consumer durable goods may continue through the early months of the year, but will give way to a sufficiently strong recovery later on to bring the full-year figures close to those of 1960 ; ;
In the spring and early summer of that year she met a wealthy foreign tycoon who took her to France, where she later met a very wealthy man and toured all Europe with him.
A year later in Albany, N.Y., a Roman Catholic hospital barred an orthopedic surgeon because of his connection with the Planned Parenthood Association.
I think the best bet is to go through the society columns of last year and see if any of the grooms match with the obituaries a little later.
This might be done to arouse those who have been squeezed out by the trims to exert pressure on the Legislature, so it would be more receptive to a tax proposal later in the year.
A year later they were 4-13.
the second, the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks ( who later called themselves Communists ) in November of the same year.
He taught French for a year at Eton, where Eric Blair ( later to become George Orwell ) and Stephen Runciman were among his pupils, but was remembered as an incompetent and hopeless teacher who couldn ’ t keep discipline.
After that, a year later, they made a couple of major improvements to the design.
Alp Arslan died four days later from this wound on 25 November 1072 in his 42nd year, and was taken to Merv to be buried next to his father Chaghri Beg.
A year later, Lise Meitner and her nephew Otto Frisch verified that Hahn's result were the first experimental nuclear fission.
He first met Poirot in Belgium, 1904, during the Abercrombie Forgery and later that year they joined forces again to hunt down a criminal known as Baron Altara.
The result was Little Women, published later that year.
One year later in October, Germanicus died suddenly in Antioch ( modern Antakya, Turkey ).
They turn reddish later in the year and eventually brown.
The help which he wanted from the West was simply mercenary forces and not the immense hosts which arrived, to his consternation and embarrassment, after the pope preached the First Crusade at the Council of Clermont later that same year.
His failure to make the National Union brand a genuine party made Johnson an independent during his presidency, though he was supported by Democrats and later rejoined the party briefly as a Democratic Senator from Tennessee in 1875 until his death that year.
others which were near-ready on an immediate basis, in addition to two additional ones a year later.
A year later in 881 Alfred fought a small sea battle against four Danish ships “ on the high seas ”.

year and 1931
In 1931 Mrs. F. H. Briggs, agent and chief operator, who was to retire in 1946 with thirty years' service, led agency offices in sales for the year with $2,490.
The Lower Houses were built in 1931 and were originally intended to house theology students at Emmanuel College, whose current building was opened the same year.
By 1931, Curtiz had already been in Hollywood for half a decade, making as many as six films a year.
It would be turned into a hit for Warner Bros. in 1931 ; the following year, Burnett was hired to write dialogue for Scarface, while Beast of the City was adapted from one of his stories.
However, Chiron did compete the following year, when he was beaten by René Dreyfus and his Bugatti and finished second, and took victory in the 1931 race driving a Bugatti.
The film was completed in September 1931, but the censorship of the Hays Code prevented it from being released as Hawks and Hughes had originally intended, and the two men fought the Hays Office ( and made compromises ) for over a year until the film was released in 1932, after such other pivotal early gangster films as The Public Enemy and Little Caesar.
The first awards were made in 1931, and today the Hopwood Program offers approximately $ 120, 000 in prizes every year to aspiring writers at the University of Michigan.
Gödel is best known for his two incompleteness theorems, published in 1931 when he was 25 years old, one year after finishing his doctorate at the University of Vienna.
" The following year, 1931, Boris de Schloezer also expressed the opinion that one could write for the gramophone or for the wireless just as one can for the piano or the violin ( Battier 2007, 190 ).
Boas regarded Benedict as an asset to the anthropology department, and in 1931 he appointed her as Assistant Professor in Anthropology – something which was not possible until her divorce from Stanley Benedict that same year.
1931 was a year when several Surrealist painters produced works which marked turning points in their stylistic evolution: Magritte's Voice of Space ( La Voix des airs ) is an example of this process, where three large spheres representing bells hang above a landscape.
First published in Polish in 1931, the following year it was also translated into French and gained wider recognition in European academic circles.
Although construction of the whole house was complete within a year it was not habitable until 1931.
The Lower Houses were built in 1931 and were originally intended to house theology students at Emmanuel College, whose current building was opened the same year.
In 1931, the studio reportedly suffered a net loss of $ 8 million, and an additional $ 14 million the following year.
Year 1931 ( MCMXXXI ) was a common year starting on Thursday ( link will display full 1931 calendar ) of the Gregorian calendar.
The cornetist spent the rest of the year at home in Davenport and then, in February 1931, he returned to New York one last time.
A year after publishing a collection of brief lives, Portraits in Miniature ( 1931 ), Lytton Strachey died ; shortly afterwards Carrington shot herself.
In 1931, Capone was convicted of income tax evasion and was sentenced to eleven years in a Federal institution, plus one year in the Cook County Jail for attempted jury tampering.
He spent one year at University of Chicago in 1931 – 32 under a National Research Fellowship and one year in 1938 – 39 at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.
Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World is a more subtle and more threatening dystopia because he projected into the year 2540 industrial and social changes he perceived in 1931, leading to a fascist hierarchy of society, industrially successful by exploiting a slave class conditioned and drugged to obey and enjoy their servitude.
In 1931, the Colter Stone, a rock carved in the shape of a head with the inscription " John Colter " on one side and the year " 1808 " on the other, was discovered in a field in Tetonia, Idaho, which is west of Teton Pass.

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