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According and Dr.
According to the Food And Drug Administration ( FDA ), `` Doctor '' Ghadiali, Dr. Albert Abrams and his clique, and Dr. Wilhelm Reich -- to name three notorious device quacks -- succeeded, respectively, in distributing 10,000, 5000, and 2000 fake health machines.

According and Ellis
According to Ellis, REBT has favored E-Prime more than any other form of psychotherapy and I think it is still the only form of therapy that has some of its main books written in E-Prime.
According to Ellis ( 1979 ) he gave Americans " a secular catechism to the nation-state.
* November – According to tradition, William Webb Ellis invents the sport of Rugby football at Rugby School in England.
According to Ellis, these emotions are often associated and related to the leaning humans have to absolutistically depreciating and damning other peoples ' humanity when their personal rules and domain are transgressed.
" According to Hilda Ellis Davidson, while Valhalla " is well known because it plays so large a part in images of warfare and death ," the significance of other halls in Norse mythology such as Ýdalir, and the goddess Freyja's afterlife location Fólkvangr has been lost.
According to the booklets accompanying some of the DVDs of Filmation's shows, legendary composer Ray Ellis ( who was assisted by his son Marc Ellis ) had produced the background music for most Filmation series under the pseudonyms " Yvette Blais and Jeff Michael.
According to the Horseplayers Association of North America ( HANA ), Ellis Park ranked 6th of 65 Thoroughbred racetracks, behind Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, as the best wagering opportunity among racing tracks in North America.
According to historian Joseph Ellis, this would be " the first and only time a sitting American president led troops in the field ".
According to David Doak, the majority of the work on the multiplayer mode was done by Steve Ellis, who " sat in a room with all the code written for a single-player game and turned GoldenEye into a multiplayer game.
According to producer Mark Freegard, Ellis ' ubiquitous pseudonym, " Flood ," was given to him by producer Chris Tsangarides during Ellis ' early days at Morgan Studios and while The Cure was there recording.
According to people who attended the recording sessions, Ellis didn't yet have lyrics for the closing theme, so he sang nonsense words to give an idea of how it would sound.
According to the historian Joseph J. Ellis, the concept of the Founding Fathers of the U. S. emerged in the 1820s as the last survivors died out.
According to Hilda Ellis Davidson, if Skögul means " high-towering ", the name " might be a reference to the gigantic size of these beings.
According to an interview that Ellis gave to Jane Mayer of The New Yorker magazine in 2000, he was responsible for Fox News ' decisions in calling states for Gore or Bush, based on statistical results from the VNS data.
According to Ellis, other workers on the decision desk – “ most of whom are registered Democrats ” – were talking to the Gore campaign.
According to writer Bob Ellis, the marriage was short-lived after Hunter ran off with their marriage celebrant.
According to the Ellis Nassour biography Patsy Cline, Nelson, who at that time was known as a struggling songwriter by the name of Hugh Nelson, was a regular at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge on Nashville's Music Row, where he frequented with friends Kris Kristofferson and Roger Miller, both unknown songwriters at that time.
According to Ellingson and Ellis ( 2008 ), autoethnographers recently began to make distinction between two types of autoethnography ; one is analytic autoethnography and the other is evocative autoethnography.
According to Bochner and Ellis ( 2006 ), an autoethnographer is “ first and foremost a communicator and a storyteller .” In other words, autoethnography “ depicts people struggling to overcome adversity ” and shows “ people in the process of figuring out what to do, how to live, and the meaning of their struggles ” ( p. 111 ).
According to John Ellis:
According to Ellis Minns, the dragon standards of the Arrian were those of the Dacians.
According to The Seattle Times, Abramoff used Preston Gates & Ellis to access a higher pedigree of clientele.

According and average
According to the state-owned Armenpress news agency, the average monthly wage in Armenia for the first half of 2007 was 70, 700 drams ( about $ 210 USD ).
According to the ROA National Statistical Service, the average monthly salary during January-June 2008 is 86, 850 drams ( about $ 287 at the time ).
According to a 2003 study undertaken by the International Diabetes Federation ( IDF ) on the access to and availability of insulin in its member countries, synthetic ' human ' insulin is considerably more expensive in most countries where both synthetic ' human ' and animal insulin are commercially available: e. g. within European countries the average price of synthetic ' human ' insulin was twice as high as the price of pork insulin.
According to the Corporate Library's study, the average size of publicly traded company's board is 9. 2 members, and most boards range from 3 to 31 members.
According to Charles Darwin's 1859 theory of natural selection, features such as camouflage evolved by providing individual animals with a reproductive advantage, enabling them to leave more offspring, on average, than other members of the same species.
According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, China's per capita food availability and consumption have increased, and average per capita food availability has grown from less than 1700 kcal in 1960 to 2570 kcal per day in 1995.
According to one study, in deforested north and northwest China, the average annual precipitation decreased by one third between the 1950s and the 1980s.
According to Payscale, Dartmouth College alums have among the highest average starting salaries ($ 58, 200 ) in the United States, as well as the second highest average income ten years after graduation ($ 123, 000 ), placing after Harvey Mudd College and tying with Princeton University.
According to the ETC, the average rural inhabitant of Ethiopia has to walk 30 kilometers to the nearest phone.
According to this view, " after observing a long run of red on the roulette wheel, for example, most people erroneously believe that black will result in a more representative sequence than the occurrence of an additional red ", so people expect that a short run of random outcomes should share properties of a longer run, specifically in that deviations from average should balance out.
According to Lipper, the average US domestic equity mutual fund decreased 37. 6 % in 2008.
According to the American federal government statistics compiled by Mark Zandi, currently of " Moody's Economy. com ", back in 1985, the average inheritance was $ 39, 000.
According to the utilitarian, justice requires the maximization of the total or average welfare across all relevant individuals.
According to statistics collected in 2009, there are 35, 684 song rooms in Korea with an average of 1. 9 million people participating each day.
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, an average adult male will weigh and measure, while an average female will weigh and measure.
According to statistics obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the average commuter on the Metropolitan line in 2006 wasted three days, 10 hours and 25 minutes due to delays.
According to the World Bank, Moldova's weighted average tariff rate in 2001 ( the most recent year for which World Bank data are available ) was 2. 8 percent.
According to the United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 198, 600 Physical Therapists employed in the United States in 2010, earning an average $ 76, 310 annually, or $ 36. 69 per hour, with 39 % growth in employment projected by the year 2020.
According to William A. Niskanen, one of the architects of Reaganomics, " Reagan delivered on each of his four major policy objectives, although not to the extent that he and his supporters had hoped ", and notes that the most substantial change was in the tax code, where the top marginal individual income tax rate fell from 70. 1 % to 28. 4 %, and there was a " major reversal in the tax treatment of business income ", with effect of " reducing the tax bias among types of investment but increasing the average effective tax rate on new investment ".
According to Box Office Mojo, his films have grossed an average of $ 26, 009, 723.
According to Mediamark Research Inc., the average age of the New Yorker reader in 2009 is 47 ( compared to 43 in 1980 and 46 in 1990 ).
According to the historian Samuel H. Adams, Harding's death was mourned by the nation and the average citizen felt a " personal loss ".

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